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not sure how to feel

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found out that my dad died at 3 am this morning oddly enough i feel re-leaved a little i guess he was in a lot a pain but i feel like i should be sad or grieving but yet i don't feel that way

i got a ps3

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anyone wants to add me to their friends list let me know i only have 7 games dead riasing 2 way of the samurai 3 yakuza 3 bioshock 2 dynasty warriors strikeforce fallen angel sacred 2 the darkness i'll get some trade today and maybe get another game or two

the walking dead

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is the greatest t.v show ever made its about time we get a show that is true to the human reacting in a zombie invasion

can't keep a good psychopath down

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GS tried to destroy me but i waited in the shadows like a ninja to make a come back decapitating fools along the way anyways i am back from my month of banishment to torment fanboys on GS like before bawwww haaahhhaaaaahhhaaaaahhhhaaaaa

holy **** i am so pissed right now at company team meat

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after team meat delaying the game nearly a year now they said the game super meat boy will no longer be a wii exclusive game but the xbox is getting it nearly a month before the wii i am cussing hard and i refuse to buy the game or even get it as a gift team meat can suck meat

i have something to say to anyone that will read this

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i got kicked out of the union i was a member of for around 2 years the leader claims i had a bad attitude and on the borderline of inhuman well i'd rather be inhuman then be a little lap dog and puppets that the overweight lonely man with no life can control to how he believes people should be i ave a mind and a soul of my own even if it is blackend a little with hate and death i did everything i could for the union even dropping other ones that were in the way and even when i had no working pc i still use my wii or familys members pc to help out with the place i am a little hurt and sad but i should known that i don't fit in with most "normal" humans
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