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Australia 3 - Japan 1

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what a night! Me and my mates went to Federation Square in Melbourne's centre to watch this historical game in which Australia broke a 32 year abbsence from the world stage.

As the game was coming to an end, all hope seemed lost. Until Cahill stepped up and equalised. After that, all you heard was more than 3,000 Aussie supporters celebrate.
When Cahill and Aloisi scored, Fed Square went off!!

I still can't get over whats happened, our first ever win at the World Cup against the Asian Champions.

Hopefully Australia can do its best against brazil to come out with a draw and a win against Croatia.


Mario Kart on WI-FI

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About a week ago i bought a wireless D-link router for my laptop. i set it up and gave it a test. It worked great on my laptop so i decided to give it a run on my DS. WHOA! The online experience of Mario Kart was awesome!
Seeing that i managed to beat all the staff ghosts, all cups at 3 star ratings and 3 stars in every mission, it started to make the game a bit dull. Thats until i began playing online. It the opportunity to play against players as good or better than me. It was great. By doing so i have improved in my skills and hopefully the more i play, the better i become, win or lose.

lmao X100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000

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:lol:ROFFLES!!!!!!!!:lol: i heard the funniest thing at work today. It can also be considered one of the most no0b moments i've ever witnessed in my entire life. This is how it went down......
I was at work, (retail store like walmart called Big W in Aus) and i was in the back storage area working on stock. Anyways a guy i was working with was talking about how he was playing GTA SA and Halo 2 on xbox before coming to work. I told him what i thought of Halo (its a great game but i don't consider it AAA) and the only games that would warrant a purchase of an xbox for me are KOTR, Ninja Gaiden and Forza. He asked me what consoles i have and i told him that i have a PS2 and a GC and seeing that there alot of games on PS2 and Xbox there isn't much point in getting it with the exceptions of the exclusive titles. Well.....here comes the funny part.................................... What he said next will go down in no0b history........

He said to me "you can convert Xbox games so that they play on PS2 because they are the same graphics"
WTF!?!?!?!?! what a no0b!!!!!!!!

That time again.....exams.......................................................

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Nooooo!!! its that time again, end of semester. What does that mean? EXAMS. I got 4 again this semester. Microeconomics, Law in global business, Accounting and Consumer Behaviour.
I should be alright for conumer behaviour and accounting but i haven't been to many microeconomics lectures and i have to memorise alot of cases for law. But once im done......................... PARTY TIME!!!! Summer kicks off once im done (i live in Aus) so we gonna hit the beach, clubbing like nuts. Its going to go off!!!

WaveBird for my GC

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i got just got the wireless control for my GC and it PWNS. I don't know how the crap i've been managing without it. It was worth the price i paid. I just makes playing my GC even better than before

I am now a master of F-Zero GX

by on
Thats right, i have completely conquered a game considered one of the hardest racing games around. I've been playing this game heaps since i got my Gamecube about 1½ years ago, however i only completed the story mode on normal and all the cups on Novice and Normal.
About one month ago i began playing it again and tried winning all the cups in expert mode and i was successful. But then came the real challenge. My next objective was to finish the cups in master mode and unlock the AX cup but this would have been near impossible if i hadn't unlocked the secret AX pilots via the story mode. The only way to unlock these pilots was to complete every chapter on story mode in both Hard and Very Hard. It took me a while but i was able to unlock everything
I found on Gamefaqs, that these tasks are considered extremely difficult and completing them is a huge accomplishment.

So i managed to finish all the cups and Story mode in the hardest difficulties. Now all that was left was to unlock and beat the Staff ghosts for each track. I underestimated them at fist seeing that they utilise glitches and mastered skills, such doing a clean drift. Then again, they are staff ghosts so of course they would be some of the best F-Zero players! That is......until i came along. I managed to beat most of the ghosts on my first attempt by doing nifty manouvers such as Snaking (drifting from side to side making your machine twice as fast). The others took a few more attempts but weren't that difficult.
So to beat all the Staff Ghosts, Master Cups and Very hard story mode, i have proven to myself that i am as good as i gets on F-Zero GX, well hopefully.

With the Revolution coming out soon, i expect a F-Zero game to be released for it. This will be a prime opportunity to test my skills with the very best. Now that i've mastered GX i want to go to the next level and challenge those who have accomplished what i have. Chances are there are people out there way better than me, but that won't stop me from mastering this franchise.

Untill then, challenge me on GX and prepare to be PWNED!

no drinking for 2 months

by on
WTF :|. How the crap am i going to make it through this!? I can't drink any alchohol for 2 whole months b/c i got to take bloody anti-biotics. What the hell am i going do when im out at the pub or clubs with the boys!? Ahhhhhh!!!!

Blardy uNi!!

by on
i'm bak..............thats right.....bak at uni :cry: It sucks, im over it already and this semester i only have 1 good subject....consumer behaviour! Accounting is easy so i'll be ok with that, but business law an economics sound scary :o. To make this whole going back to uni experience even worst, they changed some of the texts from last semester. Therefore, i can't buy 3 of my books second hand. That would be alrite with me....IF MY BOOKS DIDNT COST $100+ EACH!! AHHH
i bought all 4 today and i ended up spending $300 for them. WTF! Eddy is not happy. Now i'm pretty much left with no spending money for a whole fortnight. DAMN YOU UNI!!

Exam Results

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i got my exam results!!! :lol: i was soo lucky to pass information systems. i ended up getting a conceeded pass which is my only life line for the whole 3 yr course. i got a credit for statisitical maths and distinctions in organisations and management and marketing (High distinction being the highest possible mark and pass being the lowest). overall i was pretty happy with my results, all thats left is to party!!!!

Ahhhh 19 already!!

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well it was my b'day on monday. Another year gone just like that. I went for my license that day too and i ended up blitzing the driven exam. i ended up getting clothes from my bro, a jacket from my mum and sis. Overall it was a pretty happy b'day!
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