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Vote for GameSpot in the Webbys and get a emblem

This year, GameSpot is honored to be considered for The Webby's People's Voice Award for Best Game-Related Website. We are up against some tough competition please show your support forgamespot by following the simple instructions below and vote ASAP, asthedeadlineis april 30. The process only takes five minutes of your time, andevery votecounts As an extra special thank you gift,gamespot willbehandingoutaprofileemblemto supportersifgamespot win!

Here's all you need to do.

  1. Create a free account at the People's Voice Award page.
  2. Login and click on Website - Vote Now!
  3. Find the Games-Related section under Entertainment
  4. Vote for GameSpot and leave a comment if you like
  5. Sound off in our roll call thread to let us know you voted so we can award you an emblem if we win

I didnt say all this i just copy and pasted on what they said but gamespot is in 2nd place but they need more votes so go now.

Got a little kon plush doll *just a random blog*

I just decided to write a blog but anyway i got a kon plush doll its the character from bleach heres a pic of him

Its not the pose of the plush doll but i chouldnt find the pic of the one i got but i like it though thats all i want to say thanks for reading:P

Happy Holidays Everyone!

So anyway happy holiday to everyone im not really doing anything for christmas i do want a DS and thats really it for christmas maybe some other stuff to so heres some random christmas pics happy holidays.

And thats all bye!

Emblems got during november + why i used emblem as my username

The emblems i got over november 2008

What's tastier than a GameSpot Thanksgiving? Nothing, that's what! This emblem signifies a user who consumed our content, helped vote for contest winners, and is still suffering from a turkey coma to this day.

You're not my donkey
Like a hand-drawn helper, these users reached out and helped the prince to have an audience for his big gameplay marathon debut.

Because you've mastered that gradient tool.
Awarded to those whose artistic talents have helped beautify gamespaces all across the GameSpot landscape.

And the reason why i used emblem as my username is because i thought out of a sonic game they called the chaos emeralds emblems but thats what i think i heard and thats why im using it:P

New sigs made #1

So anyway heres some new sigs i made rate how you like them also if you want to can you give me some ideas on how to make better sigs like sending me a pm how or just say it like giving me a tut on sigs and banner and so on but thats if you want to give me advice heres the new sigs i made.

I have sonic unleashed now + MK V.S DC universe

Okay this time i got sonic unleashed like 3 days ago i must say its a really fun game but i think the werehog levels get harder the more you get though the game the same goes for the day levels i only need one more content to restore but something is bothering me why have i only seen tails and amy but not knuckles,shadow,rouge,omega and any other characters but eggman also i wish there where a chao garden again and chao achievements but the game is good also MK V.S DC universe its a good game to but i think some peoples moves for combo challenge are hard i cant write that much because i havent really played it that much.

Finished fable 2 twice+got gears of war 2

Well i finished fable 2 after taking my sweet time on it my main file is when i revive my dog zack where both evil trying to afford fairfax mansion on the game its hard if some one can give me tips on geting money fast please tell me also gears of war 2 i got it like two days ago its good so far i cant wait to play online with these games see ya later.:P

Got fable 2 today

Today i got fable 2 so far its good great graphics good gameplay im not really going to play it online that much and i choose to be evil this time i was good in the first fable so yeah its a good game planing on getting gears of war 2 soon limited edition im looking forward to it.:P