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#1 Posted by eyanvenom (963 posts) -

Divison fanatics! How will you prepare your operative once Order 51 kicks in late 2014? I love to imagine fellow bad-asses in their decked out gear, favorite weapon(s) and unique abilities.This can be a great way for communal creativity as far as customization goes. I think this will also be a great opportunity for MASSIVE and Ubisoft to catch wind of some of the consumer's ideal load outs and looks!

You can follow this template if you'd like.

Name: Eyan

Codename: The Aphilliate

Gender: Male (black)

Hair: Low shaved, black hair. Light stubble beard.

Weapons: G36C + Stubby Front Grip + EOTech XPS + Green Laser (even if weapon attachments are merely for cosmetic purposes). Beretta 90-Two bone stock. Tomahawk (carbon fiber/black) if melee weapons are in...as long as I have my G36C =) Even if melee weapons won't be used for PVP, they would be great for breaking through doors, walls, debris etc. while scavenging the city!

Clothes: Grey hoody with a darker brown leather jacket over the top (much like in the Demo, hood down), sleeves slightly pushed up. Dark blue jeans, thigh magazine holster, black chest rig with extra mags and grenades. Black military cadet cap (my trade mark in all of my outfits ), original timberland boots. I'd throw in a blue collard shirt with the collar sticking over the jacket if i can. Black fingerless gloves, or hands wrapped in tape

Skills/Abilities/Talent: Speed (faster sprinting or movement from cover to cover) and Ice related skills! Like ice ammo, or some sort of ice blast...you get the point. Of course all this is speculation, but this is my ultimate operative!

I will post other load outs after I read some of yours. Gotta post my two partners (as they do not have accounts).

Be creative! I want to hear about your bad-@ss character in The Divison!

#2 Posted by eyanvenom (963 posts) -

If you guys decide to create a new character, be sure to save him/her in the SECOND save slot. Do not overwrite the original save of the lost character.

#3 Posted by eyanvenom (963 posts) -

This ^^^^

I bought my Banshee, and I have to win Sports Car races to unlock more performance upgrades. Winning these races will unlock the same upgrades for other cars in the Sports Car class.

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Try to access it again now from the US, under game add ons. It should be listed.

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You guys cried, and they listened- there WILL be a PC version now. Hooray!

#6 Posted by eyanvenom (963 posts) -

...China was being played in the Alpha footage last month...of course they are playable in MP.

But yes, China, Russia and US are all playable in MP, and matches can be set up as US vs RU or RU vs China or China vs US etc. Each faction can also start on either side of the map (US doesnt always start on one side or doesn't always attack in Rush)

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Nice! i don't have the game yet but I plan on usign Blur, as I Love super speed.

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Nice! watching now.

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Yes you can change your hair...you missed it in the Character creation menu. It's a tab at the top of the screen

#10 Posted by eyanvenom (963 posts) -

Nice, I appreciate you breaking the video down to certain parts. watching it now =)

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