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Humble Bundle sat on a wall

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Prices of games had a great fall ^^

Indie Royale is not far indeed, it makes you happy but your wallet doesn't bleed :O


Here, have a pie

In other news:

Final Fantasy XII - Almost finished! (w/ the main story; I'm not a big fan of hunting)

Okami and Persona 4 - pending since spring.

HoMM 6 - The first mission was super fun, then at the start of the second one they sum up the next 20 years of my character in 3 sentences, leaving me with a new set of his problems I don't really care about anymore. I don't like the story-telling here, nuh-uh. I mean, I'm a guy who immensely enjoyed HoMM 4.

American Mcgees Alice - I finished it on hardest difficulty (sort of). During the last half of the game I did something I never do; I started using godmode cheat (nearly every level except boss fights), because levels get really tedious & enemies get boring and repetitive (like, really). Ah, the charm of early 3D platformers. Boss fights were always a blast though! And I really liked the variety of scenery. I'm really interested in the new Alice - did they learn from past mistakes?

Amnesia: The Dark Descent - Holy shiatsu, this game is making me hyperventilate in terror! I'm not usually into horror games, but this one... it's designed so skillfully, the storytelling is so sublime and the fear is so genuine - truly a gem!

COD 2011 - the shortest one yet, with disappointingly unsatisfying chaotic gameplay - you are watching a movie while cuddling your left mouse button. Still, seeing Makarov hang felt good (oh yeah, spoilerz). Anyway, another chapter of my turbulent gaming life closed.

Skyrim - My super nimble khajiit is an archmage and an alpha dark brother. He doesn't care about the Companions or thieves too much though. He thinks they are too self involved. He took several arrows to the knee, but kept brewing and cooking. Because he's that cool. Alduin was a pompous sucker, so he's hanging out in limbo together with Parthnaux now (who trusts a french dragon anyway).

Merry upcoming Christmas, hope you all stay healthy and content :)