The Dark Knight

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I saw the Dark Knight this afternoon. I'd have to say that its a great movie and that people should go see it. It is now the number one movie grossing film in our history. That of course is for opening weekend only and not all together but this is a great movie. You may think that the only bad guy is the joker but your wrong. There are 3 major villains although one of those is more of a cameo than an active villain in the plot. I'd highly recomend the movie with the only thing be wrong with it would be the fact that it is a little long at 2:30 mins. If you can stand to watch a good movie for that long though than you'll be fine. Everyone feel free to talk about what u thought of the movie and how much u liked it or if u didn't like it.

Leaving Gamespot

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I've grown apart from gamespot since school has ended. When I had school gamespot was like a release to get away from all the work and stress but now it seems more of a chore just to look for updates. I'm not sure yet if I want to leave. If anything I just want to take a break until school or atleast change my name from evilmaster72. The problem with that is that I'd have to start everything all over. If anyone has any suggestions or knows of a way to change my name without starting a new profile, let me know. cya around?

Vacation Plans

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I don't know about u guys but I won't be on the computer evryday this summer. I'll be in OBX next week and Buffalo the week after. Then later this summer I'm gonna go to the finger lakes. Who else is going on trips this summer?

School Insane!

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As many off you are in high school or college we all know of the massive amount of work that can be asked of us. Right now Alien and I have a test or quiz about everyday, a speech next tuesday, I have a current event powerpoint due Wednesday, 3!!! projects all for our History class on Friday, and finally Translation of three chapters out of the book and a Unit Test the following Monday. Our History teacher is insane with daily homework, 5 projects within a week, and a test and quiz. INSANE!!!!! On top of that Alien also has to make up all his work while he was gone on his trip and when he'll be out the next two days. Post what you think about how insane teachers and homework is?

Resident Evil universe RPG

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I want to create an RPG similar to 1upgamer's on the Resident Evil Union site but since the leader won't allow another Union I'm doing it here. This RPG won't be the games it'll be similar to the games for 0,1,2,3,4. I'm not doing Code Veronica cause I don't want to go there, Umbrella Chronicles is all the others and I don't have outbreaks or survivors. For Characters I'll need a..

NAME: Whatever you want it to be

WEAPON(S): Include in backstory why and how they have weapons with characters (unless cops or something)

PROFESSION: Also, whatever but no gods and no more than two characters with the same class.

GAME: 0 THROUGH 4 I'll make them in order so if you choose 4 you'll be waiting a while.

BACKSTORY(OPTIONAL): Any back stories have to make sense and connect to the game. Ex: explain your characters normal life then how or why he boards the train for 0.

Also, I have the right to ask for a change of charcter if it contradicts the above guidelines or it would fit the RPG better. I will update as regularly as possible and will start writing within a week or two. or based on how long it takes for people to sign up for zero.

WARNING: Some created Characters will have to be killed off throughout the RPG, not all characters will appear at once and I ask that each game has no more than twenty characters each. Finally, due to the nature of an RPG some things will change from the games and there will be appearences by characters from the games.

Now feel free to join and if anyone wants to add any extra character information feel free. Any art sent to me will be welcomed but may not be reposted. Email:

What's up with video game to movie adaptations?

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With most video game movies either gamers get mad because there to much like the game, like the game but with different people, or the movie is just down right terrible. I personally think that the Resident Evil Movies, Lara Croft Movies, DOA: DEad or Alive and maybe the mortal kombat movies were good adaptations. Bloodrayne movies were the worst video game movies ever! I can't say for Silent Hill or some other movies though because I haven't seen those. That's see how Castlevania, Halo, and Spyhunter do on the big screen. Of course Castlevanias coming, Halos on hold, and I don't know why they want to make a spyhunter movie but I've never played those games so. Any body else got an opinion on movies? Well speak up!