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This War of Mine

Legend of Grimmrock 2

Dungeon of the Endless

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Dead Island maybe... I dunno... shitty engine tho

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Where can I buy Freelancer to download these days?

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In my experience... game saves wherever they want to. Multiple different directories set up for games from the same publishers. Most of the time it just sets up the support files in the system drive... and not the meat and potatoes of the saves, so its not a real storage issue (yet).

This really needs to get standardized tho... the end user should have more say in where game saves and support files get stored.

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Rogue Legacy fits all those criteria... except for lack of multiplayer, this game will solve the 'cant find one that is fun' problem

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Nice find MonsieurX ... never knew this website existed

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That is sick!! was going to ask you to post a picture... who needs a desk when you got that

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Built a cockpit .... nice man, I bet the immersion is sick.

Well I really dont have any advice for you, but I can say to stay away from X-rebirth. I am trying to get into a space sim myself and I decided to take a shot at that one. Im sure it will be prettly lame sitting in that cockpit only be stuck in traffic jam after traffic jam in what that game uses for a highway travel system.

But I wouldnt mind some advice from you.... I also pre-ordered Star Citizen only because of how much I loved the Wing Commander games back in the day. I have heard Freelancer but i cant seem to buy it anywhere. What game would you recommend?

Also a friend at work keeps on recommending me to play Independence Wars 2. Old school but it looked fun... unfortunately I do not have a stick, and the k/m controls are not good.

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A steam machine? nope

A steam controller? I'll check it out

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I appreciate your work... and it is better than I can ever do. But it is really hard not to compare that to the much more polished Outlast. The game looks similar to Dimentium 1... and that was a FPS on the DS Lite. And strobe lights are not scary just really annoying.

That being said... much more than I can ever create. Good luck on this and your future games.