unemployed at last!

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never thought i'd be so happy being jobless! i'm done with my bloody internship, my month is up.
all i have to do now is go back in a day or 2 to reclaim my report and hand it over to college on one of those days where i attend those meetings that take place there and be done with the internship paperwork.

that leaves me the animation project with yahya (i'm so slow the guy is gonna bite my head off, especially after that stupid move i did lending him TR:anniversary; he hated it so much he declared revenge) and the mini-animation project with ahmad matarawi but the whole thing is getting old quick for both of us.
what else? ah yes the GUC advertising group i seetwice a week and finsihing GOWII.

as for gaming news yahya gave me Final Fantasy 8 as a way of punishing me for giving him tomb raider and calling it even. even tho he despised the game he insisted to carry on with it to the end and expects me to do the same with FF8
if i gave u a gun would it be my fault if u shoot your foot?

btw i'd like to point out my new intrests in the following:

  • Heavanly sword: an 8/10, that's a must have in my book
  • New assassin's creed creative director interview: turns out u can jump side-ways while climbing just like kratos!
  • FFXIII and FFXIII versus: just, WOW! and as a plus, both the kingdom hearts and advent children team are workin on FFXIII versus!
  • DMC4: woz with dante's voice? ah well....love that new grapple move
  • 3 new KH games in the making! and none of them is a console game! I need a PSP!!
  • Green Goblin,dock ock and venom team up with spiderman in the next spiderman game.....mmmmfffROFLMAO
  • new KHII manga comic series started ftw

but srsly so many good PSP titles are on the way! KH: birth by sleep, GOW: chains of olympus, FF7...well that's about it for me.

so basically, i'll be having more computer time :).....as long as my sis ain't chatting and copying and pasting every single shoe and dress from the net.

I just can't-stay-put!!

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yeah well believe it or not i'll be even more busy in my summer vacation!

1-i'm startin an internship next sunday by god's will. working hours are 9AM to 6PM everyday cept friday and saturday

2-i'm workin on alittle animation project with a friend of mine, ahmad matarawi

3-i'll be trainin on flash animation with yahya with a bigger group for a bigger project.

4-that is all aside the fact that i wanna check out the 2 new games yahya gave me (gungrave2 and MGS2 sons of liberty......he made me)

not to say i'm tottally cutin off, but i'll be slower

with this rate i'll probably be forgotten. ah well, in a month things should loosen up for i hope the internship would be over...oh and did i mention i'm not evengettin PAIED?

SO i'm back...

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sorry guys for dissapearing like this. it's all my universitity's fault. now i know why everybody freaks out when they hear i'm in the GUC. the first year was torcher, i didn't have time to fool around, it was more like a race thanx to the stupid deadlines. 5 assignments each week, each takes like 3 days to complete, and the longest deadline goes as far as seven days! +, creativity is included in all of them, it's not like a page of mathematic problems to solve if i'm smart.

u don't wanna hear about this tho, do u? so i'll just jump to the juicy stuff;

-i need to find an internship.
-i need to finish my first GOW2 NUR+
-i wanna see the end of "simpsons; hit and run" (plz don't spoil!)
-i got Adobe PhotoshopCS!
-got my self a new cellphone (NOKIA 5300)
-i'm workin on a storyboard of a begining of a music clip (avril lavigne; no body's home)with a friend of mine
-i need to finnish off a disturbing english course in summer (dad won't agree if there are no bus services)
-i havn't seen pirates of the carribean 3 yet!!!
-i saw transformers tho! an 8.9/10 imo
-i still wanna see die hard4. yahya did, and was impressed
-i saw TMNT. not bad
-i'm workin on a new pic (kratos vs prince. those of u who catched up with my blog earlier might remember this one)
-wanna finish other pix i started in
-i'm in an avatar making mood! if anyone wants a good avatar just name me the charcter he wants and i'll fix him u with a good one!
-workin on like...3 movie maker projects....all 3 will probably be deleted.
-got tomb raider: anniversary...haard!!
-need to work on theseGOW sketches to render them on a better quality

oh and u know how my faculty fixes up an exhibition of the semester's finest worx? i got pictures!

not all of them are my work have in mind.


we were sculpturing at the end of the semster in our drawing sessions. sculpture's of our partners' headthat is. and there's this retardwe got, Amr, ok? we've been thru alot of lulz with him but we NEVER witnessed this amount of stupidity;

it wasn'tmuch of a shock those days to find out a head sculpture disappearing as we already had 4 mysterious cases. amr seemed to be the 5th as he declared his anger on how his work is "stolen" coz he can't find it in the gallery of other heads of the other 2 groups which are layed out on the ground.
anyways, i and a girl had other problems; we were out of clay, so we went to our teacher (mrs fred)in her office, where we found amrwining about his lost sculpture, pretty pathetic if u ask me, what the tohers did is ask for more sement (for the base)so they can start over as soon as possible.
mind u, his english was terrible listening to his accent was hilarious itself

"why? why muy hed ztolen??"
"i am very sorry amr, i can see how u feel! some of yuo're colleuages had the same problem, but u went a good distance in the sculpture, u now know the basics, and we can help u make a new one now."
"طب بس u give me another 2 weeks!!" which means "ok but u give..." the guy was really freaking out!
"ok amr, we will give u 2 more weeks, there's no need to be so hostile...?"
amr looked at me, and said he'll go complain to the admission office. i was like "wha-?"
"it's my right!" he said in arabic "my work is stolen and i must complain!"
"yes but amr; the admission hardly cares to give us our grades and schedule in time and you're gonna go complain about YOUR one-piece work?" the university admission really does hate us applied arts student for some reason
reasoning with him was useless, so he took off. and came back toworkshopwith a sequrity guy!
"it was right here!" he told him (in arabic ofcourse)as he pointed down the farm of wrapped up sculptures.
the sequrity guy apprently knows nothing of applied arts and never even set foot in the building, he was looking at the gallery from top to down and about to drop his walkie talkie from his hand as his gaped....that was LOllerific! i kept chuckling in circles as i saw his expression!
"er, uh, couldn't it be one of those?"
i laughed even more
"no! i searched them all!"
mrs fred, our teacher, came storming in
"amr! i am VERY cross with u! i'm sorry for your loss, i gave u my options either u use them or not but u don't go blaming us to the sequrity!"
amrchuckled stupidly and told the sequrity man in arabic; "she thinx i'm blaming u!"
i dropped on my knees hisising in laughter. i thought i was gonna die!
then miss anke came in, she's been to germany for a while and came back a few weeks ago, one would think she'll go easy on us again but instead she seemed to remeber our lousy performance very well, she was even mroe strict this time around. so she came in, saw the fuss, and asked what's wrong
"muy hed iztolen!"
"amr, don't be ridicouls, LOOK" she ordered as she jabbed an index finger toward the gallery on the ground
i look back at the sequrity guy, he's completely lost! he's not that good in english LOLOLOLOLOL
amr argued in searchong further, so anke started doing so for herself to encourage him. to cut another 15 mins short, amr's work had a distinctive feature that u didn't even need to check his name on the base, just look for the sculpture with the biggest amount of gebsum around the neck., and yet amr was lookin at all sculpturs. i notified him of this, and he didn't forward it to anke, so i informed her, which made her scoul amr for the useless search on normal worx with nogebsum at all.
soon after that, amr stopped at one head, and started unwrapping it vigirously which is just crazy!! the work might not be his and he'll have to wrap it up again with another tape!
"amr! amr! stop! what r u doing!?"
"zis could be mine!"
he continued as we all whatched, till he took the wrap off, and starred at the head
in arabic to me "it looks like mine"
"amr" i said in english since anke was goin nuts now"we do not all have holes in our sculptures over the head, did yours?"
"yeah....it even had this part undone..."
"OK then it's yours!"
"i'm not sure, i can't find my name on the base..."
a girl called mariam (who was following all this lulz) rotated the base 20 degrees toward him, where he saw his name on it.
"oh....zis izmyne" he said as he pointed to it and looked at us.
the sequrity guy escaped.
"amr..." said miss anke
"wut?" as he rose up with his work
"....SaY something...!"
"o! ah, errrrr" he was smiling like a fool
"not to me, but to someone u insulted for nothing.." she geustered towards fred's office
"miss fred?? no no! i didn't shout at her! is she mad from me? I.."
"AMR" i yelled "just go to her and APOLOGIZE, let her even know u found it!"
amr walked out the room. i told the 2 girls with me "i can't miss this!" and catched up with him
from the outside, i can see amr talking to fred on her desk, she loox down and blows air, then throws a non-colliding punch to his nose
"OUT" i heard her scream
"OUUT!" she repeated after amr tried to reason with her
he came out accompanied by an assistant whoe doesn't talk much. (she thought he didn't get the message so she took matter with her own hand)
he apparently indeedcouldn't get the picture
"wozrong wiz her?"
the assistant halted, and looked at him with a "r u ok?" smirk, and started shaking her hands above her head and shaking her head in a "what was all that for then?" kinda way
amr then walked in the room, still smiling like a total idiot,
"now where's the clay?"
"amr; there is no clay..."


another girl later speaks from the far side of the room;
"what was all that about?" in arabic
"amr couldn't find his work"
"omg he's gonna redo the whole thing again?"
"no no i found it already!" he said
"u...found it?"
"uh-huh" he smiled stupidly
".....damn u?!"


about time i scanned this...

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did this a while but never got the time to plug in the scanner and upload it.

i wouldn't exactly call it a doodle, since i took my time in it, but in the same time it was something i worked on when i was bored, so maybe a "sketch"? i dunno, just tell me your thoughts...


it's the waist again isn't it?

i might edit this blog later. tommorrow after seeing spiderman 3 with yahya, quite a waste to spend this on a pic link...



MY RATE: 9.9/10


Minor edit:

i drew venom beating up superman :twisted:



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ROFL yes! it was inevitable! a mickey mouse version of kratos!! i just had to give it it's own blog topic!

me and yahya were discussing DMC4, and he was dissapointed with this new playalbe guy; nero

He said "Nero for Dante is like...mickey mouse for Kratos!!" lol

so i liked the idea, and thought i'd give it a try. i wanted to see mickey with a red stripe on his eye kekekeke

so after a while training on how 2 draw mickey (it LOOX easier than it really is!) i ended up to one problem; should i leave mickey's fur black or make it white? or should it be his skin that's covered with the ashes?

in the mean time, here's the black fur version: (i was still sketching then)


and the white fur version (final look):


i think the white one really shows the red strip eh? gonna have to do this in colour one day.

idea credit goes to Yahya.


Self portrait and some GOW moves i created!

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we were learning how to use china ink with the feather pen (u know, the one jerry always emptys in tom's eye?) so after another lesson drawing the same rats, (who tried to escape this time) using that new technique, we were assigned to do self portraits of our self! this is what i came up with. unfortounatly a large drop of ink fell near my mouth in the drawing, i could only press a tissue to it hoping it would suck all the ink, but it left me with this.


in my defence, i took this pic with a digi cam so it may be angled a bit making me lean sideways.

now, for GOW fans! (god of war that is, when i mean gears of war i'll say gears of war)
ever thought a combo for each type of creature? i drew so far a 6-hit weak attack for both minatours and satyrs!


coming soon as well; BK hammer grabs with each opponent!


hammer grabs for miantours (both fat and thin)


and armorless grunts


pardon the bad quality in drawing, but i was really desperate when i did this (PS2 troubles and all) i didn't even bother hiding the fact that i was doing this instead of listening to the lecturer.


satyr hammer grab


hoping to "fix"all these grabs one day, these are all fresh ideas.

my second story board

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i did this a while ago as my second SB assignment, but we handed in our sketchbooks ever since and never got ther chance to scan it. i aslo made another one as my final assignment, but that one's on a piece of paper the instructor took for marking. not to be returned i'm afraid.

this one was after seeing a wallace and gromit episode where they had a picnic on the moon, and there was a living robot without any human features that expressed itself by thinking bubbles and metal arms.

so, our assignment was tocome up with a story featuring one or more non-living materials expressing themselves in action. no dialouges allowed. here's what i came up with.



+ i'd like to point out that i now fixed my pre-GOW2 tribute

see prev blog or check this:


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