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Sell it on ebay for 800 dollars more. Then buy your own. Also if you dont want it ill take it. Not that many good games coming out on it during launch anyways plus the ps3 has soooooo many good games i would just stick with that. I beat every game so thats why i need the ps4. No dude should go through a dry spell.
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Kids will get it. They abbreviate everything anyways. How do you say mountain dew? M- T Dew?
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There was a mob of women in a circle admiring someone being a statue at the pier. So i  got jealous, walked up and uppercutted him, then all the women started beating me with their purses. Almost died if i wasnt carrying my SMG.

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So i stole one of the fastest cars and spent all my money after the first heist souping my ride up.  60,000 worth.  Then i put car in aunties garage and left it there til night time.  Did a mission and next thing i know i got a new house. My ride is gone and i cant get it back.  Question is will franklin move again in this game? Cuz if so i dont want to keep my car at the house anymore then.

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I think it deserves all the praise.
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I died. Then decided to find keycard first. No clickers came after me and im playing on survivor. Then I started the generator, and finally I sprinted to the door. I would just do a couple test runs until you find the direct path to the keycard door.
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Seems like you could of waited to do this since GTA isn't out yet, but I voted for Last of Us. Played the other two. Bioshock was good, but not long enough for me. Ni no Kuni was long but thought it was boring after awhile. Got tired of fighting, and I found Oliver to be quite annoying for some reason. I don't know maybe my heart just wasn't that into it. Maybe I was brokenhearted. GTA looks awesome. I wonder what the story is though cuz I found 4 to be boring.
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Its one of my favs of the year.
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I would say the holiday season.
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Awww that sucks. That's what I wanted. I guess i'll get watch dogs or killzone if I get one now. I worry about watch dogs cuz I don't want it to be some kind of quick job to get it out at launch.