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Halo 3, DiRT, and soon Assassin's Creed.

I'm not sure wether I can stress my love for my 360 in any way appropriate to suit it's almighty greatness... Maybe I cando it withfriends when they all come over and we play Halo 3 till the wee hours in the morning... Or maybe I can just show it some1 on 1love while admiring Forza 2 or Dirt... Or possibly once Assassins Creed is out on the 14th I can enjoy the glow of gory goodness pouring over my eyes while I attempt to, umm, assassinate someone. Not that I'm really that interested in blood, but just the beauty of each pixel coming together with others to make such a realistic image... It just amazes me. And hopefully Assassin's Creed can fill my hunger not only with graphics, but with gameplay as well.

On another note one of my friends recently bought a 360 as well, shortly after Halo 3 was released, and so far he loves it, he's completely obsessed with DiRT and Forza 2, but who can really blame him? They're awesome games...

All above condensed into one sentence: I love my 360, and I can't wait for Assassin's Creed.

Halo 2 & Forza Motorsport 2

Well, today I recieved my copy Halo 2 for PC, and 2 days ago I got Forza Motorsport 2 for my 360.

Halo 2 I have to say is beautiful on PC compared to the xbox version, this is probably because I'm running it at 1920x1200, but other then that the picture seems brighter, and overall better. The Campaign is still identical to the xbox version, but now you can get achievement points for doing it. Multiplayer is definitely the selling point for this game. The multiplayer is basically awesome so far, even though I've only had it for about 8 hours, it's still undeniably fun, and seems as though it will easily replace halo's spot in my heart.

Forza Motorsport 2 is flat out the best racing game I have ever played. That's really not saying a whole lot since I haven't played too many racers, but the graphics and the physics, and the customization definitely put this game on top. Sadly, and strangely I haven't tried it with my racing wheel, but I am keeping my expectations high for that experience which is yet to come very soon.

Anyways, that's about all I feel like saying for now, so I am going to go on and play some more halo 2.

Vista Thoughts

Well, now that I have been running Vista business for about 2 months, I think I am acquainted well enough to divulge some of the experiences I have had. So, since I have installed vista I have only had it crash once, and that was for a completely random and unknown reason, I have found no programs that specifically make it crash. I recently installed oblivion on it and I'm not sure wether it was vista or oblivion itself, but the game closed to an error of some kind once, and another time it froze the game partially when someone sent me a message over google talk while I was playing and it never recovered, so I had to end it through task manager. My iPod works just the same as it did in XP, except it offers to scan and fix it since it believes there to be a problem with it, but it works completely fine without the scan and fix. Also I might mention that I am running vista with only 1GB of memory, and I do not seem to have any problems with the aero desktop or any other thing that I have heard people complain about 1GB not being enough to run smoothly. An annoyance that I have had is that it disables the partially-see-through windows with some programs, E.G. limewire, and makes the whole look of everything so much less appealing, but this is only cosmetic obviously and is not a real probem. I love the look of the pre-installed games (solitaire, hearts, chess, etc.), though it took me a while to figure out where they were, since they came disabled in business and you have to re-enable them through the add or remove programs area. Well, that's about it for now, I will update since I'm sure I forgot little things and so forth, but for now I hope that anyone interested at all in reading this has found it useful in the slightest bit. Peace.


Oh yeah, also I just turned level 20 today, took about a month of very sparse activity, but I made it.

Windows Vista!

As of now, I am running windows vista business edition, and I have to say that so far I am really impressed with it. The user interface update is very nice, the silky feel of the control scheme is awesome, and from a graphical perspective it is beautiful.

I will update my thoughts I'm sure after I have used it some more, but for now I have no objections.

Xbox 360 + HD DVD!

I am now the proud owner of an xbox 360. As well as the HD DVD drive to go with it.

I got Splinter Cell: double agent when I purchased it, but I would have gotten Gears of War if it had been available. Gears of War will probably be my second purchase.

Anyways, that's all.