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Gamespot you are wrong, please read this if you still care for this site.

Hey Friends;) trolls:evil:Gamespot:roll:

I put this is editorial so Gamespot will read, or ever cared cause for what i have read they said to care but really they don't.

Many users, good users, not trolls or bad people, had posted something like this too, long blogs, sad stories and what Gamespot does about it? Nothing...

The Problem? That you are wrong Gamespot, really, really wrong, i will start saying why:

  • Why you let trolls be in this site?Why don't you create another place for them? That way we the good ones wil be happy in our world and they happy in their own:)
  • Great and noble users have abandoned this site because of how offended they feel thanks to the trolls, i didn't knew, i talk with the truth and will say that i found out in one of my friends blogs.
  • The Thumbs down, that problem have been always present but lately with the trolls here that become worse.

It's all about the trolls if you ask me, Gamespot have a lot of problems, some that i have dislike and find really out of place, but talking about that will be a lost of time:( i only demand this and will be very clear:

To Gamespot:

I only want that you apart the trolls from us the good people, we discuss peacefully but with them it's a lost cause, we give thumbs up even if we don't agree but they give thumbs downs for everything, we enjoy talking like good friends(even i we don't know each other very well) while they won't think twice before insulting your whole family, friends or even you Gamespot, even YOU!!! please take them away from us for ever! please! i don't care about your site problems and bugs, we learned to live with that, but you can't expect us to also learn to live with trolls. please Gamespot.

To the trolls:

Are any of you reading this? if you are go and crush me, thumb down my comments and insult me, i'm ready for the outcome, i'm on the good side and you can't turn me into one of yours or even make me leave this site, you hear me? go ahead then, i will be waiting.

To my friends:

I'm not angry, i'm sad about this, very sad to be true, as a man i will said this: this is unfair and nobody deserves to be insulted, bad treated or something evil, you get me, i didn't plan to blog about this until i heard that one of my very good friends: cosita46, or Mayra, like many know her, leave this place:( yes, a woman, that it's the worst part of all this.

If i got banned, i don't care, becoming a sacrifice for us wasn't my idea but if Gamespot wanna ban me, then let's wait and see, that way we will finally know if GAMESPOT is on the good side of the bad side...

The good always prevail over evil:)

Thanks for Reading you all;) Let's hope that the outcome of this turns out for the best of us all.

Everything you didn't knew about Exber and more - Please Read.

Hey friends;)

Let's begin this revelation of mine:

  1. I'm a man:) if you didn't knew:P just to remember:lol:
  2. 17 years old, i will turn 18 this year, so nice;)
  3. My birthday is on May 10;) sometimes i have to share the date with mothers day:P
  4. I suck at maths, i only can defend myself with a calculator, really! :D
  5. I don't remember many birthdays because of the mentioned above:( so when i see that you share your birthday i just grab my cellphone and save the date in order to remember;) sorry:( i want to stop doing that but my maths are terrible and will be like that for years:cry:
  6. I'm from Venezuela;) so i don't speak English, only Spanish:) still i know of English and i'm doing a course for it and for French to learn more;)
  7. Take Modern Languages as my career;) i want to teach it to the kids:)
  8. I have a girlfriend:oops:just to remember:lol:
  9. I love winks, wait... you already knew that!:lol:lol:lol:
  10. Can't comment on your blogs because i have to help at home, take a course, be with my girlfriend and play games of course, still i'm making time to comment lately:P let's hope for the best;)
  11. Even that i can't comment i always make blogs to stay almost active and not entirely dead:P plus i kinda talk to you in the response comments:P
  12. Own a PS2 and a PC, play DS, SNES etc games by other methods:( please don't ask why because is sad:( in my country...:cry: i would like to make the difference, but i'm not rich:(
  13. Retro Gamer always;)
  14. Like: RPG, Action Adventure, Action RPGs, Action, Fantasy Action Adventure, Survival Horror, Fighting Games, Racing(NFS) ;)
  15. Dislike: FPS, Gran Turismo...:evil: and insanely hyperated games such Call of Duty
  16. Write Poems, Rhymes and Songs;) but i'm not that famous, just want to let know my feelings in a good way and people to like them:)
  17. Don't like to make long blogs so i will end this now:P
  18. I trust in you enough to post this friends:)

And more? Maybe i will return to comment on your blogs!:) it's a big maybe;)

Thanks for Reading friends;) if you want to ask something please let me know, i'm here;)

Need help with a game: Bastion - PC

Hey Friends:)

My problem is this:

I get Bastion to play in my pc because i heard great things of it and looks nice:) after i installed it the game don't run, it say this:

No Vertex or Pixel Shader 1 detected

My PC Specifications:

Windows XP SP3

80 Gb


ATI Radeon 200m Xpress Series

Intel Celero M

Pixel Shader 2.0

But there is another problem, i tried in another computer, a high end pc, but i get the same result

Oher Pc Specifications:

Windows 7 Ultimate

250 GB


ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4200 Series

AMD Athlon II P320 Dual-Core

Pixel Shader 3.0

Why this happen? i don't know:(

Any help?

Thanks for Reading/Helping:)

My Top Best Survival Horror Game Series

Hey Friends:)

Top 4

4: Resident Evil:

Let's be honest, Re 1,2,3 Code Veronica and Zero are the real Resident Evil games, Re4 changed it but still have something good in it but Re5 was so bad that kill the survival horror of RE and make it only and exclusively survival action:(

3: Silent Hill:

This is sad, all games from 1 to 4 really scares, Origins... kinda because also kill the horror and introduce the action:( Sh5 seems to be pure action also, i can't really say because i haven't played it but Shattered Memories was kinda scary and kinda action packed, let's hope for a more scary Sh8:)

2: Alone in the Dark:

Like many people, my first game of the series was: New Nightmare, it was so scary that i played it trembling, really. According to some people, the older Alone in the Dark games or graphics novels also are scary and considered the parents of Survival Horror, and Alone in the Dark 5 was pretty good, insane and crazy, i play it in my PS2, yes not the best port, but the things put in the game are well done but if done better the game would have been something to remember for ages;)

1: Fatal Frame:

The Survival Horror games series that had been great without changing so much and without trying to become better with the so called "action":xafter playing 3 games of it, all of them are great by the way, i'm sure of what i'm saying;) Fatal Frame stand up as the Best Survival Horror Game Series to me:)

Thanks for Reading;)

My first games of 2012

Hey Friends:)

S.O.P.A was postponed, thank god;), moving on...

Here are the games which i started 2012 with:

Fatal Frame 3: Awesome! ;) already beat it and already nominated as best game i played in 2012:)

Def Jam Vendetta(PS2): Goodwrestling game:) i actually think it's better than Fight For NY in many ways, sure it don't offer much but the limitations make it good;)enough for me:P

Prince of Persia The Sand of Time(PS2): haven't played it yet:( but i'm sure it's good:)

Megaman X Command Mission(PS2): Like the style of RPG this game has, only played 10 minutes and i'm in;)

Fable The Lost Chapters (PC): I always said that i won't play those type of games but after i bought it for my girlfriend(who doesn't like RPGs) and she love it, i decided to give it a try, it's cool:) amazing voice acting, well in Spanish:P

Far Cry (PC): FPS sucks, being that said, i will give them a chance but only a few with good story and nice gameplay that offer something different instead of the ever repetitive: Call of Duty, i played the 1 and was highly disappointed, i wanted to write a review to it but i won't waste my time for a bad game. Leaving That aside, Far Cry convinced me and it's kinda addictive:)

Resident Evil 2 (PC): To remember good time with the best Resident Evil game imo:) and to play it's mini game that it's like the Mercenaries and for the Hard Mode, but it runs so slowy sometimes and it's no computer, it's the game:( any solution friends?;)

Amnesia The Dark Descent: It really doesn't scared me and i get scared easily:P maybe it's because i don't play it at night:lol: still it's good and makes my brain suffer:(

NFS Most Wanted: Best NFS to me and many people, but repetitive and extremely LONG:( i always said: today i will beat it, but i just can't:cry:

Thanks for Reading Friends ;)

SOPA... can someone explain it to me in English please?

Hey Friends;)

The little that i know is this: They intent to block, ban, i don't know sites that have copyright stuff, any link to it, or even videos of something copyrighted?:?

Wikipedia will be one of the most affected sites including Google and Facebook:( i think it's good to prevent less piracy, but go that far? really?:o

There are many others ways to prevent piracy and have copyrighted stuff secure, but this is getting out of hand:(

And the next console to buy: Wii. Suggestions?

Hey Friends:)

I know you all said to me that i have to buy a 360, and as matter of fact, i also want it with my heart:P, but the situation is this:

I can't afford $300 to buy a 360 in march, and i sure can't afford theperipherals and other things like it's chip to play the pirated games that i sadly have to buy in my country:(

As for the Wii, i can afford the $160 to it and will be like $200 to theperipherals:)my brother will help me with the chip price once it get to us from the U.S;) yeah i will buy it via Amazon:D great deal i think:


Hopefully in September i will have the enough money to buy me a 360:)

Now to my questions:

Can i trust the chargers for the wii remote?

I need to buy a memory card or it has already one included in the hardware?

About the Gamecube, i need a memory card for it too?

It read the Gamecube games well?

The games that i will buy for the Wii when i first get it are these:

  • SSB Brawl
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn and Return to Dreamland
  • Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword
  • Re Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles
  • 007 Goldeneye

The games for the Gamecube:

  • Wink Waker and Twilight Princess
  • SSB Melee
  • Re Remake and Zero and maybe 4
  • Star Fox, i don't which one really

If you any other suggestions, i will greatly appreciate them:)

Thanks for Reading;)

Venezuela and other countries sad videogames selling situation

Hey Friends

I will start this blog with this note:

"I suffer from this situation too, that's why i'm doing this to let you know this sad reality..."

Since the Playstation 1 came out, some pirate sellers bought many original game titles, copy and paste the data to their personal computers and burn it in a normal CD, instead of an Original one, since that moment, we gamers didn't saw the original titles anywhere in the city, and if we have the chance to, it will cost a fortune, very expensive to be true, that's why we are forced, to say it like that, to buy the illegal, pirated copied games.

But this did not end when the PSone died and the PS2 came, no, other system also suffer from this, like:

Sega Dreamcast

Playstation 2 like i already said

Microsoft Xbox

Thank God the Nintendo Gamecube, the Gameboy and the Nintendo 64 didn't suffer from this.

But in 2005 with the release of the new generations consoles, and the new portables, the pirate selling take advantage on them and this is what happened:

The Wii didn't have the luck of the Gamecube, and by using standard DVD's, it was easy to make pirated copies of the games.

The Xbox 360 uses a different DVD, the DVD-DL, but still the piratery reach them quickly.

And the most sad to date and that will continue:

The R4 for the DS, DSi systems, and probably for the 3DS system too...

All the mentioned consoles who have suffered from this have many(if not all) of their games in computers around the world, those people get them, buy many empty and ready to burn CDs, DVDs and DVD-DLs to burn the games there illegally and make easy money, as for the DS, they simple get the R4, download the games and save them into it.

For more than a decade i had to buy those pirate games in malls, shopping districts and even in well established videogames stores, all this is because the original titles are hide from us and whoever sell them ask more of the official price, so, so much more, not to mention the PC games, those are the most pirated and the ones who most suffer from this, sometimes many of these pirated Pc games come with a bad installation and the gamer who bought it have no reason to complain.

These 2 consoles are the only who haven't been in this situation and that won't be if continue to make their games in a good and well protected container

The UMD container is well protected and nobody has ever cared to make a pirate UMD, though they use the SD cards to put psp games in them, but the process is long and only few people do it.

The Bluray Disc that the Playstation 3 has is more than protected from pirates, still they can buy a blank Bluray Disc and burn games with a Bluray Reader, but the games weigh are expensive just like the materials needed to pirate them, that's the reason why the PS3 games remains protected.

This is illegal you may say, yes it is, but in my country: Venezuela, and maybe in others, this isn't considered really a crime, since the economical situation is poor, it's considered as one of the many ways to make money even from your home. I had the opportunity once to do this but i say NO, i will continue buying pirated games because i don't have any other choice, but help the pirate way to continue doing this? NO

Actually, in my city most of the gamers have these consoles:








PS3(only a few that i don't know how they get the games)

The original prices of the PS3, 360, Wii, GBA, GC, DS in my country are unknown to me, but sure are really expensives, that's for sure.

Let's hope that The Wii-U, the next Xbox and the PS4 don't have to deal with this

Thanks for Reading.

Next Console to buy - Wii or 360? Please Help

Hey friends:)

This time i will ask all of you who have those consoles, to help me out which of them to pick and buy, this will be hard:(

Do not tell me to buy a PS3, i am a Sony Fan but that console is too expensive and the games are highly expensives, plus in my city i can't find them and if go to other city the price will be the same: EXPENSIVE

This is why i choose Wii and 360:


  • Great and non-violence games;)
  • Zelda, Kirby, Mario and others games that i will enjoy for months:cool:
  • Motion playing that will keep me active and maybe learn to dance:P
  • But i will be the only one to play on the wii, so: selfish:(

The games prices are like PS2 games so i'm fine:) this is the best according to the price: $170:) i already have more of the half;)


  • Sequels, high graphics games and new releases;)
  • Re, Sh, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, many games sequels to pick:cool:
  • Not sure about the 4GB or the 250GB, i don't understand:cry:
  • Enough for me and my brothers, so all will be happy to have one and play with it:)

The games prices are still unknown to me but at least i can find them in my city, now what brings my problem:

Should i buy the 4GB at $266 or the 250GB at $300? why are Gigas in there? to install games or something?

What about the Red Ring of Dead?

Important Note: i can't way for the Wii-U or the 360 successor, this opportunity of my life has come for luck and i cannot let it go, i have until March to decide, please help me out, please!;)

Thanks for Reading/Helping;).