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TGIF! Looking forward to the Holidays.

I'm having a great time with Persona 4: Golden on my Vita! Looking forward to the Holidays, and to the release of the Mass Effect Trilogy on PS3 next week. I'm going to do a full run over the Holidays. Merry Christmas to me! Also Merry Christmas to everyone out there and Happy Holidays.

Just beat Catherine!

I just completed my first playthrough of Catherine, and it was pretty awesome! It met all of my expectations and even surpassed a few. Apparently, a few other people like it as well... One of my friends who is a manager at a gaming store said that they have sold out of all of their copies of Catherine on both Xbox360 and PS3. Anyways, I'm going to post a review here for the game in a bit. Enjoy what's left of summer! Maybe now I can finally get back to Portal 2...

My RPG Completion List (still a work in Progress)

I'm new to the blogging scene, but I recently read a blog posting by another GS user who posted all of the RPGs that he's completed. It was quite an impressive list, and I recognized and remembered many of the old school games that I used to play. While my list is not quite as impressive (I still have a few of these games that I'm working on completing still) I thought I would post my list. A few of these were so fun for me, I had to beat them a few times.

NES - (wasn't a big RPG gamer at this time)

Legend of Zelda


Chronotrigger (my first RPG, and still a favorite)

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

Super Mario RPG

PLAYSTATION - (when RPGs became my favorite)

Breath of Fire 3

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy Tactics

Lunar: Silver Star Story (great classic RPG)

Saga Frontier

Xenogears (probably my favorite RPG of all time!)

PS2 - (I'm still working on some other RPGs here)

.hack Infection

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XII

Grandia 2

Grandia 3

Kingdom Hearts (I didn't think Disney would be this fun)

Kingdom Hearts 2

Rogue Galaxy (probably my favorite RPG on the PS2)

Shadow Hearts: From the New World

Star Ocean 3

Xenosaga: Episode 1

XBox 360 - (just getting started)

Infinite Undiscovery

The PS3 RPG list is still pretty light, and I haven't been able to finish any. I'm working on finishing up my PS2 ones before I go on to the next gen RPGs. Anyways, there it is, but it's not as if I'm going to stop gaming anytime soon. I have plenty of time to work on it.

OnLine Gaming

I know most people have probably already commented on this, but I wanted to blog about the company OnLine and their plans for the video game industry. Their whole idea is to make games available over the internet. All you would need is an internet connection. The rest of the work is handle by the video game company on their side. I don't know if I'm with this idea yet. I love how convenient the Internet has made things for us, but I still don't think we're ready for this. I'm not a huge online player, but I have played several games, mostly sports, online. Most of the time I'm playing a game online there is some kind of lag. Lag is really a pet peeve for me about online gaming. If a player has to download and play an entire game online then the lag will probably be that much worse. I also wonder about reliability. If a server that one of these games is on goes down, will the gaming companies be able to handle it? Will the customer have to play something else or simply not play at that time? Will the player have to play only the games that the gaming companies allow to be available? My biggest concern is what about the home player. I play online occasionally, but usually I play RPGs by myself; thats how I roll. I have enjoyed playing games with a deep engrossing story, ever since I was a kid and I used to read a lot. Will I be forced to do all of my gaming on the net? If I want to play a game now, all I need is a TV, a system and a game. With this service I'll need a computer, an internet connection, a service provider, and a subscription fee that I have to pay once a month. I have played Final Fantasy X, several times through probably over 100 hours total. I bought the game for 40$ from the video game store. If I play online, will I have to keep playing for the game? I don't know... I'm all for technological progress, but I hope that the major game developers aren't in a rush to move towards this type of online gaming. While I think it's good for some gamers, what happens to the gamers like myself who enjoy gaming offline and only occasionally use the online aspect. I hope they don't forget about us.