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Colorwind, I am surprised to see you post another Wii U failure thread. Two threads that you started are on the first page of the Nintendo Discussion forums, and both are about the Wii U not being too successful (the other thread being your "Is the Wii U a niche console?" thread).

I hope I don't sound abrasive when I am asking this, but what is the exact purpose of those threads, especially considering the fact that every third forum thread on here is about the Wii U not being successful anyway? You bring up good points, but I think we all know about those by now. We get it, we really do, and I am sure I am speaking for everyone here.

You say you want a Wii U because you are a gaming journalist and because you like Nintendo, but at the same time you talk about the console being abandoned soon even though it has good games. What are we exactly discussing at this point?

Do you want us to convince you to buy the Wii U? Well, you already know it has some good games, and that's the only way I could ever convince anybody to buy a console. Would I recommend getting a Wii U to anybody at this point, then? Not necessarily, but if you are a Nintendo fan you should definitely do it just to play the Nintendo games that are coming out for it. Let's face it, if you are a Nintendo fan, you already have the console anyway. If you are not a Nintendo fan, then there is no reason to get a Wii U, which is exactly the reason why not so many people decide to get a Wii U. Most of the mainstream audience (the people staying in line for the next AAA blockbuster because they saw commercials on TV) are not exactly Nintendo fans. One could argue that that's a dumb thing to say since the Wii sold billions, but I am sure you can see why that just isn't true (Nintendo games were never really the selling point of the Wii).

So, here's the conclusion. Do you like Mario, and Zelda, and Smash Bros? Buy a Wii U. Not too excited about those and would rather spend money on a console that offers five 'blockbuster games' every month? Don't buy a Wii U. It will never garner more third-party support, I would say, and will only rely on the first-party titles to sell itself. EA, Ubisoft and Activision are certainly not very interested in releasing more games for the Wii U, because their target audiences are over at Gamestop currently waiting for the next shipment of PS4s and Xbox One's to come in.

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Very interesting to rank the home consoles, not by the impact or one's personal preference, but by the quality of its software.

I would have to agree that SNES and N64 were the best library-wise due to having only limited amounts of shovelware, but I was really surprised to see the Gamecube be ranked as high as it by OP. I had to think about it, but you made a great argument and convinced me of its significance.

From that perspective and absolutely disregarding my own taste, I absolutely agree with your ranking.

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We all like to focus on Gamestop when we discuss used games, but rarely do I hear people mentioning those games that we get on Amazon or Ebay from other players like us. In that case, there is no retailer making money off of the product (for the most part), and all the money just goes to the one that sells the game. Is that okay? Does that hurt the industry?

In theory it does, right? The developers still don't make any money off of your purchase from Ebay, but you can at least rest easy that Gamestop isn't getting any either. Like syzstem said, its actually much more profitable for you to sell the game on Amazon because you can often get $10 more than what you would have been offered at Gamestop, and the one that purchases the game will still get it at a lower price than a pre-owned copy of the same game at Gamestop.

That's actually quite convenient, now isn't it? Sure, the developers don't get any money, but doesn't it suck being stuck with that one game you really hate, but purchased because of reviews and the like? If we had the Xbox One stay the way it was, you would be stuck with that 70 Euro purchase of yours, whether you like it or not.

Not to mention, all those old games that aren't even available at Gamestop anymore? Just get them off of Amazon. Seriously, I bought Red Faction on Playstation 2 for a cent. I am not joking, it was a single cent plus shipping. I got all Resistance games seperately for the Playstation 3 for a total of twenty dollars on Amazon. I love it, I seriously do, but of course I am hurting the industry that way. I feel bad, but not as bad as I'd feel when purchasing a new game for $60 only to find out that its not really fun for me.

Today I found out that they sold Tomb Raider for 10 dollar on PSN though, and I immediately went ahead and bought it. There you go, that's a great sale too, so if the industry really wants to keep used games from staying the norm they should start making better deals a month or two or three after its release.

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I love Platinum games, I enjoyed every game of theirs that I played, but I do not think they would be the right developer for Metroid. Retro Studios did their research and captured the essence of Metroid in terms of atmosphere and story, so I would absolutely enjoy another game developed by them. I think there is a lot of potential for Metroid to branch out into multiple gameplay-methods, so I would actually like Nintendo to not go for another Prime style game but try something different. I liked Metroid: Other M for its gameplay, and I think they could add more depth to it to make it the new standard style for Metroid, minus the forced First-Person mechanics.