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that was the biggest news of the direct, nintendo is finally giving us earthbound something they should have done years ago, sadly they didn't say what VC's it will becoming on or when but the fact that nintendo finally listened to the fans is awesome news, it wont happen but i would love if it was also released on the 3ds vc.
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I am surprised there hasn't been more talk of it since Shin Megami Tensei has some rabid fans and this is the first release of it in the United States. No review here but the ones that are popping up elsewhere are pretty good. It is kind of a weird choice for my first game in the series but it least sounds like if I like this, I'll know I'll like the rest of them.

to be honest it is a port of a old Sega Saturn game and atlus didn't update the visuals so i am not that surprised that it hasn't been getting the love of a newer game, i got it and this game is a mixed bag personally i love how they used the old graphics, and the gameplay is good.But the music isn't as good as other smt games, and there is a lack of any real help in the game besides asking shop keepers what they do or even a instruction manual in the game that can turn off some new users.
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i doubt they will talk about to many new games i am guessing they will talk about animal crossing, pokemon, dk 3d, maybe the new mario and luigi game but i'll be watching it.
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game developers seem to have forgot that summer time is meant a dead zone for games to wait for the winter feast.
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Power Pro Baseball is the best baseball game if you can afford to import.

i agree with you its not the most realistic looking baseball games but its has the best gameplay and it has the most features, the next best baseball series is mlb the show .
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blue stinger wasn't to bad but being that activision published it i find it unlikely it will be re made for hd systems, personally i wasn't thought that Carrier and illbleed were better horror games on the dreamcast
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yes and no the game is fun solo and can be beaten solo but the mh games have always been about playing with others and the lack of online seems like a odd move to cut online mode even capcom says the game is better with more people.
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s a great series but the game is months away, at this point there is little known so there isn't much to talk about but once gaming sites or xseed starts to give information of the game then people will start to talk about it, but the series normally doesn't get much love.
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one of the greatest capcom games ever made coming back and way forward is making it this may be the greatest news this year, i'd rather have chip and dells rescue rangers.
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i find i odd that they wont have the japanse game translated but yet they are thinking of making trophies for them i find that depressing .