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Captain's log: suppurementaa

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First check out (or don't) this superb post by Yahtzee about 'Context, Challlenge and Gratification', and also this one about how gamers should always be open to new experiences and viewpoints.

In the last few months I finished:

Fallout (it was everything they said it would be, I never thought dying from radiation would be that immersive),

Anachronox (writing 11/10, execution 6.5/10),

Eets (not the best offspring of The Incredible Machine, but certainly not the worst)

Nightsky (great but patience is needed),

Nikopol (another interesting story from the creator of Syberia),

Botanicula (easy and short, funny and heartwarming),

Desperados Wanted Dead Or Alive (finally! this one was on the to-finish list for almost 10 years!!),

Mystery Case Files: 13th Skull (nice, finaly a good MCF),

Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War + Winter Assault (meh, I hope Dawn of War 2 is better and more balanced),

Super Crossfire (fun and slightly innovative 2D shooter)

+ a whole lot of great little indie games on Kongregate (place is a gold mine, but you have to know where to dig - since the merging with Gamestop, there are way to many mmo's and shooters).


Other than gaming, I finally got around watching some awesome TV shows - for example The Wire. It blew me away - probably the best series I've ever watched (and I'm saying this after years of praising Sopranos and Six Feet Under). It's worth 1000 sociology classes - watch it and learn how the real world works. I also watched The Prisoner (2009). I understand how this mini-series ended up with such a low score, but seriously it deserves 9.5/10. It's very thought out with a lot attention to detail; it surpasses the original series in every aspect. As far as comedy goes, Misfits were recommended to me and boy was it a good recommendation - this is what Heroes were supposed to be. It's probably best to stop watching at the end of the second season though, because the initial cast falls apart and it's really not the same anymore. Besides these three, I watched the animated series Boondocks - a whacky satyre with great characters, but only if you're not easily offended.

P.S. Let me additionally recommend two excellent reads, 'I Have No Words And I Must Design : Toward a Critical Vocabulary for Games' by Greg Costikyan, and a book by Jim Rossignol: 'This Gaming Life: Travels in Three Cities'. Very insightful!