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About Me as well.

About well as Me.

Well about as Me.

Dear Gamespot, please fix the site already? :) On the bright side, I'm really happy Soapbox is back - that's a big step forward! My hopes for a better tomorrow are renewed.


This summer was great. I played a lot of Bit.Trip Runner and loved it. The badges based on playing through all the bonus levels are inhuman, and I'm very much human and happen to like my dark coloured hair, so I won't be getting those. But damn, the game was funtastic.

Diablo 3 found its way to my computer too. It didn't find a way to my heart (it found a narrow, slippery path to my mind, but on the second slope of the difficulty mountain finally slipped into the Fair hole). Butterflies kill Cain.

Nostalgia demanded a SNES game, so I finished Donkey Kong Country with a little help from save states (I like those, it felt like a slower easier Meatboy).

I forged a shamanistic trade space empire in Spore. My green duck-like nation fell into a kind of slow stagnation, but I refused to accept the alternative (borefest of fighting the two arrogant empires demanding my blood, spice & pocket change)

Magic: The Gathering 2012 was cool. Campaign on hardest difficulty really had me experiment with different decks. I hope they redesign the UI in the future installments.

Greed Corp was a blast as well. It's a bit more complex than it looks, and I can't wait to try out the multiplayer.

GoG supplied me with two adventure classics which eluded me before. One is Sanitarum. I thought the writing was superb; the story may seem incoherent at first, but it's just the presentation. That was a great design decision IMHO. Lots of subtle details which, if understood correctly, build up to a rich experience of the peculiar way reality and fiction, past and present mix in the mind of the protagonist. Only 2 things: 1. main voice-actor sucks & 2. y no running.

The other one was Indigo Prophecy (Fahrenheit). Really liked it, even though the plot was rushed and absurd near the end. Had to use keyboard, gamepad was a bit unresponsive.

Before I go take a nap, I'll just mention these two small games (short out-of-this-world experiences really) which made me cry/laugh:

A Song In The Void: 'There aren't all too many things to do in a Song In the Void but there's nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, all you need in life is a number of random button movements, your mouse and a system that responds to your input with a chorus of sounds.'

Nous: 'Fight your demons or embrace your friends. Face your fears or flee in terror. Beat the computer at its own game.'