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    Anyone got a Xerneas with a Mild, Hasty, or Naive nature that they're willing to trade? I can give you:1) A Fletchling with Gale Wings and a Lonely nature2) A Froakie with Protean3) A Goomy with Gooe...

  • GreySeal9 posted a message in the forum topic 13 Skills Your Grandparents Had That You Don’t. on the Off-Topic Discussion board

    What a dumb list. The "being creative" item was especially silly. Actually, most of the "creative" people I know are fairly young.

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  • Tanden_Stoker posted a message in the forum topic Will Sony Patch the Audio and things for Headsets,. on the PlayStation Discussion board

    Wireless headsets with a receiver using optical out also work.But yeh, like said before if its bluetooth it will probably never work :p

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    Just wait.....For the patch.This gen's console slogan.

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    @cejay0813 said:If you had any doubts about the Xbox One's graphical capabilities, with them being 720p on iterations like BF4 and COD: Ghosts, please put them to rest.The games look AMAZING on both ...

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    @finalfantasy94 said: I personally just find the look ugly. I hated the look of FF4ds remake witch is why I went with the psp version.I hate the look of bravey default and it kills intrest of the gam...

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    I'm baaaaaack!