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Today Off The Spot


I knew I would grow tired of this place and decide to leave, or get banned without actively trying. I'm surprised I'm not banned already, but instead it has led to this. I don't want to continue doing this anymore.

I am leaving GameSpot permanently.

To put it simply, I'm sick of it. I'm sick of the site telling me that it's my fault there are HTML errors. I'm sick of pointless moderations. I'm sick of the same threads being reposted every month and I'm sick of the waves of old threads being bumped.

James Kozanecki sent me a private message at the start of this month. Part of it reads:

We noticed that you've been moderated a fair bit lately and under the Terms of Service you're rapidly approaching a ban. You're a great forum poster and it would be a shame to lose you, so try to keep it clean and above board.kozanecki

Yeah well screw that. Lose me. I don't want to be a GameSpot forum poster anymore, and I won't let moderators have the satisfaction of moderating me anymore or banning me. I am clean. I am above board, but GameSpot's moderation system is flawed and doesn't allow for the least bit of fun, joke or innuendo. I will no longer subject myself to this virtual prison.

There isn't even a reason outside of the forum to visit this website and hasn't been for years. The news is always a day late, the reviews are late and the video content is bland.

This website is no longer relevant and has no reason to be visited.

So there's my reasoning. No real surprises there, but why exactly have I chosen to leave on the 22nd of September?

Before being a regular at GameSpot I used to post very frequently on a wrestling forum at wrestling.net.au. As seen by this screenshot taken before the forum was relaunched, I made nearly 6000 posts there! However after having enough of one moderator on the team who had hated me ever since I signed up I decided I would leave. I did so, on the 22/09/2007. The exact same date I registered there in 2003. Now I'm going to do it again. Same date, same signature, and just like last time I will never return. Even after writing this the similarities continued with one of my last threads on GameSpot being closed just like on the wrestling forum.

As for where I'm going next, I don't feel like writing anything on the internet for a while. I want to sit back, wind down, reflect, forget and refresh. I want to rid my mind of the evil of the past before moving on to something better.

But it wasn't all bad. The most important part of this website for me were the same people who read my posts and blog entries throughout the years. You. Your personalities, forum posts, blog posts, Community Games Nights and Pick-up threads kept me coming back all these years and I thank all those who gave me a laugh. You all know who you are!

And... I guess that is it.

It's time for me to stop. What you're reading now is the last thing I'll ever do on GameSpot before signing out for eternity. Time to walk away from almost 100 blog entries, over 1000 users tracking me, over 11000 profile views and over 12000 posts. It may be drastic, but this is something I feel I need to do and it's in my best interests that I say... Goodbye!

And then, there was nothing.


The Blackboard 2009

As some of you may remember, at the end of last year I started keeping a record of certain quotes from the GameSpot AU forum. I used to update them on my profile whenever I updated my blog, but once I found a permanent job I couldn't keep my blog as updated as I would like. I removed The Blackboard from my profile, but I have been keeping it going this whole time! So, I give to you what I've been saving for months: The Blackboard 2009.

faviourite has a u in it.Nintendo_Man

What is Micropoints? Are they like monet you use to diwnload stuff on LIVE? Sorry I am jjust unsure on what thye are.cjdillow77

I just want you, paul939 to know I have a massive mancrush on you, I love you dudecasket56

I think when it comes to doodles, a big head is a good thing. :oJaguar_Shade

are there doodles in this thread? :oJaguar_Shade


I used to watch it, never wachted it though.Turbo-Evil

Ok guys I'm a bit spectical about thisPlartus


I meant there could be other life in another universe, not aliens (they don't exist).Nintendo_Man

you just one the fail of the century award.curtdoggLP5

Dear Mr. Atkinson, where do you get off?niisan

When you're taking a dump, do you wipe from the back or the front?freek666

remember the days when you could poo in your pants....everyday.carving_a_giant

I got my hairy legs from *shudders* my mother...Turbo-Evil

Brad pitt! i could turn gay for him :PsAndroid17

I feel so homosexual right now :|Turbo-Evil

Maybe one day that special guy will come along... :PTurbo-Evil

Mine was pink and hairy but it was banished.. :( COD4ME

do The Lost and the Damned avaliable in eb game store in Australia?stevoqwerty

Hey baby, ever dated a guy who got advice from a video on a game website? Didnt think so 8)freek666

True, PST check your messaged but change that time to 10om your time ok nub.iownyounub

So seriously, I was like a huge fan of Tom Clancy's games. What a great developer!FoRzA_FaN1337

i was wondering why it was called banjo tooie for ages till i realised it was a sequel so it was banjo 2-ie :lol:monkeyd_93

By the way, don't a word from you Thisnickstolen :P.COD4_Shinedown

I have been current playing Smackdown vs Brawl 08Nintendo_Man

Care to film me in?freek666

And seeing as you don't celebrate Christmas because you're a Christmas, when do you plan on stopping the use the Gregorian calender?raghraghragh


Turbo-Evil 4
freek666 4
Nintendo_Man 3
Jaguar_Shade 2
COD4_Shinedown 1
monkeyd_93 1
FoRzA_FaN1337 1
iownyounub 1
stevoqwerty 1
sAndroid17 1
carving_a_giant 1
niisan 1
curtdoggLP5 1
Plartus 1
casket56 1
cjdillow77 1
raghraghragh 1

Turbo & Freek, you "win"!

elektrixxx is the pro :DNintendo_Man


Blogenomic Downsizing To Reduce (Time) Spending

A month ago there were some changes in my life, and it meant that some of the things that I did to pass the time became too much and I couldn't make time for them.

A lot of the television shows I downloaded and watched are now off my regular playlist, and my podcast listening habits have also been cut down drastically. I liked writing reviews but it took too much of my time, so it also had to go.

One of the things to go was this very blog, which I've always enjoyed writing for on a semi-regular basis. It's just that I'm too busy to do these "extra" things anymore, and I'd prefer to focus my remaining time on other things like playing games and drinking beer. You know, important stuff.

Something's gonna happen with The Blackboard in the near future. This page is gonna be a ghost town now so there's no point putting it here anymore.

I've got some things in testing at the moment that may or may not amount to anything, but you never know. The point is that If I do get back into creating content for my blog, it won't be any time soon.

So anyway, thank you for visiting my blog in the past. I still always make time to read your stuff, so please keep it up.

Finally, I've dumped my remaining leftover items I had been working on a while ago. Please keep in mind that all content was not completed and finalised, so forgive me if something doesn't make sense.



Offcuts #2

Thanks for scrolling down a bit!

After a few weeks of using Twitter, I had written nothing in my blog until my Level 3 podcast promo. I never wanted to use the term "macro" in a title also because I had used it previously in "Macrotransactions".

Macro-blogging (Working Title)

It's been ## days since I posted a new entry.

I normally have something to write, but there's been something keeping me from doing it.

After some thought I've come to the conclusion that it's twitter that's killing my blog.

I could've wrote about things like my McDonalds apple pie wrapped in a Hotcake, or fainting while getting a blood test or getting a new job but instead it was all wasted on throw away bite sized posts.

This pre-dates me using my Twitter account. Looking back it would've been perfect for it.

The Fresh Food People (Working Title)

The Woolworths song annoys the hell out of me. What makes it worse is that whenever you're in their supermarket they play it in there too!

This was written before Christmas 2008.

20GB HDD Lives! (Working Title)

After upgrading to a 120GB hard drive for my Xbox 360, my 20GB hard drive lay dormant in the new hard drives packaging... until now.

Among my group of friends I am the resident Rock Band/Guitar Hero DLC downloader (and the only one with a drum kit), so whenever a gaming night was planned, I had to pack up my mic, guitar and drums. My brother also couldn't play the 360 while I was away becauseI took the HDD.

My 20GB hard drive is now set up with a copy of all my purchased Rock Band and Guitar Hero: World Tour DLC, as well as three extra profiles set up for instant band play.

I could copy most of my data using my Memory Unit, but the larger files: "Metallica - Death Magnetic" and the ACDC Track Pack had to be redownloaded.

This was written during my play though and review of skate 2.

From "Review" (Working Title)

I Always wanted to write game reviews, but issues like not wanting to take notes while playing and difficulty describing situations because I don't have enough words in the dictionary in my head have held me back for a while.

I've attempted reviews in the past, but my method of writing them was unplanned

A good review is hard work.

I hate reviews that focus too much on simply outlining the features of a game. Anyone can look up a game's features elsewhere. A review should focus on the reviewers opinion and not just reading the back of the box. Many of GameSpot's reviews are guilty of this, leaving you with no real opinion on whether a game is good.

I find it easier to talk about the negatives in detail. Saying that something works well doesn't seem neccessary to talk about in detail. That information can be found in previews and press releases.

I also decided to post my review at multiple areas. My review's been posted at GameSpot, Giant Bomb, IGN, 1UP and Level 3.

learning how to use everyone's review scales. Considerations to make with innacuracies across websites. Why did I give skate 2 a 7.5 here and a 7.7 on IGN? Because I can.

To my surprise I've had a couple of personal offers from two game websites to write for them, after only one review. I checked 'em out and the PM's weren't from bots or anything like that. I'd love to do something with that, but my priority at the moment is to get a paying job first before setting any of my time for other stuff.


Half-Baked Review: Resident Evil 5

When I said half-baked, I wasn't kidding. Most of my review template is still here, along with some inaccurate statements because I never got 'round to completing the game. As well as having my free time cut, I just lost interest after the torch in the cave thing.


Chris Redfield of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance is off to Africa and local Sheva Alomar (who is also a BSAA member)

investigate (missing) weapons from Umbrella corp

past RE games involving Jill

With the exception of the introduction, all cut scenes are in game

A few scenes sometimes surprise you with quick time events

Split-screen multiplayer does

Constant screen tearing, especially noticable during cutscenes

quality character models / animations

improved cut scene graphics

Realistic motion blur

engaging interactive cut scene

high quality character models across the board

wastes no time getting into the action

Sheva picks up items, revives you, gives you ammo? Always runs out of ammo? (only if you ammo hog?)

Holding too far to the left or right makes your character stop running

Minimal loading

Good physics


clunky controls prevents quick fine tuning

Too many button presses for simple tasks such as reloading, using items, melee attack


The poor controls are the only thing that retains the horror.


Level 3 Podcast: Brought To You By Level 5!

The podcast is getting older, slower and it's voice gives out several times for the first half, but the Level 3 podcast is still standing tall, ready to be delivered straight to your dome.

Featuring your host Darth_Homer from inside a library, and myself on location at The elektrixxx Estate we overcome the odds and wind up with another podcast you can almost be proud of!

We try our best to converse about what we've been playing, a Capcom film, a Stranglehold film, Sing Hero, a Professor Layton trilogy, THE CHAMP: John Cena and more!

Download one unit and inject into each ear as soon as possible:


This fine game passed the time during the break

The Odd Couple is back, complete with the theme song!


Drum Villain II

The first of two important packages I'm expecting had arrived in the mail.

I received my replacement Guitar Hero: World Tour drum kit. I had heard of this happening in forums and was glad the same had happened to me. The box came back with more than the drums I sent back. Extras included cymbals, microphone, drum sticks, bass pedal and drum stand. It's great that they didn't take that stuff out, however there were some noticeable visible differences between what I received and what I had originally bought at retail.

If you've just recently purchased Guitar Hero: World Tour you may not even have known, but if you purchased the full bundle at launch you will see for yourself what the current sets look like right now with the following images. The hardware on the left is my hardware from launch and on the right is the brand new stuff.

The headset jack is no longer a seamless black. It looks like they're just prying open 360 controllers now.

The cymbals no longer have a fancy print on them. They're just smooth.

On the underside of the cymbals, the plastic is no longer aligned with the rubber.

There is a manufacturing template mark on the bass pedal. The bass pedal hinge itself is actually looser than the launch pedal, which makes it lean more to the left or right slightly.

Even the printed logo on the sticks isn't as large or as sharp as previously.

I think everyone would agree, and maybe Red Octane would probably admit that this is a cost and time saving measure. It may look slightly different to the original set, but now it's much more reliable. I don't really have a problem with the changes, but if you have a launch World Tour drum kit, your set is just a little rarer.

In the end, what matters most is that this remixed drum kit is in PERFECT working order... better than perfect in fact...

Now my drum fills are extra filling.


Ten Thousand!

Nothing much I can really say about finally clicking 10,000 posts. Should I be proud of it? Yeah! Obviously I'm not doing anything else so I've gotta be happy with something I do.

There were a lot of things that boosted my way to 10K. The most common one's probably were:

- Posting what song I'm listening to.

- Posting my desktop.

- Posting in all those "Roll Call" threads from back in my GameSpot union days.

- Posting fail messages for anyone in System Wars who referred to the current generation of consoles as "next-gen" and also to those who said the Wii isn't from the current generation.

- Posting "OLD".

- Copy/pasting the same responses in countless threads in GameSpot AU which were already done only a month or so prior.

And there were some good posts too, I'm sure.

So, what's next for me?

I'm going to begin writing a review for Halo Wars as soon as I get it. I really enjoyed rolling out the skate 2 review and learned a lot about writing reviews.

I registered to Twitter a while ago, but only to track others. As of now I'm finally giving in to temptation. I'm gonna start "tweeting" for myself. Anyone want to join in on the radical magical fun? Darth is there, and Major Nelson, Infinity Ward and others give out redeem codes as well.

See? Isn't that awesome!

I stumbled upon my video blog test runs from mid-2008 that I never released. Maybe I should get into that again?

I was at one point going to retire this account and register under a slightly different alias, but due to unforseen circumstances, that will no longer be happening. Instead, I'm gonna stay as elektrixxx... FOREVER!

Over 10,000 profile views, over 1,000 people tracking me, nearly 1,000 friends, 90 blog posts and... 1 written review. I'll work on that.


Second Life

Okay, so my Xbox 360 finally crapped itself, and it's about damn time.

No, it wasn't the ye olde ring of death but my video output was totally tripping out before giving out entirely. Observe:

Today's achievement clean up must've tipped it over the edge

The Psychedelic Xbox Experience

The end was nigh, and my life with the Xbox 360 flashed before my eyes...

Playing Gears Of War in 1080p for the first time...

Buying my first XBLA title, Pac-Man Championship Edition...

Unlocking 1000G in Burnout Paradise, and 200G in Uno, which were my first retail and arcade games with all achievements unlocked...

And then... what?


I don't know why, but all of a sudden it works fine again. I had talked to "Jim" from India for nothing, because everything is rocknrolla again. I guess all's well that ends well. This experience was not aimless though; I did learn a few things. It's harder than it seems to force the Red Ring Of Death, and I learned how to remove the faceplate.

I was meant to miss the release of the Halo Wars demo and the Burnout Paradise DLC, but a 360 death at this point would still have been in good timing. My Guitar Hero: World Tour drum kit is out for replacement anyway, so what better time to be without the box? Besides, the backup plan wasn't really going to cut it...

And to think, I was going to get Animal Crossing tomorrow! Bah!

The things we say in desperation.


[edit] It seems that this problem has come back again, so please ignore my positive outcome!

Level 3 Podcast Featuring... ME!

On location at a bar in a back shed 20 kilometres from town, I skip breakfast and brace myself through 35 degree heat for my worldwide podcast debut!

Join me in New South Wales and host Darth_Homer in Victoria for a new awesome episode of the Level 3 Podcast.

Amongst my burping throughout this week's show we chat about what we've been playing, Guitar Hero, Red Ant's closure, a Mass Effect re-release, PS3 exclusivity, Final Fantasy XIII's release date, Nintendo_Man, The 1UP Network and more!

Get your podcast fill right here:

I'm not up myself that much. Honest!

And I think the Guitar Hero mic worked out quite well.