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Shantae: Risky's what?!

If you haven't heard of this game, then consider yourself unlucky. Shantae: Risky's Revenge is fantastic from start to finish with clever platforming and amazing gameplay and dungeons. I never knew about previous Shantae games, but it seems they have the same vibe as Nintendo games as well as good value. Oh and did I mention how nice the music and the visuals are for a DS downloadable? You can't go wrong with it.. This is basically one of the games that people usually overlook *sigh* so sad :( If you have a DSi, do yourself a favor and download this game. You won't be disappointed! It took me almost 8 hours to collect 31/34 of the items for only $12. Best DSi download so far.

Retro Studios is making ..

A rumor but so sweet nonetheless is that Retro Studios is making a game starring Nintendo's most famous wild ape! Donkey Kong 64 was one of the best platformers I've ever played since Rare days. Even though it's still rumor from ign staff, they said it's from credible sources! I can't wait more 2 days to see what Nintendo & Retro are hiding, but now I'm so happy because there is a big chance that Retro is going to show us something this year :D If we believe the rumor is true, expect DK country or DK 64 release on virtual console along with the brand-new adventure this year due to the long development time the game has taken.

Abysmal for SMG2 !

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is an amazing game in every way and I think that most of you know that. I understand if the gamer/user rates SMG2 as perfect, superb, great or even good, but not to the extent of being so harsh and rate the game as abysmal. Go and check the average user scores for yourself. About 7% rated the game as 1 / 10, which only proves that many users if not the most are Mario and Nintendo haters. You can rarely find such abysmal scores for "high" rated games for the HD twins. Why the other websites are giving Mario 10s then? I really enjoyed the game so far and I hope you do too, but this is ridiculous for someone like me who used to check the readers' reviews more often.

No Kid Icarus Wii......

According to an interview with Yoshio Sakamoto, the man responsible for the Metroid series and Kid Icarus since the NES days, there is NO game coming from Nintendo under Kid Icarus name any time soon. While I'm waiting patiently for the new Metroid, I was really disappointed when I read the news yesterday. I was expecting a surprise to be unveiled sooner or later, but it seems I had high hopes because I believe Nintendo has unparalleled ability to revive old franchises like what they have done with Metroid. However, he noted that making such flying game for Pit is still possible, but they never thought of it! Ahhh Nintendo should better surprise us with more than just Pikmin or Zelda at the upcoming E3. I'm still satisfied with Galaxy 2 and Other M announcements though.

Two New RPGs From Nintendo

Nintendo opened two offcial Japanese wesites to reveal two major RPGs for the Wii coming this year. One is "Xenoblade" from the developer of Baten Kaitos and Xenosaga series (MonolithSoft) and the other is "The Last Story" from the father of Final Fantasy (Sakaguchi's Mistwalker). From what I've played from MonolithSoft, if Xenoblade is to be released for the US, it will be a day-one-buy game. Baten Kaitos games are well known for great stories, amazing music and innovative gameplay. It doesn't mean those are the best RPG's I've played, but they left me want to see more games from them. Now for the other title, I hope partnering with Nintendo will results in a great game. Previous titles from Mistwalker might not be the ones that can compete with the great names like Final Fantasy, but this game can do it. The title's logo is strangely similar to FF's in font and background pic. It's too early to decide which game will be good, but the Xenoblade theme is so nice (go now and hear it) and just wanted to say welcome back Monolith.

Samus won / 120th birthday for Nintendo !!

If you guys are following the greatest hero contest, could you imagine that GS caught almost 16,000 fraudulent votes coming from only 5 people in order to make bub & bob win? LOL!! Glad to hear it because I noticed a sudden increase in the votes and it was really weird ... Also, I'd say congratulation for the big N's 120 birthday and I hope they continue to surprise us with the quality titles we all know and love. Cheers :D


Here are some of Nintendo slogans:

"You play with power" for the NES

"You play with power, super power" for the SNES

"Get N or get out" for N64

"Touch is good" for DS

"Wii would like to play" for Wii

High expectations for Nintendo?

It is just a matter to share with you guys about Nintendo's current situation in general and the Wii specifically. As you can see, there is no doubt that the company is not planning to release a new HD hardware any time soon due to the huge success gained from both the Wii and DS. So naturally, I expect a longer life for Wii, because the GameCube's life was almost 4 years and I don't think Nintendo won't support their money-printing console. The year 2007 was arguably a Nintendo year due to strong first party games, but no one can deny that 2008 was so weak and I spent most of the time playing lower quality products from third party companies as well as virtual console games. I never complained I don't have games (I have PS2 and DS), but I bought the Wii specifically for Nintendo games. Also in 2009, some of the good games were released like Wii Sports Resort, Punch-Out and Excite Bots in addition to few third party support, but what about the deep and addictive adventures from Nintendo? Mario Galaxy 2 , a new Zelda and Metroid: Other M are to be released in the upcoming year, but what other things the company and its close partners developing for the console?! It has been a long time since we heard something from Retro Studios, Intelligent Systems, HAL, Nintendo Tokyo and Nintendo Kyoto itself. Here are some expectations:

Retro Studios

Does anyone remember Miyamoto when he said he wants to re-create the Zelda experience? Also, in one of the interviews he said they wanted to develop a first-person Zelda! Now to think about it, the American developer has not shown us any project during the past years, which may indicate that they're working on a new Zelda and it might be released in the US even before Japan, because basically Retro has the experience to develop a first-person game. Also, chances that the new first-person Zelda will support the Wii motion plus.

Intelligent Systems

There is a chance that they're making a totally new game or as usual a new Paper Mario, or Fire Emblem on the Wii.

HAL Laboratory

I do not think the cancelled Kirby game for GameCube is totally cancelled, so I expect this one to be re-appeared soon.

Nintendo Tokyo

The division responsible for Mario Galaxy is probably not only developing the sequel, but entirely new Donkey Kong adventure too and I really have high expectations for the game since they announced it in 2005. Galaxy2 maybe during the final stages and I expect it to be released as soon as Q1 2010.

Nintendo Kyoto

This one is really hard to predict, but I still believe they are working on Kid Icarus, a new Pikimin and Zelda Spirit Tracks for the DS. As you know, Miyamoto said that both Mario and Zelda team are united to make new IPs as well as revival of at least 2 old games. Now to think about it, they already revived Punch Out but what about the other game?? Kid Icarus? Maybe :D However, I would love to see new things from the big N. They truly never disappointed me in games but delays. I'm sure they want to surprise us with things and true fans (like me :lol:) know what quality Nintendo can produce. So all I can say is to wait and see, but patience is killing us and the release of games like Wii Fit makes some people think that the company abandoned their fans.

Again, just few things to share and it is up to you to comment.