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All these things I have done.

It's been awhile hasnt it? Yeah, I was in the process of moving the past few weeks, lurked around here for quite awhile though. Played and beat GTA4 of course, but now since I'm living with new roomates, I have no xbox...oh well, I have something to tide me over for a long while.


More Xbawks?! SAY IT AINT SO!

Gather the family around for another one of tab's blogs!

On the gaming front, I beat The Darkness about a week back, great game, probably my favorite of last year. Everything done so perfectly, even the multiplayer, which was tacked on; still was a bit fun for a bit. Need to run back through and pick up some achivments for it.

I'm on to Crackdown now, took me a little while to get into, now I'm loving it quite a bit. Nothing like taking out 2 enemy cars with a rocket launcher while a hundred feet in the air. I smell success people...

Other games I'm playing:


Guitar Hero II: Achievments baby!

Halo 3: Meh never was a fan...

More in the next few days

He's the one you call Dr. Feelgood!

Hello everybody! (hi Dr. Nick)

Yeah Yeah, I know its been a long ass time since I have last posted. I apologize for all that. I've have been somewhat of a busy bee. I'm down to only working 3 days a week, I survive fine off of that for now. I have been lurking mostly on other friend's blogs, missing out on all the new fads of today. Sorry for not really commenting at all, I really just fixed my computer, I had linux installed for the longest time, I wasn't really able to do much with it that I wanted to. I've also just been chilling with my friends and watching loads of movies.

The 360 is treating me well, Rock Band is still pretty damn fun, even though the red pad of the drum set is going hay-f'in-wire. A lot of the DLC is amazing, "March of the Pigs", "More than a Feeling" (chart is a tad bit different then the original Guitar Hero version.), "Joker and the Thief" and, many more are just a lot of fun to play. Master of Puppets has to be my favorite song to play on drums, while Gimme Shelter is a lot of fun for the guitar, there are quite a few annoying tracks on the game as well (can't please everyone) "Dead on Arrival" gets honorable mention here for being one of the worst decisions.

If you are one of my friends on xbox live, you will have noticed that I have been playing other games as well. The Latest that I played was Army of Two, not impressed in the least, even to say very disappointed is an understatement. The game just plays like crap, I guess playing it with the A.I. was a bad idea. Call of Duty 4 is great, a damn shame that they didn't have achievements for the multi-player. The Darkness, oh damn, it's so amazing how they were able to make such a kick-arse game from such crappy source material, I'll never know.

I pulled a 180 and traded in my electric guitar for a bass. I'm content with it as well, seeing as I enjoy playing bass more. Writing a few songs with my band mate (the drummer from my other band which I quit.). So we can get a new band lifted off the ground, it is sure to be funky and rockin' for all it's worth.

From my time away from the site, I was able to get some reading done, I read through "The Dirt" which is the Motley Crue biography, amazing stuff. No one can really say that they came from a broken home until they read Nikki Sixx's story. They have a new album coming out soon, can't wait, it's gonna kick ass.

But with that said, I shall end this blog post, I will try to become more active and such, but no promises.


360!! Yeah Boi!

So My friend picked up a 360 about a week ago, I finally have live setup (1 month free). So add me eviltab1987. Question though, when I try to put up my gamer pic on this site, it comes up as a question mark WTF?!

Oh Lawd! Time has flew by fast!

Hello everyone again!

Merry Late X-mas.

Got some moderately big updates for ya.

1.My job got a pay raise 12.50 after the premium.

2.Finally got myself a girlfriend!

3.Played a good share of Rock Band.

4.Christmas stuff

  1. Yeah for those of you who don't know, I work in retail, a night stocker over at target. I usually only work 3 days a week, about 8-10 hour nights. For the last few months the store has just been slammed because of Christmas, average sized truck for the those months has been 2000 pieces (as in 2000 boxes) that we must stock on the shelves before we can leave. So the district has decided to give us a raise, because they have made more money now then ever before, not trying to gloat or anything, just its nice to see that us, vampire crew of the night gets appreciated.

  1. Its been in the works since July, after many attempts of asking girls out, I finally got a yes from one. Her name is Kelsey, shes somewhat of a punk with a really sweet personality, fun to talk to, and we unknowingly found out that we were members of the same forum, got a date on Saturday, which I'm really excited for!

  2. We have had many Rock Band shows over at my house, my friend and drummer Jeff brought let us borrow his 360, my roommate bought Rock Band, just so he would have it here. We plugged in about a week ago and just jammed for hours straight, I have never has as much fun with a video game, 4 people playing at the same time = AWESOMELY SICK! Drums are awesome, but I love the singing! Getting up on the mic to sing "Sabotage" for the first time just blew my mind, same with "Blitzkrieg Bop". Fun stuff!

  3. Christmas has come and pass, this is what I ended up with: House of the Dead dvd (gag gift), Hudson Hawk (oh lawd!), Silent Hill (pretty good movie actually), Fantastic Four (enjoyed the 2nd film, never saw the first). A one gig Ipod Shuffle version 2 (the one that can fit in a match box). "Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces" by Seether and some cash.

Anyways talk to you peeps later!


Time to rock!!!

No this is not a post about rock band. Since I bought my fender about a month, I've been fiddiling around with it for some time,and today I bought the greatest counter part to it.

a digitech rp250, with wah wah pedal :D.