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my first ever video is up on youtube

hello .My first video is now on youtube(well in a minute it will be).So ye it isn't the review of borderlands (not yet) its just an introduction video really ,so any comments are welcome will be putting a link to my channel (if it works this time) at the end of this post .So for the summer i will hopefully doing a video review of games .I should be posting at least one review a week ,so stay tuned and some feedback would be great thank you and here's the link >>>

i am going to be posting video reviews of games

so ye i have been in 2 minds wheather or not to make videos reviewing games ,and have decided that i have nothing better to do .So over the summer i will be hopefully be posting a weekly review(may do two in a week sometimes).i am may continue after the summer if feed back is good .So any games you would like me to review drop a comment on here or youtube . My youtube account is would you watch them if i did them? drop a comment with your youtube account name and i will add you or what not .

I should have the first review up by Tuesday if not Wednesday .So ye thanks and i look forward to making the videos

boredlands (what are your thoughts on it)

just a quick blog .In the main i bloody love this game ,i love the characters the story (so far) the leveling up system the weapons.One problem so far is the graphics .i mean their are good and in a nice style but somethings up close look quite poor for a recent game.Such as theenvironmentsbut otherwise i am loving this game so far and i am going going to play it though with all the different classes if i get time .Oh ye and on the note of the graphics i feel the game gets away with the 'poor' graphics because of the style of them.So ye tell me what you make of this game.

time shift i can't decide my 3 weapons

i am playing time shift atm (i know should of finished it by now but i haven't because of exams etc) but anyway i just got the electrical gun thing and it really good but has no ammo.i was also using the E.M.F cannon which is pretty good , i was using the crossbow as well but i'm getting bored of 1 shoot kills ,and i am using the hellfire (which i love)but i also really like the shattergun but i'm not that keen on the bloodhound ,so and i like the machine gun (forgot what its called) but i need some help choosing which three to use ,so help would be appreciated.

got some good deals on games yesterday ...

i got final fantasy13 for £20 , borderlands for £20 , Left 4 dead 2 for £18 , crackdown for £5 and time shift £4.50.Very happy about that now i just need to find some time to play them,its not like i g out much anyway . So thank you cex (that's the name of the shop i got them from).

i use gamespot less and less

i think gamespot for me is losing out to 1up i mean i like gamespot ,but i just feel that 1up is much easier and means i am useing gamespot a lot less. i think gamespot just isn't as easy to get what you want as 1 up .but i'm not going to stop using gamespot and will be useing it to track events at E3.

l4d2 or red dead

dam it i finally have money and i wanted to go and buy l4d2 but red dead is out .Now both look like they are very fun but i don't have the money to buy both.I enjoyed l4d1 and i played the for 2 for hours.But i have hear and seen so much good things about red dead that i no longer know which to buy.Sandbox aren't really my thing but it seems that red dead takes it to a new level but really just a straight forward mass shooter game.Which to buy?

fear the trilogy

i'm not sure about F.E.A.R 3 because i wasn'tconvincedby F.E.A.R 1 and 2. I think it was the feel and the fact it was an old game by the time i had play it didn't help.But i am thinking about wheather or not to buy 1 and 2 (because i only borrowed 2) and then get 3. Any ideas are welcome and wanted please

what games to buy?

i need a new online game which i can get into other than halo3, COD and gears of war . But i just don't what to buy, so any ideas welcome. just drop a comment if you think you could help please.

game in 2010

man there are some awesome games coming out and have been release this year . lost planet 2, split second,beta for halo reach,bioshock 2,Final Fantasy XIII, and a ton more.A gaming year to remember .

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