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New blog coming soon

It sure has been awhile. Well been busy with college and such, but a couple of new blogs will be coming soon, couple about EVE, couple about SC and SC 2, maybe even one or two on life in general.

Gotta finish the SC 2 campaign first though!!



ahh, waking up and smelling a ps4 xmas morning is freaking SWEET!!!! 3 extra controllers and RFOM helps also. I don't get why people don't like the way the ps3 looks, i think it looks amazing. despite not having an HDTV yet, the graphics for resistance are so good and i think i might pick up RR7 in the next week. YES finally next gen!

ps3 impressions

Despite not owning a ps3, my impressions of it are that it seems to be pretty good. Gamespot's review was certainly full of pros, and some cons about the system, but i trust their review much more than the review they posted in a news letter yesterday. Resistance would definitely be my number one purchase for the system, with it getting 9.0 or higher from the majority of reviewers except for gamespot. Also RR7 looks good, and i played motorstorm and it seems to be pretty fun, but slow (i have been replaying burnout 3 and revenge) so maybe thats why i think it is slow hehe. 75 hours through FF12, i should be done with that soon, then hopefuly will be purchasing a ps3 before xmas. My friend said that Red Steel was the funnest game hes ever played, he is a nintendo fanboy, but im sure it might be somewhat better than the GS review.

summer time!!

Finally summer, and i am a senior now. This summer should be pretty laid back. Working at city council running the cameras hehe should be easy money, and not really doing any other work. ACT tomarrow which blows but whatever. Hopefully will start to save up for the ps3, i am pretty sure i am getting one on the launch day, standing outside in line poses no problem for me. Also Supreme Commander, i am calling this out to be 9.5 or higher right now. this game is seriously going to be soo good i think, after putting 100+ hours into total annihilation and its xpac over the last hmm 8 years? i am definitely thinking Supreme Commander will be completely awsome. I think i am going to break into the amoured core series, and purchase the last 2 released for the ps2, after seeing the 4th trailer, i think i want to familiarize myself with the series cause it looks pretty fun. Soccer camp in 2 and a half weeks, to be honest i am not really looking forward to it. My brother comes back from australia July 2nd, so that should be really fun. Well thats all for now....


E3 starts tuesday, and I am thoroughly sure that Sony is going to own everyone else, unless the wii can do something pretty good. Microsoft blows and the xbox360 is trash.

gaming over spring break

ahh another spring break ends and i have played many a video game. Beat RE 4, although still playing, onimnusha 2 and 3, bought god of war and shadow of the collosus and although haven't started GoW yet, i am halfway through SOTC. God dang i love video games...

so much for black

Unfortuntely it seems as though another game has flopped, i was looking forward to the gung-ho shooting style of black and such, but due to its rating i will definitely not be purchasing this game untill it is less then 10 dollars. After recently replaying onimusha 1, i am probably going to buy the next 3 as soon as possible and continue in the story. I just hope that the rest of them are as good as the first. Also i plan on starting RE 4 in a couple of weeks, i have owned it for some time now but due to other games i have yet to get a chance to play it. I am sure it will be a great game. I am also pretty sure that capcom is possibly the greatest developer ever, holding series such as onimusha, DMC, and resident evil.

Gold + Black

Black being announced today arroused the buying ambition in me again. i think this will be one of the first games in a very long time that i will probably get on the release date or reserve in a couple of days. With a super single player campaign, i hope that it can succeed where others have fallen short such as halo 2's multiplayer and go down as one of the best last game for this gen.
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