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Adapting to College

Hey Friends ;) how are you?:D

You still remember me? :P i started college 2 months ago and since then, and before if i remember, i haven't been here much :( haven't read your blogs or say you "happy birthday!":cry:

But i learned not to feel bad with it, because i really can't, if is not college, it's because i'm busy, if not that, another thing and so go on.

Back to the main theme: i'm Adapting to College;) so i haven't played games, and will only have to chance to play: My French Coach, for the Nintendo DS, to learn more French because i'm bad at it and the professor doesn't help us at all and the majority of people hate her, not including me because i don't hate, but i 100% dislike her:x.

In other things i'm doing fine, i learned to take the many buses, eat there in college, take my lunch everywhere with me:lol:, learned to see really weird and strange people there in the university:o and make good friends:D

The subject i like the most is: English 1, i have learned so much there and the professor kinda likes my strange English accent:D and thanks to the freedom she gave us to talk in the class about what we likes and stuff, everybody already know i'm a Gamer;) By the way last Wednesday i did an oral presentation of music, and guess who i choose:

Shoji Meguro

Shoji Meguro from Atlus! ;) i felt so happy because the professor gave me the permission to talk about him and videogames:) What do you think of my poster?:P I did good and my score was 14 out of 20.

Thanks for Reading ;)

I almost stop playing games

Hey friends ;)

How were your Easter holidays? ;) mine were boring and depressing :( cause i wanted to play and couldn't until 2 days ago.

Here's the story:

I had to much to do, homework, help at home, go out with my girlfriend and of course, play videogames ;) but for no reason at all i was extremely lazy :( and when i wanted to play videogames i had to do it watching my tv shrinked on it's right side thanks to some problems it has with electricity:( that bothered me so much that sometimes i didn't play, or not wanted to, but like i can't afford money on repairing the tv because of college and won't ask my family to do it, i will wait and in the meantime: play videogames not watching them like it should be:roll:

This is an example of how i am playing right now:

I searched that image on the web, my case isn't that bad but was the only example i could find :(

Thanks for reading;)

I Will Start College Tomorrow...

Hey friends;)

Irony: when i decided to return to be here again like before, comment on your blogs and play videogames in order to review them better, college arrives to my life:( i mean it's not a bad thing:P just that many things that i had to do will have to wait a little:cry:

This past 2 weeks had been hard for me, because of time, had to wake up at 4 am to pick up to college bus at 5 to arrive there at 6 and wait until 8 to start cla$s:o, thank God i got used to some things quickly, and this one was easy;) And the preliminary cla$ses or courses were good, i learn what i need to learn to survive in college and stuff, and i already did some friends, so all it's fine so far:D

Gamespot it's another thing College made me put away for some time:cry:, When i have to time, i will be here;)

By the way the career i chose is: Modern Languages;) if you didn't knew.

Thanks for Reading/Wishing me luck;)

It's time to explain: My score for games.

Hey Friends;)

Thanks to NeonNinja's comments in my previous blog:

"Your scale isn't different. It's the 7-10 scale which is kind of lame"

I realized that i'm wrong with my scales, that's true, but i won't chance from one day to the next:shock: My old reviews now suck, cause in some i did write many spoilers and only what i like in the game, not how it's the game from my point of view:( I will by erasing my old reviews and make them again, like i write them now: good if not perfect, or something like that, but that old reviews aren't helpful at all, and kinda useless:P.

And yes, FOR NOW, my scale will be 7-10, but ONLY to review, i didn't wanted to give a game a score below 7 but if i had the disgrace to play really bad games, i have to, so now i will give scores below 7 to the games i really think are bad. And will not review them, if i give a game such a low score like 2.0, like i did with NFS Undercover, i won't review it, played the game 5 minutes and i wanted to puke:o Good thing i didn't buy that game;)

My Scores.

10: To a highly awesome game, that may have little issues, but the experience it's amazing enough to forgive them;) Example: Persona 4;)

9.5: To a great game, with little issues seen many times:P Example: Fatal Frame 1;)

9: To an almost great game, that have issues clearly seen all the time:lol: Example: Tomb Raider Anniversary ;)

8.5: To a very good game with also many bad things:roll: Example: Devil May Cry 1

8.0 To a game that fails in something that would have been good, but really it depends.:) Example: Resident Evil 5

7.5 To a recycled game or a game that have something that can found elsewhere and better:arrow:

Example: Silent Hill Origins.

7.0 To a game that may have 1 thing good and the rest it's all crap:evil: Example: Final Fantasy X-2

I will become better at giving games a score, but that will have to wait until i spent more time here, learn how to in good way, and play games that challenge my own scores:P

Thanks for reading;) Please, if you have any questions, ask me, i'm here to answer you;)

Something to Enjoy or to Avoid?

Hey Friends;)

Here i put 2 games that i was so looking forward to play, and in the beginning they were awesome, but later they just weren't:

Odin Sphere: I could recommend this game to anyone who like Anime Stile but that is, i don't wanna have it anymore but i also don't wanna give this so repetitive and extremely confusing game to anyone.

"Odin Sphere it's beautiful with great ideas, but the confunsing and lame direction of story and repetition, is terrible."


NFS Most Wanted: A good racing game and all, but 15 racers, really? isn't that too much? sometimes i was amazed of the races, however the difficulty changes so bad every now and then, repetition almost at it's best.

"NFS Most Wanted bring a new and great direction to the series, but also: repetition and weird difficulty makes it boring"


Thanks for Reading/Commenting about my reviews:)

Hard Decisions From A Honest Gamer

Hey Friends;)

  1. Won't be buying a Wii on March or a 360 in September:(the money come and goes very fast and my mom helped me understand that i better save for college:)my personal things and save for emergencies;)when i have a job i can buy what i want;)I'm still thinking buying at least one of them though, for September, if i have find a job by then, nothing is sure for now:(
  2. Erased all my DS and GBA reviews:( because i didn't played all those games in the actual consoles or not on my own(which i don't have any DS nor GBA)Also some N64 and PS1 reviews were erased for the same problem:( but don't worry i made a backup for all of them:)
  3. I won't do more reviews for DS, GBA, PS1, N64:( and will re-write all the erased reviews when i buy the systems(DS and GBA) and repair my PS1 and N64 in order to play those games the way it is intended: on the console;) If you wanna know where i played and continue playing them(only to play them and see how they are) PM me:) at least, you already know the sad true about me that i can't say in this blog:cry:

I finally made up mind about this:)the reason that my country(Venezuela) allow this, doesn't mean i have to pretend i have console while i don't, meanwhile i will buy the pirated games for PS2(cause the originals are nowhere to be found here) and play it knowing that i BUY THEM like most of the people in my country do:)

As for the DS, GBA, PS1 and N64, maybe, just maybe i will continue playing them that way, but don't review them until i played them on the consoles:)

Thanks for Reading/Understand;)

Happy Valentine Day Friends!

Hey Friends:) Re post of one of my best rhymes:)


I thank you all for being nice and most importantly for be at my side.

I meet you all here and i think that such great people can't be find in another place.

Still i won't forget my highschool friends but there is something that make the difference between you and them.

I see you every day!.

I won't get obsessed with this page.

But to know about you i can take that chance.

I'm kidding.

But find amazing friends can't all the day be given.

And lose that great opportunity can't be forgiven.

While i'm glad of this.

I'm also glad because all this rhyme

And i did it thinking in you:My Awesome Friends who are very nice.

Happy Valentines Day Friends:D

A Funny Pic of Me

Hey Friends:)

I was 12 back then and act like really a child:lol: i won't reveal more, that will make comments more interesting;)

Any questions?:P

Thanks for Reading;)