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'Novel In Progress'

Well, last year I had to stop writing my novel for a third time because I learned something new about the characters that I had to ask for permission to include into my novel. But this year, my pen or pens have been flying through at least five or eight pages a day since September 13 of this year. I've written at least 70 pages so far, nd I'm in the fourth chapter now. I've updated some things about the main character and the included characters. I made cars from Need For Speed Carbon for each character. If you want to see them, visit http://www.picasaweb.google.com/enslavedbydragons. The screen shots are in the albums on the bottom of the page. I just hope I'm not bragging too much about my novel. Sorry if I am.

PS: I changed the name of my novel from Salvation to "The Path of The Angel"


Besides my job as an author to be, I've been thinking of other jobs that I should get.  For one, I know that I am going to work at the Australian Zoo, but I've been thinking of getting a job that would help me get to Australia and to get me a job at the Zoo.  I've considering of getting a job at Alaska in Dutch Harbor, and getting the job you see those guys on Deadliest Catch doing.  I've been thinking of getting a job as a fisherman, for Alaskan King Crab, because you know how much money thos guys make?  Over 30,000 dollars, sometimes, even 50 to 60,000 dollars.  I've been considering of the consequences of this job, cuz people die doing this job, and I don't want to be one of them, but I've watched the show, and I've learned a lot from the guys that do the job, and I'm determined to get this job after I graduate from high school.  But my parents don't agree with me.

Anyone know of any other kinds of jobs where you can make 30,000?  One that they find is fun, or think that I might like it?  Cuz I want a fun job, and I know that writing a novel is a fun, but hard job.  Anyone?

Great NEWS!!!

Great news everyone!  I am officially starting work on my novel.  The artist that I told you about has finally responded to my message and he has granted me permission to include his character, Rain Silves nd her spieces, the Sergals, in my novel.  Now it's time that I kicked my idea creating machine into high gear, and time I really start focusing on getting my novel published.  So, if you don't see me on the site for a long period of time, it means that I'm either busy with studying, or, hopefully, working nonstop on my novel.  Well, better start working.  Feel free to ask away any questions you want about me in general, or my novel.

Curious? Just ask me.

If anyone is curious about how I am planning to start the first couple of paragraph's of my novel, just ask me.  I will entertain your brain with my unique and creative setting.

Some good news, and some bad news about the good news.

Well, the good news is I've finally come to the decision that I will start working on my book starting tommorrow, and I just hope that I have ideas that will give me a real boost in writing this book.  That's the good news.  Now, over to the bad news.  The bad news is, I've got a character in my head that I want to put in my book, but that character is already a real character not in literature, but in art.  When I saw an illustration of the character the artist drew, I fell in love with it and decided that I would include it in my book, but I have a feeling that I can't do that.  Because if I do include this character in my book, I would be using the ideas of someone else, and that someone else is in Japan, and I'm afraid that I will anger them and maybe get sued by them.  Any suggestions from people are willing to help a young author-to-be?

Need some good ideas from Fantasy novel readers.

Well, as everyone knows, I am planning on writing a fantasy novel.  I did manage to actually start it last year during school, but an accident occured and I lost 15 and a half pages, with 3 chapters written.  It was a very bad day for me, but this year, I am definitely going to start writing again.  I keep telling myself to start working on it, but I never do.  I keep on putting it off for some reason.  I have, the perfect title, the perfect setting, the perfect characters, and the perfect events for the book, but I need a little bit more to help me definitely start working on it.  So I have come to the conclusion that I will see what other people might have.  All I am asking from fans of fantasy novels, is that can give me some ideas that they think will be good for my book.

If anyone has any ideas that they really want to share with me, they can either PM me, or just post their ideas on this blog         P.S.  If anyone wants to know, my book is going to be called Salvation.

Life...What does it mean?

What does life mean?  I'll tell you what life means.  My definition of life is the total humiliation you get everyday in school, the constant insults that you recieve from the people that you hate, and the death of the people you knew so well.  That is what my life is.  But you know what the worst of my life is?  The worst part of my life is that I know that I will never be able to see a good friend, a family pet who I knew my entire life, and my idol, because I have to live with fact that I know they are all dead.  And the reason, because that big guy up in the sky, who has probably half the world worshiping him, took their lives away.  And he has even take the life of me, because I might be here right now, but inside, I'm dead.  My heart, my hope, and my faith in life, have been completely destroyed by that guy up in the clouds, and that guy would be known as God.  But I know him by a different name.  I know him by the name of Destroyer of Hope.  My definition of life has changed because of him, and because he has made my life so miserable for the past fifteen years, I have lost my Catholic faith in him.  And I will never worship him, even if I am a Christian.  He was the one that created the people the torment, and mock me nearly everyday of my life.  And I will never forgive him for everything that he put me through, especially for the death of my idol.  All I know right now, is that I am someone who will never be happy ever again, even if I do get my book published, even if I marry a beautiful woman and have four beautiful kids.  I will never be happy on the inside ever again, and the life inside me will never return.


My Blog

     You know how sometimes there's a picture in your school year book and that there's always a pic of a big group of kids either talking or posing for the camera, and in the background, you see someone just standing there, head down, captured in the moment where he will always be forever staring at the ground?  Well, just think of it this way, that's me.  Even though I'm starting to shrink the gap of my knowledge on how to make more friends, and that I do at least have a few friends, I'm always the one who is looked down upon, everyone thinking they have more power over me.  I'm also the one who doesn't know how to make good comebacks or decent jokes.

      But there are only two things, that I know will close the gap of my knowledge on making friends, and not be looked down upon, and that is my love and talent of fantasy fiction writing.  Through reading a few very popular fantasy fiction books, I have developed an interest in fantasy, and ultimately, made me decide that I will write a fantasy fiction novel.  Yes, I have tried doing it once before, but I had a major problem, and lost all that I had worked on.  But now, I'm looking forward to restarting that project of mine, and hope that it will pay off and make me known by many people around the globe, and get me on the New York Times Best Seller top ten list.

     The other thing that will close the gap is if I get the chance to settle in Australia and live in a cozy home near the wilderness a little ways from the city, and that I get the job that my idol used to have before he was killed by one of the things that he was determined to protect.  I've always wanted to be like him, and now, that desire is burning within me, and the just the thought that I can never meet my idol hurts so much that I cry in pain.  But I wish that I can become just like him, and fill the people he knew, with new life.