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I've Been Missing Out

Hey Friends ;)

I mean, more than usually actually:D my Internet connection is dead until futher notice:( I'm writting this blog from another one that it's very slow but my only choice right now :P That's how my life had been:

With My Girlfriend: Fine :) After the probem that we had weeks ago, because of my fault, we are back again, I did go to her Birthday, her Prom for College:) And I stop being jealous with her male friends and friends in General:P That's the good part, now the bad is: Now she is jealous of my new friends from college, but that's something I will fix in no time because she's the one who is suffering, not me, I didn't did, won't do anything wrong with them, they are new friends to me, I don't have that trust with them anymore, anyway, the problem of a few weeks ago is fixed, the problem of right now... Must be fixed before another pointless fight :(

With College: Good ;) I already have my first exams:

  • French II: Very good;)
  • English II: Good :)
  • English Phonetology: I don't complain, just need more practice, both in the Oral and in the Writting:P
  • Spanish II: I suck in there, even being my own and the languague I'm native of, but it is because of the teacher, she believe that we will be just like her: Almost Perfect with our native languague and all that, most of the class thinks the same, only a few are good, but the rest are hanging in there, just like me, If I best the subject it will be with the worst but passable score, however, I'm learning very much, but the Teacher always said to me: You're going very bad in this subject.

With life: New :) I've thinking a lot of things:PI'm helping at home cause we're painting our house again, after 4 years that we didn't do it:lol:Also I continue to listen Music: Christian Rock and J-Rock:D

With Games: I do not anything about this years awards, anything at all, guess that my blog name said it all: I've Been Missing Out, but I've embraced my inner retro gaming spirit and I'm playing: Resident Evil 1, Fatal Frame 1 and Zuma, all very old games, but the ones that I've had already beated but wanted to play them again to play something, and give them the review they deserve ;)

Thanks for Reading;) I will write again very soon :) I have to be with you in Christmas, like I always have done;)