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Things I consider before playing an RPG.

Here are some things I consider before playing a Role-Playing Game:

* The game must be long enough to be played at least 1 month.

* Characters must be interchangeable meaning you can change the party leader or members.

* Must have a great plot & storyline. (Lengthy & Catchy)

* Can roam freely on the world map (If no mission or quest is on progress).

* There must be at least 3 adorable ladies (Makes the game more interesting to play) :P.

* Has a free-time to Level your characters or Syphon-Xp ( Meaning you extract xp of the field to level-up until it's so slow to level-up.)

* You can access the Gallery when your on certain location or when you finished the game.

* Has most of the job classes to choose from. ( Archers, Wizards, Knights, Priests, etc.)

* Has at least 8 playable characters.

* It must have a Monster Arena like location where you can choose to fight a certain boss or monsters.

* Must have an astonishing Visual & Sound Effects, also a nice BGM (Background Music) to make it more interesting & fun.

* Possibly Costumes?:idea: (also interchangeable).

Naruto Shippuden Tournament

Nice we have finished the event sucessfully it consisted with only 12 players which are all my classmates butsome player had drop out their battle but we managed to fill the gaps. Man the battles are so fierce that most of the battles are extremely close both have critical HPs but one must still win & battles are extremely fast to see with normal eyes you couldn't see the characters only smokes from kawarimi. The Akatsuki members & Yondaime is banned from battle 'cause of their maximum Chakra regen & massive damage that could easily eliminate other characters.

But I eagerly waiting for the Naruto Shippuden 2 that's what we call the Naruto shippuden accel I hope that they add the 2 new Akatsuki members Hidan & Kakuzu; & still retaining old characters

!!!Bloody August!!!

Whaaaa!!!:cry: Bloody August is here & I may be out for a little while 'cause of our upcoming series of tests to be exact 3~4 days of exams; the 1st Periodical Exam followed by NCAE we have to review this August inorder to pass & able to take a 4 year course next year, cause if we fail this we will only take vocational courses. So we have to take this seriously:x; I will be out for a little while & will return about last week of August when I return I may not think very well. :P

WCG Nationals is now on-going!!!

WCG Nationals is on going here in Philippines. I hope to join this year but I have to go to school & my parents don't allow me to join because I'm in graduating class this year so they don't allow me so I'll just watch the national finals in the mall near us but its good for me because we still need more members for our clan &we'llhave a whole year to practice 'cause next year we'll join the WCG for sure we hope to enter the international finals (as if we could)**dreaming impossibly**:P

At last Starcraft 2

Weee at last Starcraft 2 is now making its entry to RTS its been a :o looooooooong :o (9 o's)wait before they announced it to us but all I see now is Protoss gaining a lot of new & promising units they look very devastating & I am hoping that they will not remove my favourite Protoss air unit the Protoss Carrier;). I think they need to add more units to Terran & Zerg 'cause that would be unbalanced Protoss had gain to many units & they don't. The other 2 might also strive to beat Protoss with those new units but its not done yet so there is still hope??

I am hoping that the system requirements of the new Stacraft 2 would run on my system 'cause I might buy a new videocard! :cry:

Online Game Country

Nowadays in our country (Philippines) a lot of Online Games pop up out of nowewhere & the good thing is it's free thier load is only for items in the game so even if you don't load up you can play as much as you like & they won't even bother also play nice even if you are only a Dial-Up. And their CD Installers are free you can get them almost anywhere in the country the down side is the patch of the game is sometimes to long even if you're DSL user. You also have many choices like Futuristic, Musical, Sports, Ancient, Action, Fantasy.

They also have a POGS (Philippine Online Gaming Society) where all the game companies show up there Online Games & their promos to gather up people to play their games; there are more than 10 companies & 1 company consists of more than 3 online games. Even the local T.V. channel has their own Online Game & the teen celebrities also play online games some as GM's & some are ordinary gamers & you could talk with them!

Better than GG & Hamachi

I am using a WAN (Wide Area Network) Softwares in my computer because I don't have time to go to computer shops.

I've tried Hamachi but it has High internet traffic & Bandwidth, other persons can download & upload files to your computer & that's not good because they can put virus in your computer but you could use it for Games that have LAN & use only the internet.

Then I've tried GG (by gamers for gamers) also WAN its a little better than Hamachi it has low internet traffic & Bandwidth but you can only play selected games only & thats to bad too.

And now I've found X-fire All LAN games can be played & it has low internet traffic & Bandwidth so its better & nice tool. And you can use it even if your dial-up. 

Warcraft Frozen Throne GG Quitters

Agrhh. I hate it when I'm playing Warcraft III: Frozen Throne in GG (a software for Wide Area Network using only internet w/ players from worldwide.)& when  I've gathered enough hero kills & money for my items. then my enemies or my ally quits the game & left me alone w/ no enemies or allies. Sometimes it happens when I First Blood them or Dominating they also quit.