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So no im not dead yet.

Just seem to have visited less and less since the whole gerstgate thang', and im not the only one it seems.

but i got a wii and thats worth **** about, or to be mor eprecise europes club nintendo.

ive got over 4000 star points, you get 200 per game in the uk, and you can use these to buy shirts, caps, evena gold link statue . that is, if they werent allways out of stock, all it sells is wallpapers now, and promises to convert your star points into wii points.


by simply performing the option online of star to wii points?

apparently not ive got to buy cards, trouble is there all allways out of stock so they serve sod all purpose.

still the wii rocks, finally for me, i got twilight princess with it and im getting metroid prime and super paper mario tomorrow since i found a blockbuster tht has em' in 2 for £20 deals.

6 degrees of gameing seperation.

Just a thought.

weve all got a tracked blogs thing on the right yeah?

So if you click on one of those and then another on there tracked list 6 times how many members would you see?, and would you see yourself again?

like i said, just a thought.

...and its dead!

sooo, what?, 5 days it lasted?

if you aint getting the gist the "replacement" xbox i got is full of problems and i expect a red ring sometime soon, it only plays half my games, stoppes detecting my hard drive for no reason, will NOT accept the internet detaisl as correct when they are and when i turn it off the fans keep going indefinatley unless i actually take the power out.

like i said, not dead yet, but i expect it to be soon.

im gonna trade it in , most likely for a ps3, since wii's have quietly gone out of stock everywere. again. onlya 60gb one though, i aint buying on without backwards compatibility for any amount of money, that would mean no silent hill 2, no ico and no vice city to name a few, NO THANKYOU!

microsoft snet me a new 360!

...tahts pretty much it, 18 dayas after my rrod 360 was taken by ups this arrived, its quieter adnc oole rthan my launch one and cant wait to get some games for (i traded my old ones in for a psp).

doing a bit of redecorating with my reviews

So im looking back on some of my older reviews and to put it simply , there crap.

in particular 2 with like "0 out of 11" agree, and whilst i expected that with my tomb raider review, which i stick by, my call of dty 2 adn farcry reviews werent anything like the page long articles ive been writing lately, they were way more fanboyish, and while far cry was ruined for me with all of its glitches my review didnt get it across as more than trolling, i think these really bad reviews are why im not "in the top 500" list anymore.

So as such im going to replay these. have a think and then re write them, as long as some people agreed with but i still think coudl use some tweaking.

My all new horror blog-zine...thing

So i started a blogger ..blog on gameing but that was far too broad an idea for one guy so i quickly scrapped it for "the racoon city times" a horror gameing blog, my favourite genre, not just survival but all horror, its allready got some good stuff on there, mostly my ravings about obscure 2 lately but it should be a cool site for horor fans, just thought id share it with you http://racooncitytimes.blogspot.com/

do NOT look at the halo 3 wiki

I just whent on there for some info on the online co-op andass has added spoilers in random parts, for example, the gameplay article has a tag at the end about a certain charcter living or dying, the final boss and the ending. its ruined the game for me allready, so if you havent played halo 3 yet just a warning for you guys and gals so it doesnt spoil it for you either.

obscure by name and nature i guess.

So i go in gamestation and see obscure 2 for the ps2, wii and pc on a shelf, i love the first, and still havent finished this but i thought this was still in production stages and snapped it up fro 19.99, apparently its been out a week, and its uk and europe only folks.

The premise?, this time your trapped in a live in uni campus with monsters on the loose, so more of the same, but thats not a bad thing, cant wait to play it and post a review later, but yeah, horror fans should looks this obscure one up.


Its been a month and im STILL playing elite beat agents, even more so than guitar hero, adn thats saying something, this is possibly my favourite ds game for sheer replayability adn if you aint bought it you gotta pick it up.