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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year!

2007 will be my final year of school, Yr 12 hooray. I got a nice new leather recliner chair for my bedroom for Christmas along with the movie Miami Vice, which I thought was pretty crap apart from the beginning with them caining that Ferrari F430, and the end shootout. I also got something quite unexpected, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent. I had heard a bit of this game, it sounded alright but I wasnt planning on buying it. Anyway, this game is fantastic! So so so surprised on how fun and addictive it is. This is my first Splinter Cell game I have ever played, but you can pick it up pretty quickly. I am playing it on normal at the moment since i am new to this, but i will complete the game again on hardest difficulty. The game just looks so so good. I mean, it looks ..... real. When characters speak, their faces are so detailed that you can tell whether they are happy or pissed off, or just want to kill you. It's such a good game. It also sounds terrific, especially when you hear your enemy speaking. Oh and the guns actually sound real too which is nice in a game for a change. I am seriously considering buying Splinter Cell Chaos Theory after I finish this game, because people have said that game is actually better that Double Agent, if that is true I cant wait to play Chaos Theory.

Anyway everyone have a well deserved break and a good new year.