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So...I just got back from the new movie Rambo, and wow was it awesome. Now I can tell this movie is either you love it or you hate it, and defiently isn`t for thr faint of heart, or for the critics, as I can tell there bashing this movie at every turn. Rambo returns with the mighty vengence hammer from hell and destroys anything in his path, literally. This is the fourth in the Rambo series and also the most brutal, at times depicting what a real war is like(except when rambo joins it) very bloody,gorey and I even saw a couple get up and leave because of the voilence, but if your a fan of rambo or action movies you should run to your nearest theatre and watch this 60 year old man john rambo show other action movies how it`s done.

Just another day.

Well I read my speech, it wasn`t to bad, I was a little nervous and shaky but I got it over with, with a 79% on it, which isn`t to bad for me but I still wish I had a higher mark but oh well. After the speech was over and I didn`t have much school work to do I decided to get a good mmorpg to play and waste my time with. I had played EQ2 before and owned it but hadn`t put much time into it, seeing as I didn`t have much time, But now that I do I renewed my subscription and created a Iskar(sp?) Dirge, on Permafrost. I`m Loving the game so far, I like how I can own my own home a decorate that when I`m not adventuring and slaying beasts, it`s a really cool idea, The graphics are a little dull in some area`s but once you get into the forest and see the sun shinying on a little pond it`s really amazing, I would recommend Everquest 2 to anyone who wants to try an mmo for the first time or veterans. Well I`m out I never feel like writing much just enough to show what I've been up to, so if you play EQ2 send me a whisper to Bucketdeth on The server Permafrost : D


It`s 1:11am now and I've been up writing this speech for school, and I saved it for the last minute like everything and I always regret it. The topic had to be on a current event in the news(the past year) so I chose Wow addiction. I have played Wow myself for almost two years and it was a good game, just endgame wise, theres not much, Soooo the speech had to be persuasive, which meens I could pick to be on Wow`s side or against it, and for fun I chose against it, seemed like more things I could say it get this over with since I hate speaking in front of people. My previous speech that I also had to do last year had got the class laughing quite abit and easied me up while I stood in front of all 28 class mates, so I`m going to aim for a humoured speech again, so I'll post again and explain how it went : D

New laptop.

I've been wanting a laptop for awhile now but just didn`t have the funds, but since I have a part time job at a local drug store working part time, I thought I would make an investment. So I looked around on the Interwebz for my perfect portable pc. I must have looked at 100`s of reviews with no real luck. There was just to many choices, Then I stumbled upon the dell site once again, since I had looked at there laptops before and were one of my main choices. I had heard about dell and there customer support being bad and there computers being below average but I own a dell xps which is working perfect since 2006.

I finally decided to order the Inspiron 1420, It had very nice features and specs for the price of 1100$ canadian. The order took about 3 weeks to get to my northern town and at my door step, and I can say this is a wonderful laptop and is small and pretty light which makes it perfect for school/college use and comes with a nice Geforce 8400 GS. I rate this laptop 9.5/10 : D


Today I decided to buy a ds lite, I had 400$ in hand so impulse buying kicked in and I picked up Pokemon Pearl and a polar white Ds Lite. I thought I might be a little disapointed since I bought it right then and there without thinking and I haven`t played pokemon since the red/blue/gold and silver days, but Nintendo didn`t fail me the nifty little thing feels a little cheap but sure looks awesome and plays really well and pokemon still serves as a great game in my opinion. I`m going to try and get Wifi hooked up soon to see how well that works. I pretty much quit mmorpgs at the moment since the Ds alone is taking up my gaming time, I also didn`t like Guild Wars: Night Falls as much as the original, It just didn`t deliver the same epic experience as Prophecies did. I was looking into Final Fantasy 11, but I heard some good and bad things about the game, So if there are any friendly players willing to help me out if I start please send me a messege, Anywayssss thats pretty much the end of this blog, I'll write again when I can, thanks for reading ; )

Back : )

Well, I`m back. I was gone off doing other things with my life even though I was still on gamespot from time to time I haven`t gotten around to writing another blog but since I have nothing better to do at the moment I thought I would write something short. At the moment I`m playing Final Fantasy X-2 which is a pretty decent rpg, but I`m not much into this whole mission based system which tries to make the came more open ended but comes out more linear in my opinion. I`m moved on from all my mmorpg`s and spending alot more time with my girl friend. Oh and my birthday is this sunday to all those readers( I know 0 people have read this excluding me) I`m asking for some games for my xbox 360 which I haven`t played much at all in the last few months, Hoping I get G.R.A.W 2 and Viva Pinata and also get real drunk. Well thats it for my short blog, I'll try to get back to write another blog soon.

First Blog

Well as you can tell this is my first blog, It`s probably not going to be that long but I'll to fit in somethings I did today.
First of all this day didn`t go as planned, I was supposed to play paintball with my friends against a crappy team, but I came down with the flu and stayed home. Now that I was sick and also tired I just sat on the computer chair playing some guild wars, I did one mission trying to reach level 11 with my necromancer/Elementalist but I still need 1900 more exp.
While I was playing my xbox 360 a few days ago it froze at my friends when it was loading on Elder scrolls: Oblivion, It had did this a few time so I called the support line(which I did the day before) so I already had a reference number and within twenty minutes on the phone with them they told me they are going to send me a replacement, which pleased me since I need one. Now don`t get me wrong i`m not saying this to put down people wanting a 360 because they are great it`s just a random few have minor problems.

Well thats my blog for today, like I said i`m sick and don`t want to type much so I hoped you enjoyed my first, thanks.