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They are limiting out internet. It has no voice any more. THUMBS IT UP FOR TEH MAIN PAGE!!!!!

A Sucky PIPA and SOPA poem

Oh, PIPA, oh SOPA.

This idea stinks like POOPA.

You have to be so mean-ah?

Lets get our battle face on

and show what is the matter

to show we are

the winners on THIS SHOW!!!


Breeking News!!!! EVO offline, might be! I'm not connecting...................

well, let's look at the good times............. Sometime in 2009- Me, ROBOTO, or SEGA came into the evo world

2009- 1st tourney won

2009- 1st sucessful host

Dec. 2009- joined team X3M and PE

Dec. 2009- Got my DC internet and EVO online working!

Jan. 18, 2010- Made 1st sucessful team, GIR

March- Installed EVO on my Vista

Sat. May, 01, 5:30,2010- EVO vanished.....

RIP for EVO...............

Gaming Revolution.

Well, it's been 50 years since we 1st had videogames, and it has gone very far. Balls across the screen to motion sensing. Been far. What next?What do you think wiThis to you?ll happen next? Post it here.

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