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Happy new years!!!

Yeh , I no its a day early , but I probley won't be on tomorrow and I just letting ya no that i wish you a happy new years :D I hope you all have fun partying , welll see yeh :P

Im back :D

hey guys im finaly back , had so many comp problems , but now im rdy to get back at it !! So , whats going on with all the unions and stuff , leave comments , i need help :(

Level up!

Yay! Im finally level 9 , i didnt think id ever stay on gamespot for this long. Getting to level 9 didnt take that long and it was fun. I got this level because of contant posting on my union and making new blogs , and working on my profile:D! Well just to say im proud of my level 9:P

My new union!

Hey to everyone who sees this! I just started my new union the All RPG Union , where you can talk all about any RPG games that were every put out. Be sure to join my union and if you see this add me to your contact list! Thanks alot for the people who join the union:D


Yay , I finally got 1000 posts it seems like it took forever , even though i only started this account like a month ago. Well tomorrow im going to be level 8 , hopefully a new rank and a new emblem , maybe good taste:P! Well just saying i'm proud to get 1000 posts and ill make another blog when i get 2000 , 3000 , etc.. haha see ya!!

New Emblem!!

yay finally , my first emblem!! Im popluar, yay:D

Like, totally.

Chances are you know individuals who are popular, and if you don't, chances are you wish you did. You wish you could be just like them, don't you? They're the ones who always score the touchdown. They're the ones who always get the girl. Or the boy, as the case may be. Those people and their winning smiles with their bright, white teeth and their clever jokes and their laughing and their personalities and their charm! What makes them so special, huh? What do they have that I don't have, why don't you tell me?!

Hahahahahaha, thanks to all of my friends!!

Twight Princess!!

Legend of Zelda , The Twillight Princess. I know im not the only person who can't wait for this game. Im still playing Ocerina of Time now:D im at the Gorons village. I'm going to get TP for the Wii as soon as it comes out. I hope it gets a really high rating on gamespot. Well I should start saving my money now! I already got $200. Only another 100 to go..