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The cameras look waaaay to smart for me.

I must destroy them all.

Who is with me?

Little Tidbits

Well, first off: I hope everyone enjoyed 4th of July! I know I did. I got to see three dudes compete in a firework show competition. xD

I just recently reached 40,000 Gamerscore on the 360. I was happy to do this 10,000 gamerscore this year from games i liked, rather then crap ones that were easy points.

Last, but not least, I would like to say that I do have a skype account if anyone wanted to contact me. Just search for eliteman24 and the name Grimlock should come up.

Everyone have a good week!

More to come,


Ahhhh darn. xD

I seriously forgot about this blog! Oh poopies...

Well, I hope you are all enjoying your summers! I have been working a job at a dog grooming and boarding facility.

You know, I recently found myself remembering real well a tourny we had at the Naruto Union years ago. It was a hurt and heal tourny. I remember how intense it got.

Maybe more from me soon,


3 Lessons Of A Lifetime...Lesson 1: How to forgive

Hey there everyone! Glad to see everyone is still around! I came here today to apoligize to alot of you. My actions on The Naruto Union were simply put, childish. Over the course of the summer, i learned three important life-changing factors.

1. How to forgive

Back in May, I went to a friend's house to play some games. He also had some friends over at the time so we all played the games. Then, the next morning, I walked outside and his friends were up, geared up in paintball and airsoft stuff, ready to fire at something. Me, having just woke up, had not a clue what was going on. They opened up their video recorder and started shoot me. I, at the time, was a pacifist. So i didnt do a thing.

The next day, at my school, people told me that they posted it on youtube. My folks found out, and then things went beserk for me. So for 4 months i was enraged and full of hate towards these people. A good friend of mine told me something amazing: he told me to forgive them. I had no idea how i could forgive the people, until one day not to long ago.

The vandals were forced to move after the incident, so the last place i thought i would meet them was at a school football game. I was getting a hot dog when i bumped in to the main dude behind the gig. As soon as he saw me, he shriveled up mentally. I reached out my hand and shoke his. It was all amazing how from that choice, it felt like a huge burden lifted from my soul.

So where im getting at is: dont be afraid to forgive, it doesnt mean you have to trust

Updates with me!

So im stoping by and...holy crap! Alot has changed. Do you guys remember how i changed professions with my carrer? I had a great chance to write for a comedy series that makes fun of the dubbers 4Kids. The guy who was hiring me had to drop the whole thing mid development. He gave the main role of the movie to me. Now its coming out in the next few weeks! I just wanted to let you all know how happy I am I got this started. Updates are coming soon

With smiles,


P.S. Now for something random


Updates With Me / how to contact me (READ ASAP ALL FRIENDS!!!!)

Hey 'yall.

Long time no blog 'eh?

I'm really just been getting started on learning how to make movies. Really nasty buisness, scripting and all. Yet i came by here as im about to crash (1 AM here) to at least stay somewhat in touch with everyone. My name on Newgrounds is the EXACT same as on here, so if you have one of those accounts, i'm on there alot. My AIM is....

[spoiler] eliteman24 :o [/spoiler]

and my email is.....well if you want to know that, drop a PM :P Im also on Xbox TONS....so see my GT? Add me if you wanna talk :P


I wrote a NGII review a few days (weeks) ago, so if you could, give it a thumbs up. I wrote it while on vacation in Myrtle Beach.

well im off for now. I will check my comment some time monday (today)