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Wow got the: Quake n' Cake Let's sing a song for Quake.. "On the 15th birthday, Gamespot gave to me, an emblem for playing, or watching machinima videos, with a rocket launch full of frags!" This GameSpotter participated in the Quake game night or trivia to celebrate the birthday. Feels good to have this one, I have played Quake in my old Xbox360 Gamertag and reminds me of good times so I'm happy to have this one. Happy 4th of July to everyone :)

Just For The Record

Emblems are like little trophy's that you earn around here. For some reason I lost some of them and I haven't be able to gain them back. I do write about them when I earned them so for the record lets talk about the ones for E3. I earned 11 of them this past week and the beginning of this week so they are: Rank: Plus Subscriber Awarded to members of the GameSpot Plus service. Entitled to privileged access. E3 2011 Game Gladiator - Gold Are you not entertained? I followed 20 games featured at E3 2011 during the week of E3, and now not even the emperor can touch me. E3 2011 Facebook Freedom Fighter - Silver Increasing organic growth by exposing audiences to the brand through breakthrough viral communications. I "liked" 10 E3 2011 previews, staff blogs, or news stories on Facebook during the week of E3 and helped spread the word. And I'll Form the Head No, I will! If it takes five lions to form a sweet giant robot, it stands to reason that more lions can form an even sweeter one, 'cause that's how things work, right? These GameSpot Fuse members have more than ten other Fuse friends and can materialize a blazing sword whenever they want. Xbox 360 Aficionado Points Junkies. Why buy games for any other platform when you can unlock 200-1000+ points on this platform? These devotees don't believe in ports or multiplatform titles, there is only one platform from which they can get their fix and their entertainment. The games may be 20+ years old, brand new, or online-only. Whether purchased with cash, credit, or the Microsoft Points (no, the other kind), they are just more points waiting to be harvested. These collectors' digits amount to a gamerscore that would make your grandmother weep with envy. E3 2011 New Game Ninja Hi, this achievement is all about ninjas, REAL NINJAS. This achievement is awesome. I followed a game announced at E3 2011 during the week of E3 and inherited REAL ULTIMATE POWER. E3 2011 Stage Show Samurai This achievement brought to you by alliteration! I watched an episode of GameSpot's Live E3 2011 Stage show during the week of E3 and secured my place amongst the samurai elite. E3 2011 Sony Conference Attendee Demystifying rumors and speculation, one E3 at a time. I watched the Sony E3 2011 press conference during the week of E3, and am a better person for it. E3 2011 Nintendo Conference Attendee Another E3, another hardware announcement. I watched the Nintendo E3 2011 press conference during the week of E3, and am a better person for it. E3 2011 Microsoft Conference Attendee E3's just not the same without dudes getting chainsawed in half, amirite? I watched the Microsoft E3 2011 press conference during the week of E3, and am a better person for it. E3 2011 LiveCam Warrior Fear does not exist in this dojo. I watched an episode of the E3 2011 LiveCam Tour during the week of E3, because I'm the best around. So there, I am very content :) PS Yesterday was a special day for me, in the Gaming World Aspect is a secret but all I can say is that I am very fortunate!!!

Watermelon Gum

Hello guys, is summer and hot!!! Today is a special day, I already run some errands and is not even 9:00am ET time lol. Yeap, tell me about I can't help it, I am an early bird lol...Oh well I bought my usual pack of Watermelon gum, oh wow how I do like that stuff, Sometimes I like playing games while I have some gum so this one are good. When I was a kid I use to love Banana Bubble Yum I think those were my favorite. What is your favorite taste for gum??? Anyway, this weekend I played different games, I did some little of Gears of War2 and some Bully again. Every time I play Bully it reminds me of my childhood lol....I was not a Bully though. I was just a regular kid and always trying to be my best, never was the type of kid in just one group I was there for everyone that wanted to be my friend. Anyway a while back I did a review about this game for the PS2 but I need to do one for Xbox360. It still a good game for me though, is fun to play.

Double XP Black OPS

Double XP this weekend for Call of Duty Black OPS, is time to prestige and take away all the noobs. With Double XP you can level up twice as fast and get more challenges done. So COD Black OPS Fans get your guns ready for a fun weekend of shoot and run. Well E3 is over and my experience was great a earned 4 emblems as for now and I am very content with all the information and games I saw throught all these days, I also got another emblem the And I'll Form the Head. However yesterday like last minute thing, I saw the demo for Skyrim, they let us see the gameplay for the first time. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW. It has been five long years to wait for this game and all I saw was expetacular the graphics were amazing with lots of new feauters, majestic swords, enemies and dragons. They are alredy call in it the game of the year so 11.11.11 here I come. Can't wait for this game...PEACE!!!

From Free to Plus

Hello, well another E3 day...So far still loving it, I even just record a clip of the Zelda for the Wii you can see them in my video treasure box :) In another tone I've been thinking to upgrade my GameSpot Free account to Plus. Now, I notice I've been a member since Oct 13, 2005. That means I've been here for a quite a while, I haven't been so consistent making this my primary gaming blog cause I've started a Gaming Blog with Blogger and then I moved the blog to Tumblr; is called EmeralDQueen in Cold Storage. I've also been very busy with being part of other communities and clans, a former member of the GamerchiX, The Cavegirls and Loading Reality, Member of the Bethesda Forums and Bungie not to mention the huge amount of time I spent in the Xbox360 Site and Forums having the honor of becoming later an Xbox Ambassador. All of that gave me allot of experience in the gaming communities, meeting new gamers and I've learned a lot. Today I have been away from most of these sites and forums, the reason? Well, work and regular life has become priority like it should be, but it has never kept me away from posting on my blog and being around the forums from time to time. But something tells me I want more, I want to come back and be very active in the Gaming World. I think that after watching the E3 2011 Conference I have the need to be more involved and want to be part of the most amazing technology. When I subscribe to this blog it was intended to be for my son but he was very young at the time, so I just took over and dedicated all this passion for gaming to him because he is also a very enthusiast gaming fan. That is why this blog in particular has always been Kingdom Hearts oriented because that is his favorite game; a day ago I changed for the first time the banner of this blog to a new one. My son wants a GameSpot blog of his own, so soon I will make him a member. Regardless, I want to thank all the people that has stay with me as a friend you guys have entertained me with allot of information and different opinions about gaming, you will always amazed me with your thoughts. I want to thank all the people I met in Xbox Live and my friends that are always there for me to game. Also to GameSpot for keeping me informed and letting me be part of the family, I will continue gaming and share with you my experiences and my taste for games that will be part of my life. Good luck and keep up the good gaming!!!! A true gamer, EmeralDQueen aka DQ, Queen, Queenie, Emmi, Emerald, AchlySAellai, IkyBraky

From Oblivion to Skyrim

Guys just made this video for fun, I thought it was cool. Cause really allot of people don't know were the Skyrym name came from. Actually is a part of the map on Oblivion and through game play some people talk or metion Skyrim. Enjoy!! :) [video=Inc0xGSr5bMIuz7Y]

The E3 Conference Online

Oh wow I'm having so much fun watching all this, I haven't really done this before watching all the conference online. I would love to be there in person next year, so maybe I will do that...hopefully. Looking forward for all the fun games that are coming, the new Nintendo Wii U looks like fun, very cool stuff. I saw a bethesda booth while they were interviwing the poeple of the new game Rage, I thik I am going to get this game sounds fun...ok guys PEACE out!!!

e3 2011

Ok guys I am having so much fun watching all this new stuff coming out. On top of that I am more aware of what is going on in the Gaming Industry which I love, I am actually looking for a job related to it cause I breath gaming lately more than ever. Can't wait to play all those cool new games coming like Halo4, Mass Effect3 GOW3 Skyrim etc...there is so many games to name :) Anyway keeping a update for LA NOIRE, after finally giving up a couple of games I finally got LA NOIRE and OMG is a game that since the moment I pop in the disk in my lovely Xbox360 it was love at first sight lol. Even though allot of people is not considering as a good game, well I got a few words for you. First of is not a fast pace game shooter, get over COD craziness. Don't get me wrong I love COD Saga and I play almost everyday but is a different kind of game. Comparing them is a waste of time and not a knowledgeable gamer cause LA NOIRE is a different world. The story plot, the graphics the gaming play for me did it in every aspect, it was great. Being a detective from the past was a very vintage experience wich I love vintage. So getting into the game is like transporting yourself to the past. The downs? Not going to lie nothing is completely perfect even though I love it, some of the music I thought I heard it before like in Fallout3 and Bully so they were not creative with that I think they should have done more research and get different music that could make the game more unique, that is my only complaint. Other than that I think is awesome, thanks for reading this!!!! E3 2011 is the BOMB!!!!

LA Noire

I want LA NOIRE so baaaaad....I have put money on it, but I still need a little more...so I don't know I think I need to wait but I just want the game :(


Ok finally I have finished Oblivion, this is the first time I completely finished the game I still will have side quest to do and hopefully but by September I will have Skyrim. The other times I've played Oblivion I was always told to play the game, enjoy it and not to finished the main quest until I was done with everything else, but this time I just went for the end and let me tell you, it was long the last two achievements. All I need to do is do the DLC of Shivering Isles and I think by then I could be named an official Oblivion Super Fan lol... I own Darksiders for a while and I have decided to give it a shot before I start playing Fallout for the second time, my plan is to do Fallout and then Fallout Vegas...so I will have tons of hours of gaming and little time to play :( ...doesn't matter the whole point is to enjoy gaming...Peace Out!!!