My One Year Anniversary!

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Today, April 23 2006 is my one year anniversary here at Gamespot! I joined EXACTLY one year ago today, and am really excited about it. It seems like I have been apart of this site for over 3 years. But anyway, I've had many positive experiences here at Gamespot, as well as met many cool people. I'd like to thank each and every one of my good friends for supporting me. :)

I also turned level 20 today! A day i've been waiting for...

For exactly a year. :)

New Banner and Journal Picture.

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As you can see i've created a new banner as well as a banner for my journal. I'm still getting used to photoshop so they aren't that great. As some of you know, I am now the leader of The Horror Entertainment Union. I would be highly greatfull if everyone joined it. Today sucked pretty much. We got report cards back and I got mostly Cs. My bus then came late. About 30 minutes late. When we JUST left school, the bus breaks down! I just got off the bus and walked about 4 miles to get home :(

Anyway thanks for stopping by

Ericcartman3722 :D

Level 18 and more

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I just got 3k posts a while ago.

This morning I also gained a level. I'm now at level 18, Flicky. 

It's raining outside and I was supposed to have a soccer game 15 minutes ago but it got rained out. Last night I rented Pulp Fiction and Signs and watched Pulp Fiction. Probably going to watch Signs tonight, even though i've seen it like 15 times.

I few days ago I was at a carwash and I got out of my car. I spotted what looked like to be a GBA game on the floor, so I zoomed over to it before some car helplesly ran it over. It turned out to be Shreak Superslam...I played it for about 5 minutes untill I realized I probably should have let that car run it over. Games like that should never be made, they just make me want to hurt myself. Anyway, just informing you guys on what's going on. Thanks for stopping bye.

New Banner...Made By ME!

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Using my horrible and noobish skills with photoshop, I was somehow able to use a few lessons to teach myself some of the basics. I know my banner sucks, because I suck at photoshop. I just got it, but I have also done some other things as well. The guy at the right is Zacky Vengeance, guitarist for Avenged Sevenfold.

I made a banner for my journal, but for some reason my profile is being a giant vagina face and won't let me put it up.

I Skipped A WHOLE level!

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Last night I was at level 15 with 98%

This morning i'm level 17 with 3%

That was really lucky :)

I started playing the original half-life last night on PC, I actually like opposing force alot more though.

Also, last night my friend sent me photoshop for free. I'm not sure how much it costs in real life but isn't a alot? I'll have to figure out how to use it now! :D

I guess I'll just never know what being level 16 feels like...:(

Anyway, thanks for stopping by everyone.

Found a bunch of games!

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I was searching through my basment for no apparent reason and a found a box with my brothers name on it! I brought it upstairs and opened it. Inside there were like 50 PC games! A bunch of them are old  RPG's i've never heard of, but some of them I recognized. He had Half-life, Half-Life: Blue Shift, and my favorite...Half-Life: Opposing Force. He also has a bunch of the Age Of Empires games which are fun. So I'm about 10 hours into Opposing Force right now and i'm loving it. I'm going to see if I can play Counter Strike online later.

Just letting you all know :)



I JUST beat half life: opposing force. That was like 15 hours.

100 friends!

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I recently got 100 friends!

I love every single one of them and would like to thanks them for continuing show care for me. I would like to say a nice thing about every single one of my great friends here on gamespot but honestly can't find the time. :D

Anyway, if it weren't for YOU I wouldn't have so many.

So thanks to everyone who supports me and my opinions.


Just beat Resident Evil: Deadly Silence.

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I just beat the game using Chris Redfield. I knew the ending though because I have both the Playstation and Gamecube remake. Overall, I definetly think that it is one of the best games for the DS. If your pondering over buying it, take my advice and buy it.

I may not be on as much because my computer is taken away prety much every day by my dad untill I get better grades. Although I may be able to go on it about once per day for a few minutes.

new CD

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Today I got a new CD.

Marilyn manson: Lest We Forget.

Basically of of MM's greatest songs put onto one CD.

If your a fan of this type of music you will definetly want to check this one out.

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