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"The greatest sadness I have in life, comes from unobtainable happiness. The foolish dreams I have dreamt, showing off a false illusion. What is real and what is NOT fiction?"

Even though I have decided a while ago that I don't come here anymore or even decided that I would even blog, the world goes on and everyone gets going or the going gets dull. I was the latter and I just felt like there was so much I had to say. Now as I come to the point I have way to end it here, I feel like that's just the way it is. I was never really popular here and all I wanted to do was be somewhat popular but I guess my attitude was too much tor some people to bare (?). So as I end it, no longer anything anymore other than just another name on xbox, I will say that the only time I had fun was with "The RPG Story" and that little compilation story I had going with EHZ.

Anyways. I'm getting off. This time I really am leaving. I just wish that with all the events in my life though, I just wish that the happiest ones could've been the ones full of happiness and not the other way around. I guess that's what happens when you lose your mind and start to slip out of reality. Complete insanity is imminent. Soon the whole world will be cast in the darkness and the 7 signs will appear from Revelations.


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While I must say it's been a horribly long time since I've last been on here, I will say there's some things I would like to talk about. BTW, I wonder if GS is dead or is just in hibernation mode. Whatever, I suppose after length of time some sites or domains die out. It might take a while but I would imagine that after 2 years Facebook will make a decline in user connectivity. By the term die out, I mean that the rate of connection will be less significant whereas now it seems like 70 percent of the people that have a page access it daily, perhaps hourly. This tend could wear (ware) out after a period of time and that's where I imagine things will go.

For other news, I am still in school and coincidentally, I will be going to school. With 7 weeks left and I will be done... as in, graduation, I will continue to seek further education and seek a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology. There's just so much that I will need to work on to feel adequate myself. There are so many people out there that know quite a lot of stuff that I haven't even heard of, let alone being well advised in a particular focus. Sure, I might know a little about SQL and trying to learn the importance of being a database administrator (DBA) but I'm just saying there is a lot of knowledge out there. Programming, Servers, Networks, Database, and then there's the whole other idea of realizing how computers work well together- or don't. A lot of stuff, and trying to realize how with computers work and figuring the PC hardware, and still trying to realize why it is that sometimes my great PC constantly closes a program (game). Does it have something to do with not enough allocated RAM? Is is graphics based? Maybe it might be trying to feed my computer Doritos has caused some electrical heartburn. But as I said, there is a hell of a lot of stuff out there that can be learned and should be learned, but with so much one can only wonder where to go and what path to take.

For this portion, I would like to say that complete knowledge is not without relative issues. When I think about issues, I like to think of games for the sake that understanding why something happens or how to fix it has always been my curiosity towards understanding computers. Improper loaded textures, or areas where there's a black region despite there should be load textures there. Or why glitches happen when they do or even figuring out the HOW. What happened, and how do you really break a game? However, when it comes to trying to build a great game I think it would be a job well done to make a game from a broken game. Make a game that's suppose to be broken (might not even function), but if it's turns out that is runs completely wrong it's an instance of understand what is really going on and how do you fix it. Really, when life turns out the way you'd like it and something goes wrong, what is your next step when you step out into the reality that is life? What about when nothing in your life goes the way you'd like it to but you'd like to find a way to make things work out. So I suppose the people that deal better in life (as I guess games) are the ones that know most of the problems and are more aware of related issues. I could be wrong trying to connect gaming and computing with actual life and reality.

With all that said and done, I just felt like it's been a really long time and I've just come back to say I plan on continuing my degree, to the Bachelor's level, and that I plan on learning as most of the software and languages out there that I can cram into my non-adhesive brain. I'll have to read a book maybe 4 times before I start to realize it, so I'm compensating myself by KNOWING when it's hard for me to understand right out of the book, as I am not as sharp or bright as a lot of people. I know I'd like to learn XML, or even what's better; XML or XHTML? As well as ASP.NET and .NET and whatever else I feel like reading about. PEACE WORLD!!!

Beat up the pads

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I don't think that personally, for this time, that I am a great person. While I don't think I'm evil per se, I don't think I am all that great and caring. Whoever said that emotion will come naturally, I don't think I quite understand them. In fact, I feel that by living a certain way you can go your whole life living in a straight line, until the moment something of imbalance breaks you from your stride, then you will feel lost and confused in the surroundings that we common people feel is Life. I felt like I lived in my own little world and then I start to understand things, sick things, disgusting things. I learned where babies come from for starters, then I learnt the hard way that girls are different from boys, at a very young age. The curiosity broke my concentration and I found that my world was turning grey and odd. The gravitational force is inevitable, and the more we cling onto our own survival we find others shall perish by our demise (correction?)

What I'm trying to say is that I've gone from trying to be, to turning bad, to finding a sense of hopefulness, to being let down, to trying to cling onto that cloud that shall make my spirits rise. Even though of all the places I lost my hope is usually the one where people find theirs I feel I was more in a conceited thought of mind. All I want to do is get drunk, and now all I want to do is experiment with drugs (the ones you don't find in stores). Right now, I'm in the middle. Do I try to be high spirited and vibrant, or wallow in my own self pity and linger in the sense of hopelessness? I've been stuck in the mud too long, I think it's time I get out and clean myself off as I hope I change again and find a real sense of being. While church was not the typical highlight I would have hoped for, by the kids aged from 18 up to their late 20's, it seemed like all I got from them were nothing but mean sarcasm and not very friendly. Of course, stalking them from behind the counter in the shadows of the cafeteria, I could see they were amazingly high spirited when they all talked about stupid stuff. "Oh boy, you love Justin Bieber too, OMFG!!! I luv yu!!!" would seem like it would be all they talked about, or that and other unknown artists that I have no clue about. Ever since I've been away from the church's young adult group, I feel like do I want to remain bad, or go somewhere else and find a new enlightenment? Since I've managed to get Friday's off, they decide to switch their days from Friday's to Thursday, of all the days, that's the only one I've probably had constantly ever since back in 2010 when I started going.With 3 more weeks left before THE BIGGEST BREAK I will ever feel since 2010, should be the last time I have a Thursday period.

For the relevance of the title now. As I found myself going off to church today since a long time and smelling like a homeless person, I felt like maybe I have been in the wrong for the longest part of my life. I just hope those visions don't come back and haunt the living hell out of me again, but I need to find a spiritual uplifting. So, I think I will try to change my life around and try to be more spiritually guided. In fact, if anything, since I was expelled or suspended from a position as a assistant for the kids, I think maybe I should join again and help with the little ensemble they have going on with praise and worship. I think they'll have an open spot... on the drums... and if anything, playing Progressive Rock (Rush, Dream Theater, Andromeda, An Endless Sporadic) has taught me anything is that 5/8's notes sound better than 1/2 notes; just please don't bring in 32's or I will scream "AH... chu" and then pick my nose and pretend not to care. I'm not going to go in and pretend that I am all clean and healthy. I have had a hard time dealing with heart conditions, but if there's one thing I would love to do to be closer to, um, God, I would say it's to play my heart out for Him... or at least die trying. Actually, that doesn't sound good, not would that convey well in front of a hundred kids when you have a heartattack on stage. Nothing like breaking the kids into a new light; death is real, but Prog is eternal!

Song of the day; PANIC ATTACK!!!!!! by Dream Theater. :P

You movies Stink

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So the other day I decided to spend my time away from games and watch some movies. At first I thought it was going to be good but then I start to see a similarity... mostly with the way the movies seemed dark and not real forgiving. The first movie I watched was The Hunger Games. Okay, seems like a good movie and I've been hearing stuff about the book; then I watch the movie and then I think to myself, "what the hell are these people so fascinated about with this (these) books?" Sure I didn't mind the gist of the movie, but I did not however find it much too my liking. Overall I liked it but I hated it. Even though things were not as bad as they were towards the end, I don't care; the movie was hard to take in and I did not in the ultimate end love it. I suppose the next time I feel like killing myself, I'll go watch Ravenous and eat everyone in the theater.

Next up for the movies; Battle Royale. This is a Japanese movie that was released something like 2000 or something. I almost put down 200, but that would have been a forgivable mistake since I'm sure the Japanese were making porn at that time still; it just doesn't speak well for their rate for development. The irony is that how much of this movie is similar (in a sense) to The Hunger Games. The only reason I wanted to see this is because I remember my friend was all obsessed with that girl from Kill BIll: Volume 2 and then finding out that she was in this movie. It caught my eye and the movie stood out but finally seeing it on Netflix, I decided I better take the chance to watch it. This movie was, probably, even worst that The Hunger Games in the sense that you end up befriending enemies and killing your friends. It was rather very depressing - and yeah, cut me that crap that, "Oh, it's just a movie." Yeah? Well you can go shut the hell up!!! After this, I became a little bit more resentful towards Asians, despite the fact my Sister-in-law is Asian, I don't care. Don't care much for them and I just find myself more and more discriminatory towards almost all races. I almost went off on a limb and called them all species, but that just proves how much of a battle this is in life. And NO, I'm not paraphrasing Battle Royale. Shut up!

Then I went to movies today (really) and ate some popcorn and watched Dark Shadows. The one thing that stood out for me is the fact that 3 consecutive movies, dealing with death and despair. Nothing like watching girls toss themselves over cliffs to get that satisfaction you spend so-and-so dollars on a movie to watch someone commit suicide... but mostly that's me speaking about the prior movie, not so much this one. I'll say though, out of all of the 3 movies I have seen in a few days, this one is probably the least depressing, thankfully saved by the humor of Johnny Depp.

All in all, I came to a conclusion that these movies, whether from books or television shows, had to have a start somewhere in time. Then there was something going on about how these movies of recent times... Twileet (Misspelled on purpose :P)... Harry Potter.... and now this Hunger Games, I feel like maybe I should not forget about the approach that I have a few good ideas I could turn into a story, and no I am not going to on here either. Books and books... I suck at grammar, I hate E'FFen composistion... and above all I hate Fricken literature. I hate Shakespeer, I hate C.S. Louis, I even hate that book about a guy in a yellow suit playing with his monkey named George. I hate books... now for the contradiction; I think I'll write a book because all these other freaking books suck and why the hell have I not made mine. Seriously, fifteen years later and the only thing I have are these visions but no words. If anything, I could have made it into a graphic novel but my brother also wants to be an author and most likely you people will be hearing about his story before I even finished the first part of mine. Now I just need to tweak out a few loopholes and contradictions, develop a stronger sense with astrophysics, and get well ed-ju-ma-cated with medical science. The one thing I did love though however... Michael Crichton. He was the only person who's books I loved and I compliment him on his works, even though he's dead. No sense of compassion, I know, but I enjoyed his methods for bringing words to life.

So, despite all that I've written about and complain about, I think I'll go work on my story. First things first, I'll have to destroy it and work out every little piece, piece by piece. Oh yeah, and like Mass Effect 3... everyone dies. THE END!!!!~~@ :)

Nothing beats technology

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Even though I really have not come here too often, I still find myself at a point where I like blogging. Nothing seems to say the words better than when you type into a big white space and spill your guts. As for what I've been up to, I really haven't been up to a whole lot. I'm just trying to finish my schooling and land a job; either an entry position for a company or just take time to acquire various skill particular with my focus, which is IT. IT, which if you don't know is not "it", no, it is IT and it stands for Information Technology... goes in hand with the title, and nothing beats the upcoming innovations surrounding technology whatsoever. Although the scope could reflect differently, the main things I sort of get out of it is how does technology communicate with one another; from people to people, or from device to device, or even people to device. It all boils down to knowing the INs and OUTs of all that information. Even where I stand at, I've acquired so much and while I am intrigued by technology, I still love the aspect in actuality that I know lickity split about it all. So yeah, I am a NOT KNOW IT ALL unlike some people filled with arrogance and are willing to state they know precisely what they're doing - they don't, in fact I seem to be the one to walk them through their troubles and the process of where they need to be.

Whether dealing with Linux (oh boy... gah) or dealing with more Microsoft platforms, or even just dealing with the protocols that are in line with devices, I feel most of the time confused but I guess because I just lack that headstrong focus on what exactly I want to continue with the scope of my schooling. I will say, as much as there is bound to be great money dealing with an enforced structure of a companies securities and assets and integrity I just don't feel like that is what I feel driven to do. That quarter was rough, and thankfully by the end of the quarter the instructor managed to grade all the papers I handed him, I am grateful to walk away passing. Dealing with Servers though, that was a different manner and dealing with Active Directory was a whole new approach (it's hard enough when you haven't even dealt with Windows 7 too much, then they toss you in a mix of Servers-Servers-more Servers, not to forget to mention Ubuntu... gah). I've taken it well I think, a piece here and piece there, take it all in and what do you get? You get a IT Buffet of various concepts throughout it all. What's bad is I will be taking a course in a week that deals with abstract and complex figures in a natural setting; the supply and the demand - Microeconomics. It seems like everyone's had a tough time with this one and I'll get mine handed to me too but for the most part I know whatever happens I'll deal with it like everything else. Of course, I'll be taking my 3rd Server course and I'll be taking a course that deals with LAN switches and probably some ISDN features. Suited for a corporation setting, it has also opened me up to some things I really haven't paid too much attention too. Since I've read through the book a little bit, most of what I thought I knew has been beaten up and changed in a way that might make sense but as I'll keep reading I will come across where it all comes together. Dealing with RIPv1 against RIPv2 and their differences; what the hell is VLSM; and Supernetting!!! Yes, that's a word too, it's just the opposite of what a subnet consists of.

While this really hasn't been me talking about technology like so, I just thought I would go out and say that for the most part, and with technology, things have come a long way. From back in the 90's playing around with MS-Dos to programs that replicate a Dos environment, to advancing further in the ideas of Windows Server (yeah, or nay) and then having a wide spread scope of what particular pieces of this pie would be well suited to you in the future; would you rather be help desk for a company with Linux-Unix systems, would you rather administer a company's network configurations, or would you rather just slop off and deal with Microsoft SQL and build up a database for a company. I'll tell you, out of all that, SQL was one of the hardest to understand languages or commands... well, actually, I lied, Linux takes the cake, but SQL was just way too different so it was harder to understand. So yeah, technology... isn't is great, to be utterly confused off your butt?

The Fear

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I would say that most of the time I feel normally comfortable around many things, or maybe it's the fact that I don't "trigger" at some things. Yeah, I tend get a little angry when someone might come up to me and start accusing me that I did this or I did that, but most of the time I just really seem to care about the other things. Occasionally, I make cracks about something that I consider to be funny - I'm just trying to lighten the atmosphere, but normally it backfires. In my attempt to try and be comical, I end up being a jerk in the sense that what I'll say is provoking and annoying - sometimes, I might say something funny, but it results back to me saying something to up myself and falling.

So, while I try to regain a light sense of humor without much care for basically anything else, I feel almost like I can go through fire and not get burnt. Well, that's not true, in fact I'm afraid of something... in fact I"m probably afraid of everything!

  • I'm afraid of trying because I know that inside my head people already don't have a high opinion of me, but me trying is trying to up stage everyone - Which is very much a lie!
  • I'm afraid of confrontation because I have always felt overwhelmed and overpowered by individuals... which even in this day in age, you think I should be more pissed off than ever! That also complicates things!
  • And for the most part, I'm afraid of trying to be the best I can be for myself and people around me. Why? Mostly because I'm just trying to stab people in the back and stand over them. I know I have this outlook on society, and it's a pain in the butt because I know it's not real and I'm just looking too deep into whatever I should not be focusing on.
  • And finally... I'm afraid of women. Yes! Why? I don't know? They're odd and they're mischievousness, never really open, and now I'm starting to see them as a little weird looking. I'm losing my senses.

I'm finding it even harder and harder to gain composure and retain myself. I can feel my mind is slowly slipping away, at least I don't think my grammar and spelling is too bad for the time being. While I'll say it's been almost a month since I have gone to church, I feel like most of my problems are erupting due to that. I just don't feel like going out to church anymore because I now view everyone at the church is a hypocrite; some are, some are not, you decide which ones are which. And that's probably just my logic going into depth collection mode, analyzing thoughts that are assumed to be true but can never be solid facts. And with all that said, I made my point. This blog is done. End!

I feel a little better

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I feel a little better than I did that previous time I had a blog. If you read it, then you should know I don't feel like what I did at that time. If you didn't, you really didn't miss much other than me feeling bitter. I'm not going to lie when I say that life is tough. I haven't even really gotten my foot out the door and I feel overwhelmed. It's almost like Minecraft; you don't even get both your feet out of your shelter before a creeper blows it up, and then boom, reality - all in your face.

I was pretty stupid, just letting things be. I wasn't doing what I should have been doing, but it always seems like when I do try to do my best, it's a failed attempt. If anything, this life has taught me to keep on pushing onwards, so that's what I'll do. END!


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Even though I feel I don't blog as much as I used to, consider a straight forward blog. Usually, I don't end up giving credit to a lot of things: I have a game I enjoy from the mind of Will Wright, even though he probably didn't do anything to it in the 3rd phase (Sims 3); I have a dog who I feel comforts me when I feel like crap; I have 2 amusing water turtles that make me happy; and I have a huge list of musical "thank you"s because I scale the senses to hit a point of a mood.

I'm pretty sure you might be wonder who is Tommy, from the title? Well, Tommy is actually a girl (who I don't know in person, but inspires me). While not her real name, it's a sort of variation of her full name; Tomoko. Yes, if you see that you might be figuring that she's Japanese. Well, not all Japanese are bad, it's just one of those stereotypes... just like most African American's don't play guitar, except for Jimi Hendrix... or even the guy from Anarchy Club. While Tomoko has made music with her original group, The Brilliant Green, some of her more solo-ish stuff, while divided, is more driven to their own appeal. That's where Tommy comes into play. If you're not aware, she does things a little differently when she does things as a solo performer; she has one stagename suited for dark pop/rock, while the other stagename is more suited with synths like 80's pop-rock. Pretty much most of the time she usually involves one of the personas into one of the other persona's music videos. Some of the stuff is alright but doesn't seem to latch onto my senses like The Brilliant Green, which is, brilliant in my opinion. So, either Tommy Heavenly6, or Tommy February6 (take a pick), appear nice but like the 'constantly' incorporated props of sweets or treats, are a little too sweet.

Even though I don't know her personally, and she is quite a few years older than I am, I really like her... almost like a variant of Gwen Stefani (should I be guilty of that?) The reason I am more of a Brilliant Green person is because even though they may be pop, they do have rock mixed in as well, almost like... No Doubt. The music follows more of a subtle side compared to the sound of the solo portions which makes it easier to listen too. Whatever, this is my opinion, so eat it.

I've been away from The Brilliant Green for a long time, and while I would like to give a little homage to The Brilliant Green involving my Rock Band 3 account, I will be glad to say I still enjoy them. Plus, I like Tomoko when she's not all spruced up in devil horns, thick framed glasses, or even childish outfits... just saying, I like her for her natural quality. The reason I wanted to write this was because I found one of my cds while cleaning up a little bit and man it felt great. I was curious what's been up since that time so I went onto Youtube to check any new features. I came across this song, so far I think it's really good; exactly like how I remembered them sounding like. Here it is: Like Yesterday. And I am like "damn" she's still just as good looking still. Yep, she's still gorgeous, and so am I.

It was because of this group that I started to act a little less mature and just trying to find a way in my own life that I saw fit. Having a good time, doing whatever I wanted, of course that usually seems to be the idea with Tommy Heavenly6 though, but it's given me something to think about now. I still enjoy them and I think I enjoy them even more now. It's because of this band that I started to enjoy them to the point I guess you could say, I named my Rock Band 3 band after one of their songs; Brownie, The Cat.

That song, is a little sense of a personality I deal with. I'm not all that, I never intended to be the best. This song, while girlish I guess, just sounds like an escape from all the garbage I've been dealing with. But yeah, I mostly do eat ice cream or go pet the furry animals as opposed to the scaly ones. It's just a point of balance, or maybe it's confusion I've been dealing with. That's why curiosity should be dealt with caution; you'll never know pandora's toy box you'll open... m'effen spiders will jump out. Goodbye and goodnight.

Does centering still work?

-- So apparently GS is BS and likes to disable "new link" attributes now. What's the deal? Sorry for the inconvenience, you'll have to open ALL my links in a new tab.... oh yeah, and I think that's gay too. Let's see how much more of a censorship GS can control.--

Goodness Gracious on a Saturday Night

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Saturday night I went over to a friend's house and me, my brother's and their wives, as well as my brother's friends all went. Since we all pretty much know each other (at least I think my brother's know each other) there was nothing really odd in means of comfort. She, my friend made up a batch of pudding shots... almost like jello shots but it's crazy how much it reminded me of Wendy's Frostys, but with alcohol. Me, and my brother's friend who might also be a casual friend now, pretty much horded all the pudding shots. I was mostly aiming to get drunk since the last time I got drunk I just managed to get wasted some a few beers, or maybe it was the highly toxic "whatever the girl's having as well" drink that pushed me to the limit. In any case, not too many people were drinking for the sake of "safe driving" and because driving under the influence is a put plain and simply: BAD. So we all ended up playing some game called Boulderdash, I am sure the spelling's off but I don't care, then we played some game called the newly wed game. I'll leave that game out of the description.

Since my brother's friend and my female friend are going out (not weird... I don't care) it makes it that more of a family reunion each time we all get together to have a game night. So we all end up talking and somehow we get to a topic where my brother's friends girlfriend has a cousin, we all end up inviting her. About an hour later she finally arrives and while we all end up finishing the game and everyone's taking off, it's then up to me, my brother's friend, his girlfriend, and her cousin to make due to whatever game. All the pudding shots are down and out, and it's either some type of liquor or cerveza. I go with the beer (it's Corona so I guess it's more proper when it's referred to as cerveza) and we end up playing Mario Party 8.... Yeah? I have no idea. While it's me and him against his girlfriend and her cousin and turning Mario Party into a drinking game, the only thing that was missing were the shots and maybe a deeper concept of drinking games. For the most part they made it into a good idea with blue spaces and red spaces and then getting stars and winning a mini-game, it was nice and enjoyable. I finished off a couple of beers and I normally drink drafts so this was a little different for me drinking bottled beer, at least it's better than cans but I don't too many people that shotgun bottled beer; not saying it can't be done but when you're consuming slivers of glass in the process, I scoff at your ignorance when you suffer internal bleeding. I had all of the next day, mostly, to suit for a hangover but when the cousin had to be someplace and had to leave later that night, it made me lose a sense of connection.

I guess what I'm a little questionable about, is, well everything. I never really got to say much to her (the cousin) and since I guess the female friend hasn't seen her, I would be violating her time to reunite with her... of course, hook me up with her and there's more of a reason you can see more of her. Party games every weekend maybe, eh? Although, I've felt i never quite fully understood anything or everything. I go to school and every day I am almost more confused at what they're trying to teach us... maybe to be know-it-alls of technology, awesome hackers, dorky nerds with no social life? The party scene and trying to pick up chicks is almost as me trying to explain what I do, at school, with the confidence that I know what I'm doing. I don't know what I'm doing, I just do whatever's painted on the yellow brick road. So, therefor I need to reconnect with my party man and probably the most trendy urban party person I know. Seriously, if he's had some of that stuff you usually get from too much partying, he's probably wealthy of it. Put it simply, he just knows a hell of a lot of girls, and he's a chick magnet. For whatever reason, I don't care if what he is "is what he is", he's just that cool and I would just like to get his lingo, be one of those suave sellers of persona, and even though I live in my grandparents creaky and spooky attic and push off all my NES cartridges off my bed, still able to talk a girl into coming over to lay on my bed. I could be an a-hole but I feel sad for myself already I just don't want to bear more of the strain of being "more" disliked. However, I suppose I could carelessly step on everyone's toes to get where I need to be with no concern for how it will be when I'm at where I need to be. Sure enough, somebody's going to hate your guts, and I've just tried hard to appeal to everyone when I was in high school... the real world isn't as linear as being everyone's friend. To be a successful person, do what you much to appease either the ones that are higher up in the totem, or appease the ones around you. Make your choice, for there are a thousand ways to reign control over something, and seize the day.

Now I am even more confused, so don't feel too bad when what I talk about is confusing. I don't get it. My mind is sporadic and mentality sprays like a mist that envelopes the atmosphere, either absorbing the personality of someone else, or the vibrancy of a kid... I go with the environment, to be something different, something contagious. Life's a puzzle; figure it out.

And now for the big portion of this blog....
Do you have a drinking game that you would like to share? And if so, do you have a proper formula for promoting a great time with it?
I was thinking something like You Don't Know Jack; where even if you were sober, you might still get the question wrong - so shot for you!!! Then when it's time for Jack Attack, every press results in a drink (10 misses, 10 drinks for you). At least two games worth and you might be feeling a little of it. You Don't Know Jack sample... DOES contain spoilers!!!!

Smart... Idiot

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I would like to thank all the years of prepping me to be where I'm at now. All the tests I got wrong, all the girls that preferred to remain lesbian when I asked them out, and all the days of scratching at my head til my brain protruded from the out of my skull. These are the times where I feel like such an idiot that it's not funny, but I don't know whether to laugh at myself (in apathy) or to laugh at others because how idiotically smart they try to appear. I might fall in the lines of being closer in the middle, in which I would be a smart idiot who appears to be idiotically smart, and "no," I am not trying to place myself as being quite neutral to the power of 2. Some people might try to assume they know it all and take nothing to gain, whereas I assume I know what I"m doing but still eager to learn if it doesn't work. I just read a paper online, well more like a few hours ago, and there were so many typos that I felt more dumb (stupider) from reading it. I don't care if dealt with Linux or Microsoft tech assistance, if I read out your report and find visual typos such as "thinxs" as opposed to "thinks" or "compooter" than "computer", I will smack you. The general typos I might be able to forgive because they're not replaced with another letter, but they're just out of order, such as placing an "e" after a "d" in most words, but most likely it's the "i" before/after an "l". With an "i" and an "l", to me they all look the same, it's just I can't tell them apart as well and I'm not going to analyze your writing habits over a paper. I'm more strict over spelling and punctuation, than I am over grammar to be honest. If you spell out "can't" as cant... I will be so confused. I am confused, that's my problem, people that can't spell the right words, confused the hell out of me. It makes me want to punch things. I mean come on, learn to spell, learn to write, learn to at least give a ****.

People... piss me off. Like the end of the previous paragraph, nobody cares and they're just tossing garbage into the cogs of society. I mean everyone's doing it and I used to like people, now I just want to find reasons to dislike them. As much as technology advances through the years, I think it's almost as complex as medical science, maybe a bit more complex but I really don't know. I have a cousin who's a doctor, I'll ask her what she think about it. As health conditions stay mostly the same, variations could emerge that might alter a DNA; I've been watching too much science fiction. All in all, technology is like that variation except that it will happen; people get cuts all the time and an infection is likely, you get a virus on your computer and it's a little bit more problematic than a simple cut on a finger. You have a whole operating system you're dealing with, which I might also add is a Client Server, and it crashes. Suddenly, your whole business suffers and you need to get it up and running; what do you do? I get the hell out of here and go get some lunch at Taco Bell.

And that is why I am beginning to hate technology. Not because it's all acronyms and 64-bit this and port number that, and what protocol is this, and what language is that, what type of file type is this, where are the files located? NO, because it deals with these strict contingency plans for creating a business and a business recovery plan. I don't care about them and why the hell they're so boring, but why in the world are they so in depth when it deals with a plan for a type of business. A simple mom and pop shop, that sells pie, with a network of 2 hosts... IF, and WHEN, a tornado strikes and kills them both, who will run the business????? Should I care... Should I really care? Okay, Biscuits, the couple's pet cat will take over the stupid business. It'd eat pie and surf the internet looking at sexy-cats.co.jp and other such naughty sites for the adventurous feline. Always consider a strategic course of action for in case you die, because I don't want to do it for you. I hate Tuesdays.