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this might be a dumb ass move like the developers behind Burnout Paradise Island... the thing about gamepads not working on the PC version of that game... unless it's an official XBox controller. Perhaps the Prototype boys tried doing the same thing and screwed it up royally.

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okay, I gave it one last test based on a solution someone posted on a piracy site, and it worked for me.

This guy's solution was that he had trouble with his M$ Sidewinder... he unplugged it, put his old Logitech mouse in, and it magically ran smoothly. Apparently the sidewinder will work if he plugs it back in after loading the game... just some buttons don't work.

So I first tried unplugging my keyboard (Laser Wolverine gaming keyboard).... double clicked the game... loaded at the proper speed... replugged the keyboard while the game was running... playable.

Retarded solution and definitely something they need to patch... so don't bother uninstalling/disabling HID items in your device panel... you shouldn't have ever considered it... would you disable hardware for non-game software!?!... no you wouldn't, you'd assume there was something nefarious in the coding and uninstall that piece of crap right away.

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that's the most frustrating thing about it.. I can leave photoshop open in the background while I run Crysis. I'll get the same performance whether Photoshop were sitting idle in the memory or not.

I can let Prototype go through its sludgy load time even if I load a 2nd game into the system... doesn't go any slower than it was already going, and oddly, it barely impacts on the 2nd game that is open. Very odd.

I can't help but think it's a tiny bit of code that doesn't like how certain combos of hardware interact with DirectX

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I have to agree, it's obviously a result of less than adequete beta testing.

I have insanely slow performance right from the loading screen (the copyright screen alone takes at least 5-10 minutes to load). All while still at 640x480. Tried all the suggested solutions, all drivers up to date.. nothing works to speed this up.

XP 64-bit
AMD X2 5200+
GeForce 9500 - 512MB

And my system is tweaked... nothing running in the background that is unecessary. My system has zero bloat because I use it for animation, not just gaming, so I know how to eat up every spec of power my system has to offer. I've been using XP x64 for awhile now and I haven't had an unfixable 'issue' like this since I tried Rockstar's Bully (before they finally released the damn patch).. and before that? Maybe Splinter Cell's Double Agent, and that's a series renowned for its inevitable crash-inducing code.

One thing I refuse to test is capping my memory like the so called solutions for Bully, or anything like that. It's 2009... I'm not choking my system just to get a game to work. Leave that kind of handicap to the console tards... this kind of crap is unacceptable.

I say PATCH!!!! and soon

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oops.. quick typo fix about the 3.5 gig limit clip on VRAM.... it's not the VRAM that gets clipped but the system RAM. So if you have 3.5gig RAM and a 1gig Geforce... XP 32-bit is only ever going to use 2.5gig of that normal RAM. Doesn't happen like that in XP x64
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XP x64 is THE most stable Windows there is right now. If you have hardware that was manufactured in the last 3 years and isn't from some no-name backwoods chinese factory, you will have everything work perfectly. XP x64 has more driver support than Vista x64. People that say otherwise are relying on data from the early days of its release... fact is EVERY Windows suck ass for at least the first 3 or 4 years... EVERY ONE OF THEM!!!! As for practical benefits. You won't see them unless you have a minimum of 6gig ram and dual core CPU. You can run something like Crysis and know that it will be using the maximum RAM available for a 32-bit app (3.5gig) and you can be sure that 100% of that is going to the game.. the OS requirements for ram, and other 32-bit apps that may be running will feed off the remaining RAM. Plus, that 3.5gig limit in 32-bit XP includes the VRAM on your graphics card... in XP x64, your VRAM does not get clipped by that limit when running 32-bit games and apps.. so you will access more power (the VRAM boost is VERY noticable in GTA 4). Every game coming out today is a multi-core whore, and x64 handles multi core processing more efficiently. I am able to run Crysis perfectly fine with Photoshop sitting in the background... performance in my Crysis is limited by the graphics card's power, nothing else. It's an Athlon X2 5800 (that's 2.8ghz per core), 6gig ram, 512mb Geforce 9500 GT (yes, cheap but still decent) The only software that won't work is 16-bit.. but you can install VMware and run a virtual 32-bit OS like 98 or XP32 and have access to your old OLD software. Things like DosBOX will work fine in XP x64. The true power of x64 is not something you'll experience unless you have a 64-bit app installed like 3D Studio MAX, Maya, Photoshop CS4 64-bit. You can still see the difference with games and how you can leave other things open on your desktop IF, and only IF you have 6+ gig of ram... 4gig is going to be such a tiny improvement over 32-bits 3.5gig limitations that you'll never know. Games that make your system struggle like it's going to die when you ALT-TAB out to check something in another window (like firefox)... switching in x64 is like you're not even running the game.. smooth, beautiful. Buy more RAM and make the switch.. once you go 64-bit, you'll never want to go back to the sluggish 32-bit OS editions again. Don't just look at the frame count like everyone else does, there's alot more to it than that.