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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone and a happy new year!

2007 will be my final year of school, Yr 12 hooray. I got a nice new leather recliner chair for my bedroom for Christmas along with the movie Miami Vice, which I thought was pretty crap apart from the beginning with them caining that Ferrari F430, and the end shootout. I also got something quite unexpected, Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Double Agent. I had heard a bit of this game, it sounded alright but I wasnt planning on buying it. Anyway, this game is fantastic! So so so surprised on how fun and addictive it is. This is my first Splinter Cell game I have ever played, but you can pick it up pretty quickly. I am playing it on normal at the moment since i am new to this, but i will complete the game again on hardest difficulty. The game just looks so so good. I mean, it looks ..... real. When characters speak, their faces are so detailed that you can tell whether they are happy or pissed off, or just want to kill you. It's such a good game. It also sounds terrific, especially when you hear your enemy speaking. Oh and the guns actually sound real too which is nice in a game for a change. I am seriously considering buying Splinter Cell Chaos Theory after I finish this game, because people have said that game is actually better that Double Agent, if that is true I cant wait to play Chaos Theory.

Anyway everyone have a well deserved break and a good new year.

New Case

Beautiful! Finally I got my new case - NXZT Nemesis Elite Black. It was 200 dollars but worth every cent. The three massive 120mm fans are so quiet and look beautiful with their blue LED's. They light up the case really nicely. My parents dont like the front of the case, they say it looks like Darth Vader. But I like it, heres a picture of it:

My New Case :D

In my old case my cpu idled at 25C, in this new one it can idle as low as 22C. Under load at 2.5Ghz in the old case it was 47C, in the Nemesis it has dropped down to 39C....Amazing


I was already getting sick of how my 1GB of cheap Legend Hynix RAM, so I bought 2GB of G. Skill and it has made an a tonne of difference. It boots faster, games are smoother noticeably FEAR and I can do even more stuff at once.

I also got my 3800x2 dual core overclocked to 2.5Ghz, hardly noticeable performance difference gaming wise or anything but its fun having it at speeds like that :)

My new PC!

Yes finally! After many months of decision making and mind changing and waiting, I have finally completed my new setup, here it is:

Gigabyte K8N SLI Motherboard

AMD Athlon 3800x2 dual core processor

XFX 7900GT 520/1500

1GB Legend Hynix PC3200 Dual Channel RAM

Ultra X-finity 600W PSU

200GB Western Digital 8MB cache Harddrive

Samsung 730BF Monitor

Logitech X-530 5.1 Surround Speakers

Gawd I love this thing. It installed Windows XP Pro in 20 minutes and I have had no trouble putting it all together which has been great. I had to wait 6 weeks for my 7900GT because of difficulty getting stock in but it was worth damn buck I paid for it. It plays Call of Duty 2 Maxxed out 1280x1024 at 45fps and above all the time - even when running through a smoke cloud! It plays Far Cry even more maxxed out and that game looks gorrrrrgeous! I spent a bit over $2000 AUD on it but it was worth every cent. I built it myself so no doubt I saved my self hundreds by doing that. I can't tell you how well it plays Oblivion IV because I'm not into RPG stuff at all. But it plays every new FPS and Racing game out there so well I was shaking the first time I used it. Not to mention the capabilities of the dual core processor. That thing is fast! I can play my favourite game, burn a DVD and have 10 other programs open and it refuses to slow down!

Anyway thanks for reading, I am off now to play F.E.A.R. :P