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4 reasons NOT to buy the xbox one

I dont want to buy the xbox for a number of reasons. 1,its kills off used games when you buy a game the license from the game tranfers to your live profile the first time you play it. meaning if a friend wanted to borrow it he would have to buy the license which is full retail price. 2# the kinect is a spy tool. it cannot be turned off and is always watching and listening to what you do. ms has said this is to pick which ads to show(similar to google) but this is an excelent way to be spied on. 3# the xbox must always be online to play. if you dont have internet this sucks. even sp games must be online in order to play. 4# the price is rumored to be 900$ which is almost enough to buy an alienware which would blow the xbox one out of the water. pc has always been better than consoles and always will be. hope this helped