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New Stuff I've Got On Christmas: PS3, LED TV and a SmartPhone.

Hey Friends ;)

Pictures speak better than words:

Exber's Playstation 3

Picture taken from my new SmartPhone, which it's by the way, not an Android, not a Blackberry and not an IPhone, but the one I like the most from being Original and standing on foot despite all the critics for being outdated and all that: Nokia ;)


And here's my new LED TV:


Picture also taken from my new SmartPhone :)

Now to the Specifications:


  • 32GB Model :P
  • Used, but in a good state and a good price ;)
  • From 2008, I already researched on the internet and it may read and play PS2 games along with PS1 games as well ;)
  • Model Number: CECHK01
  • It comes with one Sixasis Controller ;)
  • And with God of War 3!!! ;) My Brother and I will finally Kill Zeus! :D


  • 32 inches :( somehow bad for PS2 Games :cry:
  • Full HD ;)
  • 2 A/V inputs :D great for me ;)
  • 3 HD inputs :D
  • 1 USB input
  • 1 PC compatible cable input :D I can say I played Resident Evil 2 and 3 in HD ;););)
  • Images, Videos and Music Player ;)

Nokia C6-01:

  • Latest Nokia OS: Nokia Belle ;) It's so beautiful as it's name, in French said: "Belle"
  • 8 Mega Pixels ;) I use 3 and 6 anyway :P
  • 1GB internal memory, 300mb free :P
  • Up to 32GB Micro SD Card ;) I have 4GB for now :)
  • Secondary Camera: 0,3 Mega Pixels ;)
  • All applications I may need: Dictionary(English, Spanish and French) HD Games like Eternal Legacy, and others like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Unblock me and so on ;)
  • Finally Whatsapp! ;)
  • Wi-Fi :D Now in my house we have it, so it's even more good :)
  • The best: Really Fast Camera Shot with a Burning Eyes Flash :)

I guess I'm finally entering in the actual world of gaming, while it last cause now that I have a PS3, Sony is announcing the PS4 :P Irony of Life, no matter, I will wait for Resident Evil Revelations in PS3 and Persona 5! ;)

Thanks for Reading ;)