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Drunk Update?


Hows gamespot been the last 2-3 years? This is crazy I just drunkenly stumbled across this thanks to a buddy!

Anyway I think I may actually come back here, I havent been on here since they let the Jeff guy go, Well if anyone is still around throw a comment and if anyone is still reading the posts I may come back, Might even start up the vlogs again. I remember like TristanH12, kingrich, and faststruck, anyone else I forgot I apologize but im drunk :D.

Anyway, Been fun coming back here, Anyone still out there if so leave a quick comment.

Hello...Anyone out there?


How is it going here in Gamespotville? Is anyone still here?

Well its been quite a while since I have posted here I realy havent been here much because I go to other sites now but I kind of miss the community this place has/had and am curious if it is still going strong. Not much has happened since my last post. I got a new 32" toshiba HDTV its very nice and also just invested in a PS3. Now that I have this equipment I am going to be recording alot of game videos still with a video camera pointed at the screen for now until I can get some recording equipment.

I am interested in coming back here and blogging and such as I find it fun and relaxing. So is there still and room here for blogging?Anyway if anyone is here drop a line.



4 Years yesterday :)


Well its been a long while since the last time I posted or visited here. Been a crazy year and am looking forward to 2009. Got a job/new car/met new friends/got some games/got rid of alot games/Bought movies/saw movies. Currently the only game I own is WoW lol. I am borrowing GoW2 from a friend. Just one more payment on my car and I can start playing some more xbox lol. Anyway hope everyone has had a merry christmas and a happy new year. Please if anyone actually reads this then let me know how yah been over past few months and whats new.



COD: WoW Beta......


Been a while...Just stopping by to say that I got into the beta for COD:WoW without doing anything lol. Actually I was a member of Charlie Oscar Delta back in the day so apparently im a VIP member lol. Anyway I plan on playing this maybe take some video who knows...better yet I may stream it(Will provide link if i go this route.

I will stream it here in about 30min... Check it out


New GS

I am just going on record and saying this is like the worst thing they could have done lol. So much useless info like i dont care if one of my friends joined a union, altough the blog updates are kinda cool. Just because GB uses this type of ayout does not mean it was a good layout. Anyway just want o put it out there that i hate it. Im almost done my training at work so i should be blogging normally here in another week.




Just an update I have been really busy with work and stuff so should be on a normal scheduale here in anothewr week or 2 and I will start posting on blogs and stuff again. Im in training and have to wake up at 5am and such which isnt fun. Anyway yah so im still here.

Lvl 23 btw :)

Spore/Random Stuff/Games

Why Hello,

So yah Spore lol, I am really looking forward to this game I have to say. I downloaded the creature creator and am having a blast even though It's not on a good computer at all. Click here and here for some videos I made with some creatures I made. It is going to be a great game and I am looking forward to it.

Anyway I just wanted to share those videos. So onto games well after E3 I have to say I will be spending alot on games this year. Games I am looking forward to include: Gears Of War 2,Fallout 3,Warhammer Online,Spore,Left4Dead,Halo Wars,Mercenaries 2, and Fable 2. Im sure I have missed some so assume there are others lol.

GoW2: That game looks like a HUGE improvement over the first I am truely looking forward to that game with all the awesomeness.

Fallout 3: From the makers of Oblivion should be all you need to hear to want this game, not to mention the amazing footage shown at E3 making this my most anticipated game of 08.

Warhammer Online: I like MMO's I would start up WoW again but with this coming out and looking as good as it is I will wait and see how it turns out before I choose.

Left4Dead:Coop Zombie killing :D

Halo Wars: It really looks like they are doing things right in the RTS on console thing. It looks very cool seening these large battles and stuff on screen and looks like it will be great for RTS lovers.

Mercs 2: NUCLEAR EXPLOSIONS is all you need to know

Fable 2: Wow online coop, a damn dog lol, changing appearance/landscape based on your choices I loved Fable and seeing these trailer and gameplay make me even more excited.

I can not wait for these games to come out they are all looking amazing and just seem like they will be a blast to play. I should be recieveing my XPS next week sometime and if you guys want me to and because I kinda want to I will do like and unboxing video. Another game that I love and have played on and off thanks to computers is FS2004 I love that game not for everyone but I just find it very entertaining lol.

Plus I finally plan on seeing Dark Knight on Wednesday I believe and hearing all the praise makes me want to see it even more lol, I have watched Batman Begins like every other day lately lol.

ummm...BTW anyone who has added me to xbox live and sends me invites and I dont come :( Its just because I'm playing/chatting with someone else dont take it personally(Im sure most of yah dont figured I would just say anywho)

So I guess thats it for now, I will leave you with a question what games are you most looking forward to that are coming out THIS year.

P.S I am trying to catch up on blogs so If I havent posted its because I just havent gotten to it yet give me a bit.



New Computer........Soon

Well I'm almost back and almost have a new computer *cheers* The specs are

Processor: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo T8300 (2.4GHz/800Mhz FSB/3MB cache)

System Color: and LCD cover Pattern Smoke Grey

Memory: 4GB Shared Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM at 667MHz

LCD Screen: 17 inch UltraSharp TrueLife Wide-screen WUXGA

Video Card: 512MB Dual NVIDIA® GeForce® 8700M GT with NVIDIA® SLI® Te

Label: Windows Vista™ Premium

Hard Drive: 200GB SATA Hard Drive (7200RPM)

Operating System: Genuine Windows® Vista Home Premium Edition SP1

Adobe Software: Adobe® Acrobat® Reader 7.0, English

Optical Drive: 8X CD/DVD Burner (DVD+/-RW) with double-layer DVD+R write capability

Sound Card: High Definition Audio 2.0

Wireless Networking: Dell Wireless 1505 Wireless-N Mini-card

Productivity Software: Microsoft Works 9. DOES NOT INCLUDE MS WORD

2nd Controller: Logitech® GamePanel Display

Anti-Virus/Security: Suite (Pre-installed) McAfee SecurityCenter with anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall, 15-months

Primary Battery: 80 WHr 9-cell Lithium Ion Prim

Hardware Services: 1 Year Return to Depot Service and Technical Support

Online Data Storage: DataSafe Online Backup 3GB

Processor Branding: Intel® Core™2 Duo Label

Physics Accelerator: AGEIA™ PhysX™ Physics Accelerator

Thats the specs of my dell PC for 2700 dollars which I will be paying monthly for. I FINALLY got a job to lol, not the most glamorous job but I will be making decent money for a 19 year old living at home until I can find a better one.


So I got 2 new emblems


Virtually There: E3 2008 The Big Three Conferences
For tuning into GameSpot's E3 2008 live broadcast of all three of the manufacturer press conferences (Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft) on July 14-15. That's dedication.


Hey Louie, the man is dry. Give him one on the house, OK?
These special viewers caught all three days of GameSpot's live stage show at E3 2008. They braved the good and saw the best to be the straightest shooters around. This emblem is on the house.


I have watched most of E3 as you can tell from my emblems which I just watched to get them I watched most on G4 and I am not going to bother giving my feelings on them unless you REALLY wanna know lol. I have a bunch of games I am looking forward to but I will post that in another blog. Anyway the computer should be here within the next week or 2 so until then later days.

P.S I am on GiantBomb under the same name enterprise1345. I will be on GS still the most and stuff but for those of you making the permenant move to GB look me up anything I post here at GS I will post on GB to.