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Burn ALL the Borders, A Lobotomy of my Brain. Part I of MCVIII


Aren't they a nice thing? We sit here and confine ourselves to our little worlds, never daring to cross over to the ones that confuse and frighten us the hell out. Example time:

I don't or didn't play MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online). Why? Because I was frightened the Hell out of them. The first time I was exposed to the world of mmos, was hearing the name 'WoW this, WoW that' ' Say duuuuude, you ever play WoW?' 'It's so WoW.' 'THis is totaly a rip off of WoW.' WoW, or lesser known as world of warcraft, has wormed itself into every gamers brain. Even into the ones like me, who wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. I knew very little about the game as I grew up in southern india. We only had dial up when we had power, so even the fact that I discoverd gaming is a miracle in itself.

So my gaming was brought up by some friends I met when traveling, and who gave me a demo copy of Road Rash, or better known as DemoRash(yes it started the whole rage of calling any demo of a motorcycle game a demorash) Boy did I love the game. Then one day they gave me nfs2 (need for speed 2) which got me hooked on gaming forever. soon after that I started buying a magazine that would give out copies of games on CD's and I played them all.

SO how does wow fit into all of this? well I read a article in that magazine once on warcraft and how the company who made that game was making a game that would require a constant online connection to play (CONSTANT ONLINE CONNECTION???? DOES THAT EVEN EXIST????*as spoken by my brain*) well after that soon my family and I moved to Sri Lanka where I discovered that game were sold in SHOPS (believe it or not, almost all the shops in Colombo, sell pirated, boxed games that look almost exactly likeoriginals) That is where I really got into gaming. I would buy a new game almost every week and finish it.(well, except Shade: Wrath of Angels...God I loved, and hated that game.) Sooo anyway, there were video websites at that time.(and we got a constant, online, broadband connection* AMAZING!!!!) *youtube was JUST on it's way out the door* Annnnnnd on those video sites, were certain videos of gamers yelling at their monitors...Yes those were WoW players.

When I first saw that behavior, I thought ''Meh, that guys is just rage quitting'' but as more and more of those videos poped up, I got more concerned. ''What is it with this game? Why do those people behave this way?'' I got frightened of the game, and of the genre in general. It seemed to me that the game and changed normal people into frothing, howling monsters. Why? I even stopped playing RPGs because of that. What it those videos did to me was cut out two different genres of games away from my life completly for ten years.

...To be continued (When I FEEL LIKIE IT, OKAY?)