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I finally am out of my apartment. I'll move into my new apartment on 8.1.06.

Justice League Heroes releases on 10.10.06.

Tenkaichi 2

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Looks like they are releasing the second installment in the Tenkaichi series in October of '06. It seems they listened to the gamers and we can transform in this version. The game play in Tenkaichi was a lot more fast paced and action packed then the Budokai series and offered a new look on how to play the game. Tenkaichi 2 seems to be more smooth, clean cut game. They added a ton of new characters which will allow for extended matches. I hope each character has their own unique combos, but probably not. We'll see. The game play videos look nice.

It seems that the Fall of 06 will have some really good games to look keep gamers glued to their screens. Here is hoping.

Justice League

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Looks like they are going to release a Justice League Action Role Playing Game. I always thought that would make a good game, but I also thought that about YuYu Hakusho and that game fell short of my expectations. This one, however, looks way more promising.


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Neal suggested that I get Oblivion for PC instead of hogging his X-Box 360....but I'm addicted to his Xbox the 360 version and I don't want to start over from the beginning just yet.

Top 500 Reviewers

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I finally made it to the top 500 reviewers. Woot. I also attempted to open up a small union with my group of friends, but we might not have enough people. We'll see how that goes.


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I need to start reviewing more of the games I own...Neal is so dominating me in the reviews posted area.

Take That!

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I joined game spot in August of '04 and then my friend neal joins gamespot a little more than a year later and now he out ranks me by 47% instead of 2 levels...thats right in one day I went from level 5 to level 7. Wagh.
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