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Goodbye exber -Last Blog-

Hey Friends ;)

This is my last blog here in this profile, thanks everyone who commented in my previous blog, you really were helpful :) I'm going to keep searching for my old friends to track them and be friends with them in my new profile: GerardoExber.

Afterward I will put this profile to private, I don't want to see it again.

Yes all my progress is lost now, but whatever, a brand new start awaits me in my new profile :)

See you there: http://uk.gamespot.com/users/GerardoExber/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-26003880

Thanks for Reading "exber" last blog :)

How Stupid I Was -Final Blogs 1-

Hey Friends ;)

Disclaimer: I won't leave Gamespot, it's problems won't beat me :P However, this profile "exber" will die soon because of the many mistakes, and I don't know ilegal things I did being stupid :) Note: All of this is true:

  • Tracked like 3000 users and only know less than 100 I think :( Reason? Level up :(
  • Due to that problem, I have like the longest feed here, maybe, and of course, comment in all of the blogs it's not impossible but requires a lot of time, and I don't have it.
  • While tracking the 3000 users, I didn't even take a look on their profiles, imagine what surprises I found out later and I had to be erasing them :(
  • I did many, many things only to gain points here, uploaded videos that weren't mine (music videos don't count cause everyone does it) but in the other hand, it was ilegal right? :) Shame on me.
  • And the Worst: You know what is my birthday here in Gamespot? October 5, 1993, when it really is: May 10, 1994... I admit that I falsified my age in order to enter here... maybe it was because I was just a kid: 13 years, but still, it was ilegal, I was always worrying about it, and finally, FINALLY have the courage to post in here. If Gamespot You're Reading This, please banned me, as I said before I already made other profilehttp://www.gamespot.com/users/GerardoExber/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-26003880Where I am legal and will not make those stupid mistakes again. If you don't bann me, please friends, help me to.

I will put this again:http://www.gamespot.com/users/GerardoExber/show_blog_entry.php?topic_id=m-100-26003880 There you can find me, I will be thinking in some ideas to get banned :) this Final Blogs someday will arrive, and I cannot be more happy that I'm finally doing something right in here ;)

Doubts? Questions? Critics? Whatever, send me here if I'm not banned, or to my other profile ;)

Thanks for Reading ;)

New Stuff I've Got On Christmas: PS3, LED TV and a SmartPhone.

Hey Friends ;)

Pictures speak better than words:

Exber's Playstation 3

Picture taken from my new SmartPhone, which it's by the way, not an Android, not a Blackberry and not an IPhone, but the one I like the most from being Original and standing on foot despite all the critics for being outdated and all that: Nokia ;)


And here's my new LED TV:


Picture also taken from my new SmartPhone :)

Now to the Specifications:


  • 32GB Model :P
  • Used, but in a good state and a good price ;)
  • From 2008, I already researched on the internet and it may read and play PS2 games along with PS1 games as well ;)
  • Model Number: CECHK01
  • It comes with one Sixasis Controller ;)
  • And with God of War 3!!! ;) My Brother and I will finally Kill Zeus! :D


  • 32 inches :( somehow bad for PS2 Games :cry:
  • Full HD ;)
  • 2 A/V inputs :D great for me ;)
  • 3 HD inputs :D
  • 1 USB input
  • 1 PC compatible cable input :D I can say I played Resident Evil 2 and 3 in HD ;););)
  • Images, Videos and Music Player ;)

Nokia C6-01:

  • Latest Nokia OS: Nokia Belle ;) It's so beautiful as it's name, in French said: "Belle"
  • 8 Mega Pixels ;) I use 3 and 6 anyway :P
  • 1GB internal memory, 300mb free :P
  • Up to 32GB Micro SD Card ;) I have 4GB for now :)
  • Secondary Camera: 0,3 Mega Pixels ;)
  • All applications I may need: Dictionary(English, Spanish and French) HD Games like Eternal Legacy, and others like Angry Birds, Cut the Rope, Unblock me and so on ;)
  • Finally Whatsapp! ;)
  • Wi-Fi :D Now in my house we have it, so it's even more good :)
  • The best: Really Fast Camera Shot with a Burning Eyes Flash :)

I guess I'm finally entering in the actual world of gaming, while it last cause now that I have a PS3, Sony is announcing the PS4 :P Irony of Life, no matter, I will wait for Resident Evil Revelations in PS3 and Persona 5! ;)

Thanks for Reading ;)

I've Been Missing Out

Hey Friends ;)

I mean, more than usually actually:D my Internet connection is dead until futher notice:( I'm writting this blog from another one that it's very slow but my only choice right now :P That's how my life had been:

With My Girlfriend: Fine :) After the probem that we had weeks ago, because of my fault, we are back again, I did go to her Birthday, her Prom for College:) And I stop being jealous with her male friends and friends in General:P That's the good part, now the bad is: Now she is jealous of my new friends from college, but that's something I will fix in no time because she's the one who is suffering, not me, I didn't did, won't do anything wrong with them, they are new friends to me, I don't have that trust with them anymore, anyway, the problem of a few weeks ago is fixed, the problem of right now... Must be fixed before another pointless fight :(

With College: Good ;) I already have my first exams:

  • French II: Very good;)
  • English II: Good :)
  • English Phonetology: I don't complain, just need more practice, both in the Oral and in the Writting:P
  • Spanish II: I suck in there, even being my own and the languague I'm native of, but it is because of the teacher, she believe that we will be just like her: Almost Perfect with our native languague and all that, most of the class thinks the same, only a few are good, but the rest are hanging in there, just like me, If I best the subject it will be with the worst but passable score, however, I'm learning very much, but the Teacher always said to me: You're going very bad in this subject.

With life: New :) I've thinking a lot of things:PI'm helping at home cause we're painting our house again, after 4 years that we didn't do it:lol:Also I continue to listen Music: Christian Rock and J-Rock:D

With Games: I do not anything about this years awards, anything at all, guess that my blog name said it all: I've Been Missing Out, but I've embraced my inner retro gaming spirit and I'm playing: Resident Evil 1, Fatal Frame 1 and Zuma, all very old games, but the ones that I've had already beated but wanted to play them again to play something, and give them the review they deserve ;)

Thanks for Reading;) I will write again very soon :) I have to be with you in Christmas, like I always have done;)

The Reset of the Relationship with my Girlfriend.

First of all, I want to Thank everyone who commented in my previous, and unclear blog, where I wrote that my girlfriend and I will broke up forever because of her "best friend" her "BEST MALE FRIEND".

Here's the full story:

The problem began when I discovered that my girlfriend and her "best male friend" most of the time were texting to each other, talking about: anything, but really texting(She don't text me because I have the bad habit to answer very, very late sometimes, with anyone, but that's a problem that we solved in the past, back with the subject I was writing, I mean, for hours with the texting, even when I was with her, that's what made me go jealous, I and REALLY mean it, I did go jealous like you have no idea: Said many bad things to her, by text like she likes, post and ugly thing on Facebook for everyone to see and many, many more, her family found out, some of them no longer have trust in me, the so hard to gain trust from her family that I did earn very easily, is now gone.

As for my Girlfriend, I talked with her yesterday and we BOTH, agreed to forget what happened, try to understand each other well, like what we are: A couple, and not like we were: something between a couple and best friends, we realized that no matter what happens, I'm going to love her always and she is going to as well. We decided to talk, always not matter what, about our problems, being fool ones, really serious, about family, anything, to not have them waiting for us to have a fight and released them, when of course, it's already too late... So my Girlfriend and I are still a couple, we are on a break, to forget what happened, mostly her, and I to gain her entire family trust again.

I did apologize to her of course, I did miss that part, I did it even knowing that the pain was already done, but If I, we are going to be a better couple, we also have to be, a better person, stop doing the bad things we used to do with no reason at all, be more polite, do not be dirty minded(Mostly me) and everything that we can do to be a Real Couple this time.

We will see each other in January, yes. I will be absent in her birthday and for Christmas, but that's not really true, something may happen :) The thing isn't that she doesn't wanted to see me, but not like before until January when we are going to be ready get back in the right tracks :P

Thanks for Reading ;)

Persona 4 The Golden

Hey Friends :) How are you? :P

Yesterday the Remake of my All Time Favourite Game: Persona 4, was released for the PS Vita :D and it is already getting many positive reviews and 9s, 10s from the other websites and companies of Games :) I'm so happy that The Golden is bringing back the love for Persona 4, and not only it, but all of the Persona Games :) Someday, Someday I will have a PS Vita and will play the game with passion just like it did with the Original for PS2 4 times in a row :D


Thanks for Reading ;)

Me When I was a Baby

Me When I Was a Baby


Here's Hoping For:

  • That my son looks like me at least as a Baby :P
  • That my daughter looks like my Girlfriend when she was a baby, so: Fat :lol: I will post that photo later :P
  • Or that my son looks like Jackie chan and my daughter like Claire Redfield ;)

Thanks for Reading :P Watch :lol:

Tomb Raider Anniversary PS2 Review

Hey Friends :) How are you? :P

I already erased my previous blog post where I was complaining with Gamespot, it has no meaning or sense after all, they won't listen to us and of course, they won't listen to me :lol:

Anyway :) Here is my Review:


Here's Hoping for:

  • Play the original game: Tomb Raider for the PS1 or for PC :P
  • Try to find the sequels: 2, 3, 4 and Angel of Darkness, wish me luck :lol:
  • Try to have a 360 when I get to play Tomb Raider Underworld :) It is for PS2 too but I searched and in 360 it's better ;) plus, Natla is back in Underworld!

Thanks for Reading ;)