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Um... what's up?

Holy s*** it's been awhile. (do we still have to censor ourselves?)

I'd like to say I was gone for a good reason like I was really busy with an important job or I became a millionaire and no longer need to busy myself with the trifles of the internet.. but actually my computer has been broken and for the past year I've browsed the web off my iPhone and stole my sister's computer whenever I had to write a paper for class.

But I got a new computer! It playsvideo games! My steam account is tktomma, do add me if you like. I have TF2, Civ 5, Dead Space 1 and 2, Arma 2, just a whole bunch of games. I also got SC2, but I forgot my Battle.net (I think it might be this username..?)

I hope you guys have been well, I haven't talked to a bunch of ya'll in a long damn time. Hopefully everyone hasn't deleted me. :P Furthermore I suppose I'll start posting again, but I don't quite know where. I looked at System Wars to see what that was like and... um... yeah.

Also if anything drastic about the site has changed (beisdes the new layout) ie different rules, trends, or whatever, lemme know. I like to say "damn" a lot, and I never got in trouble before. Don't know what it's like these days, though...

La' noare, my friends

"LAPD, I need to commondeer this vehicle." This quote and where it comes from perfectly captures what LA Noire is. Here's why:

  • Man, this dude's voice acting is great!
  • The graphics are awesome!
  • This car my cop is stealing is totally accurate to the period-

Wait. Why the f*** am I stealing this dude's car? Well, I guess I do need a ride. But why can I steal dudes' cars whenever I want? That makes no sense! Cops jacking cars with manners. That's LA Noire. Think about it.

(Yeah, I recently played LA Noire and it's pretty tight. Check it out.)


"Yo man, I want Battlefield 3/MW3 instead of Battlefield 3/MW3 and I really have to talk about this in every thread I see on System Wars as obnoxiously as I can!"

If that's you, consider this. Skyrim, Halo Anniversary, Uncharted 3, Zelda, Minecraft, and AC Revelations will be better than both of those games you love to scream about. Trust me, I know these things. So why do you talk about two military shooters all the time? What gives? Talk about innovative, and more importantly, better games from now on.


That's all, I suppse. I've almost got 10k posts. My browser still doesn't let me reply to messages or post on GUFU. School is starting again in a week. Oh well.

Peace, ya'll

Guys... I just saw Lord of the Rings... In a MOVIE THEATER

WOW. What an experience that was. You see, I never saw the films in theaters because they didn't interest me 10 years ago. Thankfully, I was indeed graced with the fantastic opportunity to witness the extended edition of The Fellowship of the Ring in a very crowded, very big theater. Basically something for cinemas called "Fathom" does this thing where they premiere special stuff like operas or rerealeses, and to celebrate the Extended Edition Blu-rays, they put each part in theaters for one day per week until it's completed. The films are classic, they deserved to be seen on the big screen and in the company of others.

It's just so much more epic than when you're at home and watching on a small television. It was really grand. I love Lord of the Rings and I'm so glad I could actually see them like I never could. Funny scenes were funnier, frightening scenes were scarier, action scenes were more intense. I can't wait to go back and see Two Towers next week, and Return of the King the next. My only gripe is that movies are absurdly long, especially in their extended forms. Return of the King is literally 4 and a half hours long, 4 and a half hours of sitting on my ass jammed next to tons of people reeking of the stench of popcorn and farts. :( But undoubetly, it will be worth it.

I wish I could be as excited for the upcoming Star Wars rereleases, but

  1. It's in horrible 3D which makes my eyes bleed
  2. Everyone's pal Mr. Lucas will probably add more garbage to the original trilogy

In other news, Duke Nukem Forever is terrible. George Broussard has failed us all.

The Gamecube is my savior!

Last time I wrote a blog was a month ago. My Xbox was broke and I was going to get a new one. I STILL DON"T HAVE AN XBOX. I haven't got a new game to play on the PS3 in months (no cash) and the Wii is hogged by my family for Netflix, so what do I do? I play the motherf***ing Gamecube. The beastly machine with a kickass handle that has never failed me. I'm having a good ol' time playing Super Mario Sunshine and Star Wars: Rogue Leader. PS3, 360, and Wii? F*** em'. Gamecube is where it's at.

What really makes me a Sad Sally is that I was totally gonna watch some livestream E3 with my friends on Xbox who live all across the United States, and now I can't. No Xbox until my finals are done and the school finishes grading them, cause the people who grade them are lazy asses who would take their sweet time to pull screws out their eyes.

I DON'T CARE. I'm going to spend my E3 holiday playing Metroid Prime and I'm better off for it. This isn't a blog for me to piss and moan (well it sort of is), but to tell you all that you should play your damn Gamecubes once in awhile. It's BETTER then all those trashy new game systems.

F***ing brilliant...

OMG my Xbox broke. Again. Not for the first, nor second time, but THIRD MOTHER F***ING GODDAMN TIME. I'm actually not that angry about it but I'm certainly not going to subdue any emotions I have about this right now, because I'm not just angry. I'm RAGING. I mean, really MS? Granted, it's an old ass model from '07, but still... It's way out of warranty so I have to get a brand new one for a lovely $300, the Xbox 360 Slim, AKA the one the bat-s*** stupid engineers at MS should have made nearly six f***ing years ago. I'm about to get a lot more comfy with my PS3 though, let me tell you. I just find it really funny that I buy Portal 2 for the 360 so I can play co-op with my friends because PSN is down and then my Xbox breaks. Now I can't even play that.


Cylons and shooting stuff

Yo, BATTLESTAR GALACTICA. That show is raaaaad. Best sci-fi TV show ever, PERIOD. Aight', Firefly is pretty boss. But one season? 'The ****? That's no TV show, that a freaking miniseries + a movie that came out years later. Thanks a lot Fox. Basically, if you don't know what Battlestar Galactica is, it used to be a cheesy, crappy old 70s sci-fi show (the only kind of 70s sci-fi show), then they did it again in 2003 but about a million times better.

Let's just talk about characters. There is not one corny, stereotypical character in this show. They are flawed, funny, and ****ed up all the time. If you told me this was arealityshow about real people on a space ship I would have believed you, if space ships existed. Even the robots in this game are more human than the supposedly real ones in other shows about (supposedly) real people. *jersey shore* This is also a show not afraid to:

  1. Beat the crap out of it's characters
  2. Kill it's characters

That's somethingI like, otherwise the characters come off as pansies unless they're being tortured or humiliated every episode. BSG does this and a lot more.

Also, excellent visuals and a lot of meat, ie more than one season. Four of them in fact. :) GREAT show, I give it a 10/10. Go watch it, I don't care if you don't like science fiction or not, it's incredible.


Video games are cool, and I played some. Like the Killzone 3 demo. Let me say this: Killzone 2 is good, but the controls are bad. There's a difference between weighty and being unresponsive. KZ2 was the latter. KZ3, based on that demo, is tight, snappy, weighty, and damn fine. I want that game!

I probably won't be getting KZ3 or any other games any time soon. All the cash is reserved for a certain new video game system and games for that system as well as a Pokemon thing. I don't know, whatever. I'll just watch more BSG to pass the time.

Additionally, Dragon Age: Origins on the PS3 is the most mixed game I have ever played. The story and writing is awesome, top of the line fantasy. The gameplay is garbage. Let me explain.

This is a game from Bioware. Bioware. From Bioware, I expect technical competence, tight controls, and not lame inventories. DAO is FULL of screen tearing, super-low framerates, pop-in, and janky animations. Not to mention the weird controls and party management. On the consoles, Dragon Age is not good. On the PC, Dragon Age is amazing. Final verdict? Bioware didn't try very hard with the console versions. Oh well, DA2 actually looks pretty sick.


That's all, that's my random thoughts about things. Peace out, bros

Awesome new games...

I gots them. Christmas left me Heavy Rain, Goldeneye 007, Starcraft 2, AC: Brotherhood, and Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. All amazing, all fun.

Starcraft 2 in particular is a very interesting game. I don't play RTSs, but SC2 is very fun. The problem is that the game is effectively crippled by my laptops crappiness. All low settings, and STILL the framerate is unstable. The cutscenes look horrendous, the unit detail is worse than Starcraft 1, the effects look like PS1 level stuff, and the framerate is either fantastic or so damn slow and janky it's unplayable. Despite all this, there's an amazing game here. I really want a new computer because of this, just to play this game the way it should be played.

I also got 2 WoW trials out of it, which I intend to play. I also have seven hours of Starcraft 2, message me if you want the code. It'll be first come, first serve however, so if you want it you should probably ask me sooner rather than later.

All that said, have a happy New Years eveyone. Peace out

Christmas has come and gone... but a question lingers.

Yes indeed, a question. This question is posed to those of you who know stuff and things about the magical realm of gaming on the PC. After Christmas passed, my money count has gone just over $530 (and that's not all from Christmas BTW). Let's say that I wanted to build a basic gaming PC, and I already have the monitor, speakers, keyboard, and mouse covered. Let's say I wanted a desktop PC that could run Starcraft 2 at high-medium settings (maybe high, if possible), and could run games like Metro, Crysis, and Source games (ie Half-Life 2, CS: Source) smoothly and look nice while doing it. I do NOT want some ridiculous PC that runs Crysis on all highest settings at 60 FPS, just something basic and useable for modern games, so that the games wouldn't look terrible or amazing, just decent.

I'm not concerned with the latest in cutting edge technology, other Christmas' and birthdays will come for upgrades, for now I just wanna play dem' PC games and have em' run smoothly at medium-ish settings. Hell, I'll settle for low if I have to, but for $530 is it possible?

Is there anywhere online where I could buy these PC components for cheap? Msg me or just comment if you guys can help me out at all and are willing or anything. I'll post this in a PC hardware board if I have to, but for now I just wanna see if I can get answers from people I know.

Thanks for any and all help so much! :D

It's Christmas Eve!

Yay! Christmas Eve is the bomb, I get to open presents and eat food! Good stuff. Hope you all have a good one and even if you don't celebrate it, enjoy the day off. :)

In the mean time, I'll be playing video games and relishing this wonderful time of year while it lasts.

Tom's Review of the Spike VGA's

The VGA's are like a double edged sword. When there isn't a trailer going on, you're getting stabbed by both edges of the sword. Otherwise it's fine and dandy. The amazing thing about the VGA's is that all of it could be accomplished in 30 minutes, tops. Give out the few, rigged as hell awards they got and then show the trailers. But they somehow find a way to extend it to two hours of length, filled with crappy awards, embarrassing skits, and a piss poor portrayal of our industry.

The beginning in particular was very displeasing to watch. To signify it was a show about "video games", the dumb ass host took an AK and killed all the dancers in cold blood. That's what video games are about, right? *facepalm* The academiesdon't do this to movies, why does Spike have totake a dump over our industry with absurd amounts of young male fantasies with hot women and killing innocents? IfI didn't know what games were, and someone showed me the VGA's as a representation, I'd be backing Jack Thompson. "What a primitive, disgusting medium!" I'd say. That's simply not the case though! Games are so much more than this, and I'm ashamed that my favorite form of entertainment was portrayed in such a negative light. Thank the Nine Divines GS isn't so damn corny and insecure about their manhood when it comes to their GotY. Legit games get GotY here, like Demons Souls and MGS4. Same with Giant Bomb, and perhaps even IGN compared to this mess.

Speaking of the Nine Divines, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was announced, along with many other new games. This is the good half of the VGAs, the kind that should be it's own convention. Among those showed were:

  • Mass Effect 3
  • Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
  • Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception
  • InSane
  • Forza Motorsport 4
  • Prototype 2
  • SSX: Black Ops
  • Portal 2 co-op trailer
  • Resistance 3

As well as a couple others I might've missed. In any case the trailers were good and surprising, all though most were CG... Regardless, good stuff. I'll talk about the three that got me most excited:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Okay, I wasn't terribly excited for the game itself, I was more excited for my friend's reaction. One of my buddiesis a huge fan of Oblivion, and he'd recently beenfantasizing the possibilities of anew Elder Scrolls. WhenI first told him the news he was in denial. "What, what? By...Bethesda? No way, no way!" After he watched the trailer he was estatic. Once the Elder Scrolls logo popped up he might have creamed his jeans, he was so happy. He thereafter proceeded to hop onto Oblivion and head to the mountains where he could seethe realm of Skyrim, and he told all about the lore of Skyrim, with the Nords and all the mountains, etc.I'm going to get Elder Scrolls 4 soon so Ican play it before this one, butit looks pretty awesome.

UNCHARTED 3: Drake's Deception

Now this game got me excited. It's friggin' Uncharted 3, and it's by Naughty God. What else need be said? Plus more Sully!!!

M A S S E F F E C T 3

I was kinda skeptical about this at first. Earth seemed like such a strange place for the Reapers to attack, and it didn't seem quite as big in scope as I may have liked. Why in sam-hell would the Reapers focus on Earth? Why wouldn't the other civilizations of the galaxy help stop them? I'm not sure yet, but the trailer affirmed to me one thing: The scale of what's at stake in ME3 is nowhere short of huge, and I have faith Bioware can pull it off come Holiday 2011 (yes!)


So that's the VGA's. They suck, but the trailers are good like every other year.

Thanks for reading! :D