The Reset of the Relationship with my Girlfriend.

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First of all, I want to Thank everyone who commented in my previous, and unclear blog, where I wrote that my girlfriend and I will broke up forever because of her "best friend" her "BEST MALE FRIEND".

Here's the full story:

The problem began when I discovered that my girlfriend and her "best male friend" most of the time were texting to each other, talking about: anything, but really texting(She don't text me because I have the bad habit to answer very, very late sometimes, with anyone, but that's a problem that we solved in the past, back with the subject I was writing, I mean, for hours with the texting, even when I was with her, that's what made me go jealous, I and REALLY mean it, I did go jealous like you have no idea: Said many bad things to her, by text like she likes, post and ugly thing on Facebook for everyone to see and many, many more, her family found out, some of them no longer have trust in me, the so hard to gain trust from her family that I did earn very easily, is now gone.

As for my Girlfriend, I talked with her yesterday and we BOTH, agreed to forget what happened, try to understand each other well, like what we are: A couple, and not like we were: something between a couple and best friends, we realized that no matter what happens, I'm going to love her always and she is going to as well. We decided to talk, always not matter what, about our problems, being fool ones, really serious, about family, anything, to not have them waiting for us to have a fight and released them, when of course, it's already too late... So my Girlfriend and I are still a couple, we are on a break, to forget what happened, mostly her, and I to gain her entire family trust again.

I did apologize to her of course, I did miss that part, I did it even knowing that the pain was already done, but If I, we are going to be a better couple, we also have to be, a better person, stop doing the bad things we used to do with no reason at all, be more polite, do not be dirty minded(Mostly me) and everything that we can do to be a Real Couple this time.

We will see each other in January, yes. I will be absent in her birthday and for Christmas, but that's not really true, something may happen :) The thing isn't that she doesn't wanted to see me, but not like before until January when we are going to be ready get back in the right tracks :P

Thanks for Reading ;)