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Stardate 12062013. I've been through quite a number of games since mid-winter, 'cause the evenings were long, cold & uneventful, and the winter lasted for most of the spring. It finally went away, so I actually started hiking & biking again. Exploring the city and it's surroundings is exciting. I'm in Japan for another 2 months, and then I'll make a short trip around Taiwan (managed to save enough money!), before going back home. So this is what I've been playing since my last diary entry (if you are finding these diary pages scattered around in a dungeon somewhere, don't bother piecing them together, no bonus XP here! Only +5 urge to buy more stuff on Steam and GoG):

Fallout 2 - Once again I discovered many strange things in the wasteland: a ghost, a talking plant, scientologists launching a space shuttle, shamanistic visions, a robodog, a mummy, a ghoul with a tree growing on his forehead, my own car for cruising the desert... so much fun :D

I wish they gave me a chance to show off my 18 levels of smooth talking & maxed charisma/intelligence. It turned out the boss fight was too much (no talking my way out of that one), so I ended up blowing up with the ship. Talk about dramatic!

To the Moon - A beautiful story with just enough humor. Anyone who has ever had a deep relationship fall apart will be able to relate, and find some wisdom in the game's narrative. Considering the structure and gameplay, it had a perfect length of 4 hours.

Another World - After quitting earlier this year, I gave it another shot and liked it much more than the first time. It's not that the save system was off, I just wasn't trying hard enough :D Got my sh1t together and finished it in one go.

Dangerous Highschool Girls in Trouble! - Wow, a vintage board game with an RPG soul! It's as awesome as it sounds - the dialogue is hillarious and the mechanics unique. While exploring it for 15 hours or so, I encountered some weird things - i.e. a talking pony, a split personality, a desk serving as a policeman, a ghost hired to scare unwanted visitors. The story got more ridiculous, more interesting and more serious as I progressed. A tad repetitive mini games don't detract from this one of a kind experience!

Sword & Sworcery EP - This article 'summed' it up much better than I could: 'Adventure game for stoners' --- 'It could come across as being embarrassed of what it is, except its more like shyness. As in, what its talking about is too important to be approached directly and crassly. You have to joke about it, because if you took it seriously, it'll shatter.' --- 'And, to state the obvious, its certainly playing a whole bunch of games with Miyamotos icons.' 4 hours of tripping out! (p.s. loved the Twin Peaks reference)

Strange and Somewhat Sinister Tale of the House at Desert Bridge - A peculiar, short adventure game by Jonas Kyratzes. It's set in the ridiculous world called Lands of Dream, together with The Book of Living Magic, The Fabulous Screech (both of which I played on Kongregate) and The Sea Will Claim Everything, his latest and best effort so far. Love it!!

The Last Express - Another one I wanted to finish for ages. It's a really nice, very unique game. It felt like playing a Poirot novel, solving a captivating mystery while encountering various interesting characters. The UI is the only downside, sometimes traversing the train gets frustrating. Recommended for serious adventure fans!

Driftmoon - It's a relaxing RPG adventure & it took me around 24h for 100% completion. It doesn't end there though, because the game comes with a modding system which prolongs its lifespan. The characters and the narrative itself could use some work, but overall, Driftmoon is witty and rewarding.

We're all watching what happens at E3. This generation, there's only one console I'm *really* interested in: Playstation 4. They did so many things right. But... necessary subscription for online play? Dick move Sony, dick move. Still, all the good things make up for this one; I'm really looking forward to next-gen gaming experiences! Lets boldly go where no gamer has gone before (^____^)