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Really, Joe Dodson?

Joe Dodson is a vagina.


really? a video game tackles a controversial subject and you get all butt-hurt about it? damn, well I guess then you don't--like--read most novels or newspaper articles or watch movies or Television or even have intelligent debates with people who disagree with you without getting your panties in a bunch.

I bet you'd feel the same way if Tetris was set during the Iranian protests.

I don't typically care for Army of Two myself, but it has absolutely nothing to do with the story's faults or subject matter. I'd argue the mechanics are just weak and unbalanced. The gameplay doesn't engage me enough to even really care about the story, whatever that would be. Case in point, I f***** hate the heavy-handed storytelling in MGS4 (which Gamespot has a freakin boner for, see their review) but at least the gameplay is engaging enough for me to feel like I have to watch all the cutscenes to really appreciate the game as a whole...but that's my point. Why should I feel like I have to sit through 6 hours of cutscenes when I all I wanted to do was get to the good stuff? All in all, it's just a video game. If I want to watch a long movie with an interesting plot and characters I care about, I'll watch Shawshank Redemption. Other than that, I get home from work and school, I want to spend a mere hour zoning out to some awesome gameplay. It's not like video game stories are written by oscar-winning screenwriters who have an education on how to tackel controversial issues, so why the hell would any one expect taste and class from this game, or any other?

Don't do that, or you'll end up sounding like Dodson here.

See? Nobody cares.
Nice Hat.


This summer's/fall's game releases will suck my wallet dry.

Madden 10
NHL 10
Bioshock 2
Modern Warfare 2
Mass Effect 2
Red Dead Redemption
Assassin's Creed 2

Holy hell.

Something Different

Kudos to the guys at Sucker Punch for an admirable attempt at creating an original super-hero game with just plain fun and entertaining super abilities. Other developers should emulate that.