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We can now review normally! The problem has been fixed!

Hey Friends ;)

Thanks to the blog post ofbomberfan14I find out that the issue is now solved ;)

Reviewing on! ;)

Here's Hoping for:

  • Upload my review of Tomb Raider Anniversary ;)
  • Work on the reviews of the games I've played this year but haven't had the chance to review them :(
  • Think of improvements in my reviews ;)

Thanks for Reading ;)

Anna Tsuchiya

Hey Friends :) How are you? ;)

Do you know her? :) The Singer Of "Rose" The Opening for the Anime: "NANA" ? :P Or to put it more easy: The Singer of Resident Evil Degeneration with the credits song: "Guilty" or more recently with the credits song: "Carry On" used for Resident Evil Damnation :)


Here I will leave you this song, of her course, that I really like and will like to sing it someday :D


(Open it in a new window please, Gamespot problems, not mine)

Here's hoping for:

  • Listen all the albums and EP's from Anna Tsuchiya ;)
  • Sing: "My Fate" One day alone or in a Duo ;)
  • Wait that for the next Resident Evil CG Animated Movie, Anna comes up again with her amazing songs:)

Thanks for Reading ;)

Doing New Things Had Never So Good

Hey Friends :) How are you? :)

This year has been good and bad also, I started College, by the way I did take as my career: Modern Languages, which it's actually going very well, I have realized so many things about Languages, English, French and even my own language: Spanish:o

The thing is that my routine had change :( it's was sad at first, not being able to play the many games I have to, like 24 games maybe, watch Anime, and do things you know... :P But, Thank God, my Girlfriend was there to help me and a new friend too, this new friend, of how I like to Call him: My Best Second(Male) Friend, who is called: David, also study with me my same career and live here in my city as well :) At first he scared me and I didn't even look at him, but later my friends from college introduced me to him and there happened exactly what happened with my girlfriend:

Me: So... Do you like Videogames?

David: Yeah of course

Me: And what games... Resident Evil maybe?

David: Yeah! My favourite game ever!

And so, so on, after talking a little bit more, I found out that he is exactly what like I used to be in the past:

Very SHY, Do not talk to anyone unless someone start a conversation, Calm, WAY so Calm, and with this thought:

"I don't want to have a girlfriend, How can I grab her hand and walk with her, be nice, be sweet, no, not unless I grow up older in age"

Ja Ja xD :) I said that many times in the past and look at me now:


I have 2 years and 8 months with my Girlfriend :)

So what I trying to say is that David, my Best Second Best(Male) Friend, is one of the few, worth the redundancy, male friends I have in my life, and a good one actually, because if I you ask me about my male friends, I can say: " I have many" of course I do, but the majority of them are sadistics, bad students, kids(I mean not mature) and do not value love or women, that last one it's the worst, I just can't accept it. That's why the majority of my friends (In General) Are women :)

Back to the topic in Hand, sorry for saying that stuff, I just wanted to share it with you, not necessarily with a Blog entitled " I will talk about my life" or something like that :lol:

The New Things That I Will Be Doing:

  • Listen to Music Albums! Mostly Rock and Christian Rock! Thanks to David, who introduced me to the world of Rock :) Cause I was really Scared to be True, all those screams saying: "Your Mother is a ****!" "The Devil" "God Su***" And the Infernal stuff wasn't something I like, now that he Introduced me to this normal rock, I can now say: I like Rock and Christian Rock ;)
  • Watch TV Series, and not only that, sometimes watch them without Subtitles to improve my listening Comprehension of English and British English ;)
  • Stop playing normal games and start playing Educational Games: French Coach and English Coach, to learn more by playing :) 2 great things in one :)

That's all :D Sorry for the long blog, long time I didn't made one like this :P

Here's Hoping for:

  • My ever lasting Relationship Relation With my Girlfriend:oops:
  • Form a more strong Friendship with David and my others friends as well :)
  • Get good notes in College and maybe, just maybe, win the scholarship to France :)
  • And continue here in Gamespot with you Guys :)

Thank You For Reading ;)

New Game I Love: Klonoa !

Hey Friends :)

Here are the reviews that say everything :D

Klonoa: Door to Phatomile Revew


Klonoa 2: Lunetea's Veil Review:


Gamespot didn't let me wrote my review just like it was before, normal, my reviews won't have spaces until Gs fix this and also expects the long links because of the same problems Gamespot has... :( But that won't make me leave, not yet ;)


Thanks for Reading ;)

Preparing my Year Awards

Hey Friends ;)

Last year, if you don't remember, I made my Games Awards, only games awards :P. Now this year, I will make a better and bigger Year Awards :) This time there will be:

  • Music Albums ;)
  • Social Networks :P
  • Anime ;)
  • TV Series ;)
  • And of course, the more important: VideoGames :)

I already listened to a few albums, watched many Anime and right now I'm watching TV Series and playing VideoGames :)

Thanks for Reading ;)

I Beat Maths After All!

Hey Friends ;)

Yes I beat Maths after all, first I was giving for true that I was dead in it and that the professor won't leave me pass it after that I didn't pass any of the exams... But no, he did told me I didn't beat it, but yesterday I checked my College page on the internet and it says that I beat the subject! :) with 10(the wht note but very famous in College) out of 20(The best note for brains) :P

Thanks for Reading ;)

Presidentials in Venezuela : Fraud

Hey friends

Back in 2006, the previous presidentials in my country, a fraud happened, but back then internet didn't have the power it has now, that said, yesterday, in the presidential of 2012, the results were SUPPOSED TO BE ANNOUNCED at 12 AM Midnight, no, they WERE ANNOUNCED at 10 PM Late Night showing nothing more than lies, our President Chavez lost but he couldn't accept it and paid the CNE( the ones in charge of the elections ) and lock up,threatened the people who know of the missing votes and know where to find them, even some of the People of the CNE they even paid...

If you can read Spanish I will leave the link here:


And after all the "good voting" "real situations" and all that bull**** Chavez won yet again...

Elections in my Country: Venezuela

Hey friends...

Tomorrow, tomorrow will be the day when once again, we may lost against our president Chavez, or win, maybe, with our little hope, Capriles (the other candidate)

This will be the first time I will vote, and hopes are from high to low when it comes to our future, if we win, they will be war, if not, we will continue living but even bad and sad that we already are...

Thanks for Reading

Resident Evil Damnation

Hey Friends ;)

Have anyone seen it? :) I think it's pretty awesome but leave you wondering what will happen in Resident Evil 6 :( and for those who doesn't have 360 or PS3, it's sad :( example: me :cry:

Thanks for Reading ;)

I'm between the Old and the New with my new CellPhone

Hey Friends ;)

I haven't told you this: Last Month my old cellphone: Nokia 8208:


Died suddenly, because it only had 1 year and a half of duration :( But my father in law, give me his old cellphone also dead but with repair :P This one: Nokia X3-00:


And I repaired it, bought it a new screen, flex, and leave it just like it's show on the photo :D

It has many things that I ever wanted to use and enjoy, not all but I'm fine with it :) It has downloable Java games, good sound, 3.2 megapixels and it's fast ;) Sadly it doesn't support Whatassp, but it supports Nimbuzz ;) do you know of Nimbuzz?:


It's an application just like Blackberry Messenger(PIN), Whatsapp, Nokia Chat or Live Profile :)

So, do you have Nimbuzz maybe?, so I can chat with you from my cellphone ;)

Thanks for Reading ;)