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And so... We meet again!

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The Giantbomb crew is back and so am I... well that is, when the re-assimilation is done with.

Her is to old times and to the future :SKÅL!:


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If there's anyone still alive out there, look me up on :)


I'm out

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The RTSGU is dead and I'm leaving GS :(

I'll probably only log onto GS to visit the fallout union.

Here is my new blog.

There isn't much of any interest yet, but I'll probably post more often there then I did here:)

Win7 and The RTSGU

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okay, Windows 7 is Vista 2.0.

Now onto more important things.

The RTSGU has been like a graveyard of late :( if you guys don't want it to die I suggest you start posting again.... please?!

Audio Tech

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Okay, time for an update :)


I have transfered to the Audio/Video dep. because I got fed-up with replacing HP mainboards:P Anyways I've been working with different types of DVD players and sound systems for 2 days now, and it's alot of fun :)


And.... oh yes, I've played alot of Fallout 3, EU3, Farcry 2 and L4D :D L4D is awesome :twisted: OPEN FOR THE PUBLIC

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No more teaser pages, sign-ups, or access keys. After a very successful Early Access Beta we're moving into Open Beta.

From today on, is officially available to every ****c PC games fan that wants to satisfy his need for DRM-free Good Old Games. "The success of the Early Access Beta showed us that there is huge demand for DRM-free ****c PC games, and it helped us to prepare the site for the public launch. We are endlessly grateful to the users for their support and assistance," said Adam Oldakowski, Managing Director of Don't wait, create your account and dive into the world of ****c PC gaming.

Let's get gaming :D

EDIT: search for "TYR - Sinklars Visa" on youtube, AWESOME song:D

WLAN antenna misplaced

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I won't be online outside of work hours in the near foreseeable future as I've misplaced my WLAN antenna :P

There's a PC elitist union and I'm not in it :/

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Somebody made a PC elitist union and I wasn't invited to the party:o

The world has truly gone mad the day I'm not invited to something exclusively for PC gamers.... MAD I TELL YOU:twisted:

.....that will be all..

The Blog to end all blogs

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So... it's been awhile since my last blog and the reason for this is simple because I rarely find the time to go online anymore :(

So my games collection keeps growing (though I can't find much time to play any of them) and I recently got my WAR CE and this has made me face a real problem.... I have a short attention span...

I've also bought a ton of games at GamersGate, but I'm too lazy to write them down :P

Also the final version of Mount & Blade is out :D

let's see what more......

oh yes, HP is the definition of Hardware randomness :lol: trust me I fix this crap every day:)

I'll add more later if something else comes to mind :P