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First draft complete :) and teaser cover!!

So anyone who knows me knows that I am a writer, using my imagination to explore mainly taboo topics, never really going mainstream unless i really fancy it (i write a lot of fan fiction including stuff for gears of war and devil may cry).

My big project this year involved following a man called Steve, who has woken up to find the world slowly dissapearing into "the light" a pure white hole of nothingness as if humanity and its creations are being erased to create a fresh canvas. Steve documents this but always staying one step ahead of the light as humanity slowly begins to tear itself apart amongst the chaos as billions dissapear, people refuse to sleep, or stay still for very long as the light consumes like an electricity grid slowly switching off. This is not the only problem for Steve, as he is aware that he is constantly being followed by someone who he has decided to call the "faceless one" too scared to approach this person Steve would rather keep it at arms length, focusing on trying to figure out what is happening to the world whilst still discovering why he woke up and suddenly all of this started to happen, and ultimately what the end will be.

It's a very complex story, it has a lot of twists along the way and is actually pretty horrific (described as Alice in wonderland after a weekend of non stop drug abuse whilst visiting the gates of hell in my own words) as rather gruesome modifications of human beings start to crop out as the light spreads.

I plan to once I have polished it up a little more let you have a chance to read it, as I think some of you may like the very visual approach I have taken and may even find moments that you relate to, because a lot of what happens are modified versions of what I have experienced in life, albeit slightly more macabre than when I experienced them haha!

Anyways the poster I came up with may give you a taste of the tone that this will take, and yes it is called "holding on"


London film convention

Hey all, hope you have had a good weekend :)

Today I went to the london film convention at Earls Court, and met some people I honestly thought I never would, have pictures to come once I get them develop'd, but the people I met was so awesome I need to tell you! haha

first I met Doug Bradley, you may be saying "who?" right now, but he actually portrayed an iconic character in horror in the form of Pinhead from the movie series Hellraiser

Scary! Doug Bradley as Pinhead

Can I just say first of all, for a man who played one of the scariest characters on the big screen, Doug Bradley is possibly one of the friendliest actors I have ever met, and even spoke to me for about 10 minutes about playing the character and the 4 hours it took to get into the costume! such a great guy and even signed my Hellraiser DVD boxset!

Also you may have heard of the writer Clive Barker? he wrote hellraiser, and also penned "Jericho" the video game, once again a very cool guy who spoke about directing Hellraiser and even signed my DVD boxset, makiing that DVD set one of the coolest things I own lol, he even took time to listen to the synopsis of some of my own movie scripts, which was pretty cool, but he probably has to listen to a thousand people say "i'm also a writer" haha!

Clive Barker, fellow horror writer :)

Also there (but very hard to get close too as you can imagine) was the immortal Christopher Lloyd

I have a great photo of him walking by! but the queue to see him would of taken me all day to actually get a signature, which was annoying, but nevertheless it was pretty cool to see the guy in the flesh!

Anyways like I say I will show off some pictures of the wicked costumes that was on display, all in all a pretty cool day :) hope everyones weekend was fun too!


Changes in taste as you get older

It's a very weird thing that I was talking about with one of my real life buddies not long ago and it does seem to be a thing that at the very least happens to me, ever notice you seem to be a specific fan of a certain genre of gaming that apparently changes the older you get? when I was early teens it was survival horrors, Silent Hill, Resident evil, Dino Crisis I played them all over and over again on my PS1 and loved every second of them, I think with a mixture of no longer feeling the rush of being scared in my 20's and the way the survival market has gone down the action route I barely even take a look at them anymore! and apart from dead space 1 and 2 (which admittedly I love but mainly due to the change in scenery I think) not one game in the survival horror market has been bought this generation.

good times!

Then in my mid teens I was more of a first person shooter gamer, even into the early parts of the current generation I had a huge amount of time for the genre, call of duty (despite it being a excuse for people to flame nowadays) was a good game! cant deny call of duty modern warfare (the original, not number 2) was a great game which killed a lot of time for me, even Killzone 2 was a blast and I loved every second, but as this generation progressed I just grew tired of once again a different genre and have not bought Black ops and played about 30 minutes of Killzone 3! the breakout from the apparent lack of caring is Crysis 2, and I cant figure out why but I just really liked that as a first person shooter (although other PC gamers would tell you it sucks, give it a try!) I think that it was due to the abundance of generic copy cat FPS games have been released this generation which has completely caused me to lose interest, again its bizarre because I use to buy everyone that was coming out! (didnt even buy resistance 2 despite loving the first)

Have we met before?

SO what has happened now? what genre is taking up majority of my time and refuses to let go? well bizarrely its a genre that I never use to have much time for, to which on gaming nights around my mates would be me losing and then just sitting back with a mood on watching my mates having a laugh and being very good at... I simply cannot get enough of.... Fighting games!

What the hell?

Now one thing to know prior to this generation I only played Tekken, but this generation or more specifically this year I have picked up marvel vs capcom 3, Mortal Kombat and Super street fighter 4 arcade edition, and 90% of my gaming time is devoted to mastering this genre, Mortal Kombat I have taken the time to unlock all collectibles and completed the game with every character on the roster, and currently doing the same with super street fighter 4, in terms of playing against my mates I have a pretty flawless record which is pretty shocking compared to how I use to be, and heck even my banner on gamespot has my two characters of choice for online street fighter! and I am not at all sure why either I suddenly got good at fighters lol.

Anyone else notice similar patterns? or are you more of a gamer who can play any given genre whenever? or am I just an odd one? lol


Banner requests / living it to the imax!

Good evening folks!

Well since I am opening up shop again I suppose I have given plenty of people enough time to get bored of their current banners and maybe you want something fresh, if so PM me and I will work on whatever you ask for, quality if you are new to my blogs can be reflected such as above' new Duke Nukem Forever one that I have made for myself! also if you just want a generic Banner I have just uploaded 5 new ones that can be found in my pictures section under the album "banners" they include:

Assassins Creed: Revelations

Starcraft 2

Metal Gear Solid

Gears of War 3

Battlefield 3

Like I say if you want that personal touch just feel free to PM me :)

On another note tomorrow I get to follow tradition and like the other two entries in the series I am watching Tranformers: Dark of the Moon on the BFI IMAX:

Now if you have never seen the BFI IMAX in London, it is the largest screen in Europe, so possibly the best place to watch 2 hours of giant robot fighting carnage haha! so peace to all and have a good weekend (or what remains of it anyways!)


Top musical scores in games part 1

*PLEASE NOTE - I understand that opinions may differ and its cool with me, so if a song that you think its worth checking out let me know, I love orchestration and cla$sical, but please do not flame on opinions, I appreciate everyones choice :)

So with Al Gore telling us what we already knew, that gaming is becomming a big deal... I think its good to look at possibly one of the more crucial elements to immerse you into the game, the musical score, the score can help amplify emotions and further immerse you into the experience, and over the generations there have been some fine examples of Music being used to full effect in video games, here are a few that I believe do it just right!

Resident Evil 2

I still describe this as one of the finest games ever produced, the atmosphere and the tension throughout is rock solid, and it is perfectly captured in the music. The music even has fun with you, placing crashes of cymbals etc randomly, peppering the already unbearable suspense with even more to worry about, if the zombies dont give you a heart attack, the music just might.

Notable Pieces

Police station: the second floor

Police station: the first floor

Final Fantasy 7

Possibly one of the first games that made me wonder what the future of gaming can hold, because at the time it really did not get any better than this, heck even just thinking about it makes me want to go dust off the game in the attic and play it, also the music had a lasting impression on me, using midi's exceptionally well to portray every emotion required throughout the extensive game, from one winged angel when fighting sephiroth, to Aeris theme, this game incorporated music to such a level that was well before it's time, check out the opening music and get that adrenaline rush all over again as you race to the first reactor to blow it up!

Super Mario World

What kind of look back would this be without featuring the glorious 8-bit days? Super Mario world is another game which annoying makes me whistle its various catchy tunes randomly in my day, upbeat, and almost using the same jingle throughout with various tweaks and change in pace, it was a pretty cool thing in its day, and can still be found in some Mario games even on the wii!

Notable pieces

Mario world: Castle

Mario world: Overworld

Metal Gear Saga

Possibly the game that takes its music as serious as the game itself, hiring action movie score proffessional Harry Gregson-Williams to make the main theme of Metal Gear Solid 2 and it becomming the trend throughout the remainder of the saga, suppose something needs to help you through the insanely long cut scenes at times, and luckily enough the music does a terrific job of complementing the action on screen, deftly blending with the emotional rollercoaster that is this saga, and yes.... I do have Metal Gear Saga as my ringtone sadly enough!

Notable Pieces

Metal gear Saga

Peacewalker theme

Crysis 2

My frontrunner for my game of the year so far (really not kidding, loved it) and already think its one best music from a video game this year, because I honestly think the music beats the game! Hans Zimmer, yet another composer who cut his teeth on movie scores was hired for the main themes in this game, and wow what a job he did, Epilogue is epic and captures just about every emotion you experience in this game within its 3 minutes of awesomeness! I think it should now be a law that if you want your game to be just that 20% more awesome, hire Hans Zimmer to make some music, its well worth it!

Notable pieces



Bioshock 1&2

A series that gets just about everything right in the artistic stakes fittingly also has a great score, Bioshock uses brilliantly liscensed music such as "Beyond the Sea" and "Danny Boy" to freakish effect, but also has its own musical score of worthy note, using violins to great effect to create a sense of paranoia throughout your experience under the sea, but also managing to tug brilliantly on the heart strings with songs such as Eleanor's Lullaby, perfectly blended in with a heartfelt scene, it complimented Bioshock 2's ending perfectly (well, if like me, you was a good big daddy)

Notable entries:

Eleanor's Lullaby

Ten years later

Well.. with so many games out there I could be here all night including them all, so this is just a starter course into a very mixed look into the world of gamings finest musical scores, we will also have some you may know, and some you have never heard of, so please comment below and let me know what your favourites are! :)


Looking back, what a **** I was!

Ever suddenly taken a step back and realised that maybe, just maybe you made some mistakes and rather than facing them head on you let them build up till you mentally break down?

The Person behind EHZ (aka Mike) thats me, has experienced life at its most confusing recently, I will not say heartbreaking or anything along those lines but you kinda feel exponentially that your world can change so fast that sometimes it just doesnt seem right, fair or even real. As you get older (me being a fairly young still 24) can honestly say that life has already dealt me some random cards, some good (I write scripts and direct) some bad (doesnt mean i am actually a good director lol) but you always have a circle of friends who you come to always fall back on and find solace when around them, and unfortunately I came to neglect a group of people who make me laugh, give me knowledge and also come out with great comments, that community is of course, the gamespot community.

Without going into too much detail (I am one not to aim for pity) is that the person who probably knows more about me and I trusted more than most, did the once believed unthinkable, she betrayed me and left me for someone else, as the story went on it turned out that she had been seeing this guy for a little while whilst I was spending time (and not as crucially but still conciously viable) money on her, telling me that she thinks the world of me and just generally talking a load of donkey's nuts. This does of course deal a massive blow to your confidence, and me being seen as the cocky, self-assured and all round entertainer/organiser amongst my circle of friends suddenly found a massive hole where a (admittedly, i still think she is) beautiful person use to be as she fully up and left me for this other guy... I had my time of self pity and wallowing in my own misery but its true, time is a healer as much as I hate that cliche it fully has been what has kept me going.

So really what am I saying here? well its more of a "I am sorry, I let you guys down and didnt keep track of you" kinda thing because I do appreciate the peeps I have met here, when things are so fogged up in your brain you cant think straight you do really need to step back and just focus on you for a while, and now that my head is cleared and the future is playing more into my mind than the past, I think that now is the time to step back into the arena with the usual self importance and wit that I like to bring to here every other day. So if you are still out there, hello, EHZ still loves you, and will catch you soon for some blistering convo :)

Capcom.... you sly dogs!

So me being the kind of guy who likes a fighting game finally got my grubby hands on the much anticipated Marvel vs Capcom 3

Now I have played the previous titles in this series and have loved em all, and true to form like this one too, except for a few glaring oversights that no doubt capcom will make a profit from like they always seem to, the big issue here is.... WTF happened to just about every character I use to use??? seriously where is Cyclops

Where is venom???

Where on earth is Blade???? (alright I admit that Blade hasnt been in previous titles... but why should he not be here? lol) I'll admit comparing the 52 or so toons u got in MVC2 to the 36 (the box says 32, but its 36 in total) feels like you are being had on, but we all know whats coming to put those characters back in the game, my much hated and dreaded

Paid downloadable content!!!!

Sorry Capcom but it didn't fly with me and street fighter 4, and it won't happen here either I am not paying hard earned money for stupid extra costumes! but the truly "-_-" moment for me is the fact that characters are being added as paid DLC content, awesome! I don't mind that, I can live with it if your bringing in the greats such as Ken and Venom, should be fantastic... wait whats that? your first one is.... oh no...

Jill Valentine

What... the... hell, 400 microsoft points for Jill Valentine and some other toon I have never heard of? come on!

Annnnnnnnnnd another thing! why do we need Hulk AND she-Hulk??? why wolverine AND x-23 (wolverine in female form) and who the f**k even remembers taskmaster??? honestly....

Ok other than the rant I love this game lol, I honestly do, I just wish they didn't put some of the lesser characters in and left out some of the greats of the previous games, ever had one of those beer driven rants that really go nowhere but you feel the need to continue it anyway but never actually draw a conclusion? I think you may have just witnessed one! lol


Boom! erm.... Headshot???

So err yeah, I got modded??? lol

Not gonna dwell on it not entirely sure why, I was defending some guy who was right in a polite and well constructed manner, but anyways I don't take these kinda things to heart, just brush it off and carry on is what I say!

anyways in my un-wanted but never the less much appreciated time to slack I decided to dream, and dream in only the way I would be able to lol, the dream was that I was directing the upcoming warcraft movie, and was wondering how I would get the goosebumps going for the people in the cinema, and you my merry bunch of friends get to give your verdict, of course I am not claiming artistic rights to anything (apart from some of the photoshop work in the credits, thats my own artistic efforts) just was bored and this is how I would start the film, of course then in only the way that I would direct, I would then pan back to the back story of Arthas's demise into the lich king, but hey, lend us $150 million and I will tell the full story for you ;)



Interesting week

Hi Folks, its one of those blogs of updates again!

What can I say really??? been super busy with the personal life, after the cage fighting (which was awesome btw) I asked a girl who was with us if she wanted to go to the Cinema, which we did yesterday, had a blast I must admit! she is just really cool and laughs at most things I come out with which is a bit of a revelation for me lol, so as you can guess part 2 of the video reviews is running a bit behind... this is also due to the fact that I am a little bit of a perfectionist and this is for me gonna be a masterpiece... if you dont laugh out loud then I have massively failed, I am hoping it to be complete by Friday so that you have something for the weekend.

Anyways hows all of you?